Finally, here all right um it looks nice. I haven’t opened it yet, as you can tell um so we’re, just gon na. Do like a mouse review today, honestly i’m kind of excited, because you know we’ve been waiting for a very long time for this to come and it’s. Finally, here so i’m gon na open this without um trying to cut myself, i almost caught myself all right. You know what i’m just gon na like come back once i open this because i’m really bad at opening boxes all right. So we took the tape off also don’t mind like the camera quality it’s, pretty trash to be honest, um. You can probably already tell so we got the tape off now. I just have to get this off because yeah um all right and we open the box – also don’t hate on me, i’m, really bad at opening boxes. So inside of the box, is you know literally just the mouse um? I can just throw that out. That has nothing in it, except for some manual thing that fell on the ground hold up, so my mouse is here. This honestly looks really good. I’M really excited hold up: okay, okay, um dude, all right! This actually feels really nice holy. I feel so much different than the uh owley yeah they’re, very, very different, like i don’t know, if you can tell, but like they’re, really different, i kind of oh, i don’t know i kind of like the side mouse buttons better on the um on the new One i got yeah actually like feels really nice.

Whenever i drag um, i kind of have to get used to this because i’ve never held one of these um scroll wheels you okay, this one moves much like less it’s, much more like controlled. I, like that uh dpi button yeah, i see this has two like for higher dpi um like less dpi. This is just like one button. I don’t know i don’t know which one i like better, but uh they’re, both good. I feel like i like better dry. I i feel like it’s much easier to drag on the um new one. I got uh yeah let’s uh, plug it in and get into some of the games. What is up so um it’s? The next day uh, i decided to stream to get a little more used to the mouse, because let’s be honest, i’ve never been able to hold mouse drag click, so i don’t really want to go into reviewing it without even knowing how to 100 even use it. Um so i’m much better with old mouse, dry clicking i’m still, not the best but um. You know i’m learning uh. I was doing really good last night and i got some actually really good clips um, but other than that, like it feels super super nice um. I honestly love it. If i had to choose this for the outlie, it would be no doubt this Music. This is so good. I love the way it feels um, so i might mess up if i try to do any god bridging stuff right now, but still it feels so good, so yeah um first thoughts.

I guess um after using it for a bit is it’s amazing, i’m gon na try to god i’ll, actually try to incline god bridge because i’ve been uh getting kind of decent. Oh, i ran out of blocks. Oh yeah i’ve never been able to incline god bridge in my life. As soon as i got this mouse, i was able to uh pretty decently, but i kept practicing so i’m honestly really surprised because, like i said, i’ve never been able to do that before. Like never once could i incline god bridge so that’s, a really cool thing. I guess that i’m able to do now. Um he just like glitched down that’s fun, um. Oh, i should get him all right, um, i don’t know i i recently started blocking like, but i don’t know why, because like i do in like some situations where you probably shouldn’t block it, but i mean whatever it’s it’s fun, also it’s super satisfying to drag On like it’s much like much smoother to drag on than the other mouse, so that’s very fun, he is going up also um. I i incline god bridge kind of weird. Like i go like four block like i place four blocks, then i like jump, so i i do it different than most people, but i mean it’s still pretty similar, so uh he’s getting pushed by red so either way um one of us is losing our bed Red is just leveraging, but um look.

Yes, he doesn’t care. Okay, we got him now i’m, probably going to push his base uh. His bed is most likely going to be on unless red’s still doing nothing um, which is gon na, be kind of annoying, but either way uh. You know something’s gon na happen. I usually get prot um heel pool and trap, but i don’t know i feel like getting sharp lately. If i can get someone to do a combo, especially like pretty early game like the game’s, been going on for a few minutes now, but pretty early game. Um sharp is deadly it’s, very, very good um because he doesn’t have protection or anything so. A stone sword with sharpness on iron armor is really really good and there’s. Obviously, the people that go mid almost instantly, which is pretty annoying, but you can’t, really stop them. Um yeah and literally i never practiced bridging like with my old mouse and everything i never practiced. Bridging. I only bridged in um, just normal games like i’ve just practiced in normal games like i never went to a server and practiced incline. I just literally did it in normal games until i you know, got where i am now, which i’m not good now, but you know it’s better than nothing right: i’m, decent i’m, okay at it! So if he thinks he’s gon na get my bed right now, dude he’s, dumb, all right uh, so no one’s coming that way.

So i can just go here um. I don’t think we will lose unless some annoying thing happens, but i don’t really feel like we’re gon na lose. I feel kind of confident about this game. To be honest, uh i’ll try to do a long incline, god bridge with like a long drag i’m. Just not super good at long dragon with this mouse yet so pardon me if it’s kind of bad but i’ll try it. Oh i hit a wall either way, though i think i was messing it up. I think that was like eight blocks before i jumped um but, like i feel like if i try it like a super super long drag like it just like i can’t recover. Whenever i jump, whenever i jump, i just like fall straight down, i can’t place a block in time. It feels like i don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it comment down below like if any of you, like, i don’t, know like incline god. Bridger have tried and that, like same exact thing happens to you, it’s like i can recover whenever it’s only like four blocks, but as soon as i go to like you know, um anything over that. Like i just can’t, i think i’ve tried six blocks and i think i’ve, like barely done it, but same just still with that, like it’s, really really weird, i don’t know also. It feels like i’m, barely dragging and getting super low cps but um in reality, i’m.

Getting like 17, like that’s what it was like whenever i was godbridging yesterday um it felt like i was having super super bad cps and, like i kept feeling how it’s gon na fall, but like somehow, i got like 28 blocks um, which is honestly really good For the first time using the mouse like it felt like, i was getting no cps whatsoever like here. I’Ll. Try it right here um. This is probably a really stupid idea, but whatever oh yeah, that was like 15 13 cps. I wasn’t really looking at the bridge. So i probably could have kept going a bit longer if i was doing that, but either way you get the point like i felt like i was barely dragging it all, and yet i was doing that so very. Very nice, um, i’m really happy with the mouse to be honest, i’d recommend it to anyone. That’S thinking about buying it like go ahead and buy it um don’t like second guess it it’s, really really good um. I love it. I love every single like bit about it, it’s really really nice. It feels really nice in the hand whenever you’re grabbing it um everything about it feels really good. Also, i don’t know why they didn’t take each other out at the beginning of the game. They just like completely ditched each other, just kind of weird, to be honest, um also, i don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever i um like block it like, i, i hit someone like once right.

I only hit him once like i spam like, like. I double click on like left and right click and i get like 10 cps on both it feels like they go flying like super good, kb, um, okay, yeah, white’s, coming so i’m kind of happy to be honest, um. Obviously i could have died after that and i would have been much happier, but i mean either way, while we’re protecting our beds, so it’s really nice. Also. That was a really bad fireball jump and thank you for all of that holy crap. He didn’t have any emeralds which sucks i would love for him to have emeralds, but uh i mean 13. Diamonds is really good uh. We can get some rot. We can get a trap and we’ll hold on to the rest of them. For anything, we need to buy all right feeling really confident about this game. Now, uh gray is pretty bad at pvp aqua. They seem kind of stacked like they were at mid. The whole game i’m surprised he does not have uh diamond armor. To be honest. Um, where is aqua’s bed, is that his base, yeah, that is so gray and aqua, are both like equal distance away from me. Oh i’m, really scared actually right now, um, oh god, my bed might be gone. If he has a fireball, my bed’s gone nope. He has tnt all right, we’re still fine. That was actually really scary. I’M. Glad i checked i’m glad i looked back.

I remembered that there was a bridge going straight to my base from his so yeah. I should probably get a better bed defense, but i don’t know dude. I just never like get a good bed defense, i just kind of plop down some wool and there. It is that’s all i do that’s what most people do to be fair, but i don’t know and there’s some people that sit at their base the whole entire game and like make some giant like literal, like vault, like that you’d hide in like a nuclear war. From dude, they have a giant like bunker um, which is really fun to get through, but to be fair, though, you can hide inside of it pretty easily, but it’s still like kind of annoying, because they could get through i’m gon na probably sit here for a Bit and look around because gray is behind me, but aqua. Is there so i’m kind of like sandwiched? I might just try to go. Take out gray, so i don’t have to be worried. Um all right. We got him perfect. Now we have to take out aqua because that’s, i guess the best choice. Um all right got him. Okay, um got some more diamonds, um it kind of sucks that we’re getting double team. To be honest, um the bed like position for like the final three, including me, is really bad um. It should have. I really wish that uh red maybe took him out even though red’s closer he’s, pretty weird like he was really bad um, not saying that gray’s any better, but i’d probably prefer to have gray on he.

I thought he’d invis, he just turned invisible for me um. I wonder if he has a. Let me like block this off real quick, wow, nice fireball jump dude all right. The issue is right, like okay, thank god, he’s not gon na, like cross team, like i’m – really happy about that, because if they were like gon na start cross teaming because it’s like you know, i guess the tactical thing to do. That’S the name tactical cross, teaming um that would have really sucked. So i really need to take one of them out because they’re just gon na keep coming to my base the whole time and they’re not going to stop and this game will go on forever. Until i inevitably lose my bed, if i can get prop 4, that would help out a lot more, but i don’t really see that happening um. I only need six more diamonds, but that’s. Still a pretty good amount. I need to take grey out. Aqua is a bit better than gray, so i prefer to take gray out right now, because aqua is more of a threat. Gray is way way more persistent with rushing, though oh god, he combined me so hard there. I completely screwed that up. Pardon me for my bad gaming skills, but Music that was really bad. Um. Okay, i’m. Actually scared. Now it was like okay. He left, though i guess he realized that he was probably not a good idea to push um all right, aqua’s coming.

I can just hit him, though, maybe eliminate all right yeah eliminated. I don’t know what that fireball is for that didn’t do anything, gray is going to be coming to my base. I doubt he has a enderpearl because he never went mid at all the whole game. So, i’m, pretty good on that. Also, i i’m really good at like clutching. Now, like i, i like honestly i’m, like really really good um, not not like the best or anything but way better than i would have been uh before i got this mouse, but yeah like i was saying earlier whenever, like i block it or whatever like i, Give way more kb, i don’t know if that’s, just like a me thing or if that’s, just like kind of how it works, because i don’t know dude it’s, like i charge it up and it just like. I don’t know, it’s really weird. Now, whenever i’m, like trying to combo someone it’s, probably not a good idea, but for some reason i still do it um, but yeah. It literally is really like really useful um whenever you’re kind of like near an edge, and you need to get someone off and try to not let them comb you if they’re kind of comboing you i don’t, really think blockading like works that well. But you know if you can get like an easy hit off them, then i it like launches them super super far, which is really nice to be honest, because it’s extra knockback, honestly like it throws them as far back as a kb stick at least that’s what It seems like for me, i might just be completely incorrect, but that’s what it seems like so that’s really fun and all right.

We can get prop 4 uh whenever one more spawns. So if we can just survive this and get back, we will be able to have platform which this guy’s coming dude, so kind of scared. It depends. Is he going to get up and time? Oh yeah, no i’m good um? He might fireball, though yep Music, all right. Let me just put those there. I don’t want to die all right, um, okay, we should be good. We should be good uh. Okay, prop four is gon na help, so much with us getting double teams. Gray might actually be pushing um aqua because he has not been coming to my base. I haven’t seen him. I don’t really want to jinx it, but i have not seen him in a minute. So hopefully that means something um. If one of them gets eliminated, then it’s it’s an easy game, because i’m not gon na, have to worry about the other one being at my base. The only thing i’m really really scared about is because, like you know, i don’t want to just get double teamed and then have my bed gone for basically, no reason like it’s just completely out of my control. If my bed gets destroyed, um ray might be going there. Hopefully he is aqua, really isn’t, good, um gray, honestly might be better than aqua or they’re. Like the exact same skill level, i can’t tell they’re both pretty bad, not saying that i’m, a god myself, but whatever okay got that i’m gon na put these back here just for reasons: um, okay uh.

We could probably get maniac minor. That would help a lot. Also, he might be a mid getting obby that might be. Where gray is, if that’s the case, i don’t know what to do if he has aubie it’s just gon na be like. I need invis and i need to lock myself in his bed, but it shouldn’t be horrible. If it’s just me versus him, though um i wan na, take him out, but i’m scared, oh no grey, disconnected all right i’m, actually stupid, i’ve been thinking. Gray was here. This whole time – oh, i am very dumb i’ve been thinking. He was here this whole time, oh um. Well, i could have actually clutched that out. Haven’T been cool watch watch. These diamonds are going right in the fire that’s. Where use my extra kb hit him off. All right, i think, we’re getting an easy game, let’s see if i can uh pig ride all right. No, i see you’re just gon na let’s let’s. Okay, now i got ta use that hey all right. I was gon na try to hit him off my face, but uh yeah, all right, um, moral, the story of the video and the review, whatever you want to say, uh it’s, a really good mouse. I love it. It’S incredibly like like responsive with drag clicks. It’S really good much better than the owl. In my opinion, some people like that one better, but i don’t know dude.

I don’t understand uh but yeah.