So, two years ago, almost to the day, I started to use and reviewed the Robo Rock s5 it's, a great robotic vacuum cleaner, not those older, jean ones that just bounce around all over the place and guess where they need to clean this thing, just like the Newer model, I have right here properly maps out rooms and it has a application it's connected up via wireless and overall, a very good vacuum, but the mopping function on this one has been a little bit disappointing and really we haven't been using it, and this is Where the s5 max comes into play here, this was sent out to me free of charge by the way from a retailer in exchange for this review that's, why I'm reviewing it right? Now, no money has changed hands all the opinions expressed here 100, my own, and they are not approving this video, so the s5 max what it has is really a big improvement in the mopping performance. We get a larger water tank and also other little tweaks as you'll see with the application. We'Ve got certain mopping zones that we can set with the app no go zones, areas to mop areas not to mop and in other places that we can of course increase the suction. Overall. It is a nice improvement to the s5 as you'll see in this full review here from me. So we'll take a look at first that what you get within the box here, so we've got a protector.

This is where your floors to stop any water, damaging, for example, a wooden floor. You put this under the dock and here we've got a quick user guide. Well, not actually a quick one because it's very chunky, but it goes over a lot of details there and this as a guide here for the app to connect it. So you've got the network connectivity, which is really good. You need that for scheduling and more advanced controls, of course, selecting different zones. Here we have the mop. Ok, so this doesn't actually have any water in it anymore, like the first model, there's five that I originally reviewed, that is matza course you pull them out. You wash them, we don't actually get a replacement either in the box, which we did with the first s5. So I guess they've cut down on their production cost a little bit, so you charge a cable there for the dock, but the vacuum underneath there. There is nothing, and this is our dock, so I got a vacuum robots. It will dock by itself here their contact points are there for charging. It uses infrared to find out and get the exact place there. So you can see here it's having a couple of attempts once docked. It will take approximately three and a half hours to fully charge if the battery is completely rundown. So I very quickly go over the big difference here between the S 5 and s 5 max.

So the max is focused on mopping: okay, that's, the big change here, because we've got a much larger tank. This is 219 millilitres right here to tank, so you simply unclip it full up full of water right here, clip that back in and the old model that I have the S 5, the mopping 's. Not that great, it can only mop just a little bit because well, the tank has only a hundred and 40 milliliters. This one and you'll see that when you cut this in that the vacuum of course will detect and know that the mopping module is now on. There so there was a motor inside here, that's applying pressure to that mopping pad and that's what controls it, whereas the old one it would just sort of drip out, and that was the way it was controlled there. So we've got the main brush right here. We have the side brush, they changed this a little bit as you can see right now, it's now a 5 star rubber and it's just a lot more efficient and they claim this was the three star one there with the typical kind of brush, which you do Have to change now these brushes do eventually wear out, and I think I'm, on my like fourth or fifth one now and of course you can remove this just like the original. So this comes out. You'Re able to clean, get the hair out and whatnot. So they've got the charging contacts right here at the top.

This is a 360 degree will and then all the sensors along here exactly the same as the original s5 model and that's to stop it from falling down any stairs so side by side. Looking at the tops of these vacuums here, they are very, very similar, so we've got the 360 degree laser distance scanner there and the front of it, of course, does use the slam, and there are sensors right here as well so that's how it gets in around Furniture and knows exactly where it is with the laser, so this is the more intelligent for of robot vacuums, the old style ones that I absolutely hate they just slam into everything in zigzagging, though, all over the place this one, as you see doesn't, do any of That and it's very efficient, so Robo rock removed here. The spotclean button, which I often used was quite handy just to simply pick up the vacuum place it down where it was dirty, hit the spot clean and then it would do its job now, because of that new water tank on me, the dustbin capacity has been Reduced from 480 milliliters to now 460 on the newer model right here, but it is still using this same filter so very easy to remove this and, depending on how to do to your houses, of course, or the area that you're cleaning you'll have to remove. This. Probably after every clean empty it right out, so the filter there.

This is washable just like the s5 model. Okay, so I'll quickly show you the application. Robo rock you get this from a Google Play Store or in the Apple Store. So here I have the vacuum. Currently, working away cleaning, so this is our map. You can see exactly where it's being and how it maps everything out exactly and it doesn't go back over itself, normally only it doesn't when it crosses the room. You can see where that line. So right here. This is where the Dockers that little green icon there with the power logo – and you can see it's currently just down there in one of the rooms. So here you can send it to Doc. You can pause it and, if you click on this right here, you've got map settings, so you can edit rooms. This is where you can configure to have certain areas where you don't want it to go and vacuum or you don't want it to mock. Now the mopping settings as well, you can set that to how much water you want it to use, for example, in the kitchen, get it to use a lot more water just to help clean up those more Duty areas. So that is self explanatory here and this sitting here that's on the bottom right hand, side without the cleaning modes in general, so it's unbalanced by default. This is the vacuum power and also how much noise it will produce water level for mopping and then again the customized option there for just sitting at her room.

You can do that and in the sitting, so vacuum settings won't go through all of this it's self explanatory carpet mode increases suction power when it detects carpet, which is very handy, we've, got the voice here. Okay, so this is the normal kind of feedback you'll hear from it, and it can the volume if it does annoy you starting the cleanup, paused finished cleaning. You hear that so often that it does actually come a little bit annoying so timer. This is actually where you'll add a schedule here to get it to clean everyday. If you wanted to do that and we're gone cleaning history here so that's, where you can see all the cleans it's done and how many hours it's been on and maintenance, this is good to to see if you need to change the filter, clean the senses or Replace the brush, so I decided I would do a real world test here in the duteous area of your house, which, if it's like mine, is the kitchen floor and white tiles. Here they show everything. So it looks to be some spillage here. Some stains let's see if the mop can get rid of this okay, so it did a reasonable job but it's not perfect. Some of those real stubborn spills, like I think, coffee or something hasn't quite come out. You can still see some of it right next to the fridge here that mark there on the left of the screen, and then what does now look a little bit dirty, so you can see it's clearly picked up quite a bit of dirt here from the messy Kitchen floor, all right, so let's take a look at just how this cleans so it's likely as that it will not just be bouncing around randomly off the walls or anything it plans out its path.

It scans the room scans. The furniture goes around everything quite well and will give you 100 coverage. You can use the application, as I showed you to actually see where it is and where it has cleaned, does an excellent job of lifting up dust, pet fur things like that. No real problem here and then, of course, water mopping. This is the big change here that we've now got a lot more pressure. I find compared to the original s5 with the add on mop that it's doing a much better job. Now the results speak for itself when you take a look at the dustbin and empty it out, depending on how large your house is, you have to do this perhaps every day or every second or third day well, based on my experience with the s5 that I've Had now for almost two years, it's done a huge amount of cleanups in almost 500 hours without a single fault, and I know of two others that own these now. This is not sponsored by the way and they've had zero faults with this as well. So I believe that these are reliable vacuum cleaners, so let's recap here now after me, using this for now, for this is the third day that I find that it is very, very similar, okay to the original s5, but I like the advanced features we get with The application, okay, so we've got different zones. We can see it for suction power areas.

You want to mop areas. You don't want to mop, for example, where my children are playing, they've got a lot of toys around and maybe they've got some Lego things left out. I can see it a no go zone right there, so the vacuum won't even go near it. The main thing is, first, that you have to have the vacuum scan the room. First, okay, save the map. Then you can set all of that up. This is something you can't do with this one, because the app doesn't allow us to have a no go zone, the more pink function so much better it's, still not a hundred percent, perfect okay. So if you spilled some coffee last night, it's dried there and you'd expect this to be able to mop it all up so it's spotlessly clean, think again, it'll do a maybe a get rid of 70 of it, but not quite a hundred cent. In my experience with this so kitchens you probably want to have it go over a couple of more times. You can change course the amount of water, the suction power there as well, and that it's good it automatically. If you set that in the settings to when it's on carpet or mats, increase the suction performance to just lift out more so that is good and there's. One thing I don't like with the new model: why did they do away with the spotclean button it's on this one very handy so you've had someone spilt, some cornflakes everywhere push the spot clean, it'll, clean it all up now, we've got to go and get your Mobile out make sure it's connected up, which it normally would be and then hit the spot clean, so that's a bit more of a hassle there, so we've got a slightly reduce dust, burn capacity, so it's only 20 milliliters, which is basically nothing you're, not really gon Na notice it and if you've got a lot of pets, animals and things like that, then you have to empty the dustbin every day, there's.

Also the brushes. You need to manually replace those when they're worn out, but the app does tell you that it's got a maintenance guide within it, which is really good. Also has firmware. Updates navigation is great, however, just like all the robot vacuum cleaners out there. It can get stuck on a toy or, for example, a rug or something or USB cables as one of the worst ones. You accidentally left out your mobile phone cable. It will eat it and get stuck send your notification. Let you know that hey I'm stuck but overall, great vacuum. Cleaner, is a good step up over the s5. The s5 max here, if you have tiled floors like I do pretty much everywhere, then this is absolutely perfect for it. But if you must have carpets, then you know you're still got the original model. I think that's all perfectly fine for that. So thank you. So much for watching this different review here, yes, vacuum cleaners, I may do a couple more if I get the opportunity, if someone reaches out to me and says, hey we'll, send you this vacuum. If you post a review on it, I may agree to it. If this video does well, that is – and you guys are interested in that – and perhaps a follow up two years – I'll be s5 if you're interested.