Everybody. Welcome to another honest review video today I have a set of two in one laptop. Actually, this is a tablet, a great tablet which can be used as a laptop with a keyboard, and we can also use a pen. There is a bundle package. Yeah Ive got the bundle package inside the bundle package. I have got the tablet: a keyboard and a pen yeah all together. This is one of the best two in one laptops that I have ever used. Why am I so excited? Because this one comes with Snapdragon hcx gen 3. thats, one of the most powerful socs available for this type of two in one laptops or tablets yeah. There are many other brands who have already released something like this. I have tried those – and I was like thinking. I was like waiting for a brand which can offer the best. If you know me, then you know me: I always search for the best product. Yeah lets. Do the unboxing first lets check the build quality, lets check, design, line, Outlook and appearance. Then we will go through the testing process. We will check how good is the quality of this Robo and color tablet. No, its a two in one laptop. Well, first unwrap these accessories. I need to mention that this pen, this robot and color pen, this one comes in a very nice package and yeah. This one looks pretty gorgeous the most important part of this pen is only one minute of recharge and then pen will work for 2 hours.

Wow thats really great inside the box of the pen. There is nothing on the pen. There is this robot color logo, and this pen is also built with premium quality materials in hand. This one feels very comfortable and there is a button all the cutouts and everything is precisely designed so yeah its a very easy to use and even the tip of the pen is built with premium quality materials on the tablet. This one is so fluid, so smooth Ive never felt any issues. Even connectivity is so great Ill. Give this pen 10 out of 10 for build quality and 10 out of 10 for performance. Well, the next thing we have is this keyboard a premium quality keyboard. I think, if I start talking about this keyboard, it will take 10 or 15 minutes, because this one is one of the most favorite keyboard of mine at this moment, especially the keys. Look at these. These keys are also built with premium quality materials, but what I like about this keyboard is there is enough travel there. Is this great clicky feelings? There is a very good feedback and the travel all together. This one gives me the feelings of a premium keyboard yeah its built with very good quality materials, and even if I have tried to bend it, yeah Ive failed its totally solid, very sturdy, built quality and one more time typing on this keyboard. Writing anything on this keyboard is super fluid.

They have also added the function keys with all the multimedia keys and all other necessary keys, so its a very easy to use its not like. We have to touch the screen to change the brightness, its not like. We have to touch the screen to increase the volume or decrease is the volume every button is included inside this small form factor and then well. Voila Here Comes This trackpad. Let me tell you clearly: this is one of the best track pads I have used. I mean if I have to compare this keyboard with any other detachable keyboards for any other windows based laptops tablets or anything. Then this keyboard comes with the best trackpad look at the size of the trackpad, its not like those other keyboards which comes with a tiny little track pad its a very big one, and this one also supports four point: multi touch. We can use gestures with four fingers. We can use gestures with two fingers and then look at this. This one also gets a very good travel when we click on this trackpad, its so clicky, and I really like this sound. I really like these feelings. You may already have noticed that this keyboard is a bit dirty because Ive been using this one for 15 days now and Im in love with this keyboard. I wish I could have used this keyboard with everything you know this one. Is that good? If I could give this 100 out of of 10, I would give 100 out of 10 but 10 out of 10 for build quality, Outlook and appearance and 10 out of 10 for its performance.

Also, the rear panel of this keyboard is manufactured with premium quality materials, which offers a very good grip. So when this keyboard is on a flat surface, this one isnt gon na move. Well, we can connect this keyboard through these Pogo pins and we can also connect this keyboard through Bluetooth. So if you want to put the tablet a little far from this keyboard and then if you want to use this keyboard, then yeah you can connect this keyboard with your tablet through Bluetooth. But definitely I prefer to use this keyboard with the Pogo pins. Well, inside the box of this keyboard, its clearly written dual mode keyboard, there is a quick start and service guide open. The tablet kickstand make the keyboard attached to the tablet and the keyboard. Will power on yeah be sure that the tablet is powered on, because you need to power on the tablet to use this keyboard yeah? There is a Bluetooth mode, and this is an intelligent keyboard in Bluetooth mode without typing, for 30 seconds automatic inter slip stay it attached to the tablet automatic charging cool, oh yeah. I think I may have forgotten to talk about another thing. When I see this hinge, Pogo pin positioner Pogo, pin keyboard Bluetooth, pairing touchpad, then I have noticed it yeah. The hinge of this keyboard is very strong and very smooth. I have never seen such a smooth keyboard yeah. Definitely we talk about the hinge and the Pogo pins yeah one more time.

This keyboard really comes with one of the best sturdy build quality, well, its time to unwrap the star of the show, Robo and color two in one laptop, a revolutionary design with ultimate productivity. Revolutionary design, well, I accept it but ultimate productivity. Definitely, it is true. Definitely after opening the top lead Here Comes our Robo and color two in one laptop. Actually, this is a tablet which becomes laptop with the keyboard. Lets put the laptop aside for a while lets check what things we have got inside the Box inside the box underneath the tablet there are two other boxes reopen. The scars have a woke inside this box. There is a quick start and service guide two in one portable computer, everything is written. Clearly, there are a lot of instructions, even they have written all those things like how to attach the keyboard operating instructions, initial setup and yeah its a compact. Yet great quick start guide. They have also provided a very long, very good quality. Oh my gosh. I really like the quality of this cable, its a super premium quality, USB C2 USBC charging cable nowadays, most of the other big brands are not offering any power, brick inside a smartphone or inside a box of a tablet, but this brand robot and color. They have provided a very good quality. Oh my gosh. This one is really one of the best quality charging bricks that I have got inside a box of a tablet.

This is a USBC based 65 watt charging brick and look at this inside this charging, brick inside the USBC Port. There is a color accent cool. I really didnt expect this much and beside. I dont know whether you can see this, whether my camera can pick this or not. Let me try. There is some sort of textures its really feel cool. It really feels great in hand. I think I need to give a super thumbs up to this brand Robo and color for providing such a nice set of accessories inside the box. Here comes our robot and color tablet. The two in one laptop in hand. The first feeling is this one is unique. Definitely this one is unique, even if you may say that, okay, almost all the tablets comes with the same design, yeah its similar but robot and color, I mean the people in Robo and color. They have actually managed to build something with uniqueness. This one is truly incredibly thin and light. This one weighs only 690 grams and look at the thickness. Only 7.3 millimeters now lets talk about build quality. This one is built with premium aluminum yeah, the frame, the rear panel. Everything is built with aluminum alloy and they have a very nice built in kickstand. This kickstand actually goes from 0 to 160 degrees. So, whatever you want to do, what type of angle you want you can use this kickstand without any issue. This kickstand is connected with this tablet through two very nice hinge, something very unique and something very strong.

I really have never seen such a strong hinge on any tablet before. As this is an aluminum built unibody, you will notice that there are some antenna bands on the rear panel. There is a 13 megapixel camera sitting on the rear panel. This camera supports 4K video recording well on top. There are two microphones power button and volume rockers. One more time you will also notice some antenna bands. On top. There are speaker cutouts on both the right side and on the left side. Im super happy and Im truly satisfied that Robo and kala has added two USBC ports and both of these two USB C ports are USB 3.2 ports. So both of these two USBC ports offers a very fast data transfer rate. Oh yeah, if you are wondering where the Pogo pins, the Pogo pins, are actually located at the bottom in front, there are two sensors one is a five megapixel sensor which supports 1080p video recording and beside that 5 megapixel sensor. There is a one megapixel IR sensor, which actually helps us to get better security with Windows. Hello, yeah, this one offers a very good, very smooth, very fast, face. Unlocking option well lets talk about the best part of this tablet. This tablet comes with a 2.5 k. Amoled panel, this panel is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass, and you know what this panel goes very bright in this studio. At this moment there are four studio lights and, under this type of lighting, this type of brightness kudos to Robo and color.

The display panel of this robot color, two in one laptop, comes with the best color calibration. The colors are vivid and vibrant, yet print really natural, and this display panel is one of the best for consuming entertainment watching HD streaming. This display panel also comes with all sort of eye protection, so yeah, whether Im working or playing games or watching movies. I prefer this display panel over any other tablets within this segment. This one doesnt cost a lot, but this one belongs to Flagship segment, because this one comes with a flagship: SOC thats Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx gen 3, compared with hcx Gen 2 85 faster CPU performance 60, faster GPU performance 29 plus tops with AI acceleration performance yeah that Accelerated AI performance of hcx gen 3 actually helps a lot. This one is almost incomparable to those other tablets or laptops available in the market, because this one comes with the soc, which is built for better CPU performance, better CPU performance and impressive AI performance, Snapdragon 8cx, gen 3 comes with 8 cores. There are 4 cortex X1 cores which can go up to 3 gigahertz and there are four cortex a78 cores which can go up to 2.4 gigahertz, so whatever I am doing, this two in one laptop offers me the best performance, but for better performance. We need better battery right because this is a portable device. So what type of battery does it come with? This one comes with a pretty big, considering the size and segment.

This one comes with a very big battery 41.4 watt hour, Lithium Polymer high capacity battery. I actually have managed to squeeze around 18 to 22 hours. Sometimes, when Ive played games for a longer period of times, it has provided me 18 hours of battery life, and when I have used this one for entertainment consumption, then I have managed to use this one for almost 22 hours. In average, I would say 20 hours, which is almost good enough for three days of work, so yeah thats really a great thing. Another great thing is this: one comes with a 65 watt charging brick, so this one also gets charged very quickly pretty fast. There is another thing: usually people ask me in the comment section. Let me be clear: this one comes with a 2230 sized m.2 SSD and that SSD can be replaceable. There is a easily accessible compartment at the rear panel, which we can just open and replace the SSD here, as Ive replied to one frequently asked questions. There is another frequently Asked question whether the USBC ports of a tablet or laptop offer, video output or display output or not yeah. There are two USBC ports and both of the USBC ports supports USB 3.2 and also supports video output and yeah definitely supports PD high speed charging at the beginning. When I was talking about Outlook and appearance, I have shown you that on top there are two microphones. Those two microphones actually works in an array and can pick up voice from within 5 meters, thats, really a very long distance.

I dont think that personally I need that, but if you need that type of distance, then this robot and color two in one laptop offers that Finance design, so it never makes any sound. This one actually never gets heated, especially when Im in a meeting I dont want that loud fan, noise, so yeah there is no fan noise, so this one is much better for online meeting or productivity. Also, if you want to use this one in an office environment, you can use without any issue. Wi Fi 6 is supported, so this one definitely offers a very fast download speed network speed. I think Wi Fi 6 is the standard for 2023. So almost all the newest tablets and laptops will come with Wi Fi 6. But what I like more about this wi fi 6 of this Robo and color twin one laptop this one – can actually switch between the Wi, Fis and routers, which one offers better connectivity. And this Robo and color two in one laptop, always offers the fastest one more time: the fastest network, speed, okay, fine! I have unwrapped this keyboard. I have talked about this keyboard. How much I like this one! The key is actually gets a very good travel and there is a very nice clicky feelings. There is a good feedback and yeah Ive also shown you that this keyboard comes with a very big trackpad lets use this lets see. How does it perform? Look at this? You dont have to align the Pogo pins, even if the Pogo pins are facing frontward.

The magnets are super strong. I really like this trackpad look at this. Its smooth and fluid. Oh, my gosh really awesome. Okay, there is another use case scenario. If you dont want to use this as a laptop, you can also use this as a tablet, and you dont have to ditch the keyboard. You can still have the keyboard. You can still connect this Tablet with the keyboard just flip it around. Where is the keyboard? Its hidden under the tablet, also at the beginning I have already mentioned, but one more time the pen actually supports 4096 pressure sensing. This one is a low latency magnetic charging pen once we attach this one on the side of this tablet. This one starts getting charged. Amazing and the magnet is actually a very strong one: go go away, fly away, no, its, not gon na go anywhere well, thats, all about this robot and color, two in one laptop. Oh, yes, if you wan na know then yeah this one comes with Windows. 11. Pre installed, so you dont have to spend money for Windows 11. that provides Windows 11 along with this two in one laptop. If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. Go ahead, smash that like button and if you have loved this video, if you want to watch more videos like this subscribe to this channel support honest content, Music.