Don’T worry about those explosions in the back it’s just normal broken. I promise it’s a good apartment it’s in a good area. You’Re going to love it it’s only 200 000 a month, okay sounds affordable right anyway, so it will cost you some road bugs for this apartment. 150 robux. I do believe to unlock the pet house level, but uh we got to give you a grand tour so hit that, like button, go, get your rosie v2 hoodie, your rosy shoulder pet and join our roblox group call on g group and now without further ado i’m. Sure you all have absolutely destroyed that, like button on this video we’re going to be looking at the penthouse apartment come on into my crib mtv cribs and we got the penthouse apartment here now. This is a luxury apartment which is the second floor. The second floor. Uh is for any other typical uh player, it’s free for everyone. I know a lot of people think all these apartments cost road bucks or something they do not. All the apartments are free. On the second floor, it’s the penthouse floor that sometimes costs you a little bit of money that i have here. The penthouse apartment and uh we’re gon na go take a quick peek in here now this is the penthouse apartment. Now you will notice you have three nice apartments to choose from there’s, also uh more that will be coming soon and i believe that they might make this apartment complex, building even larger over the course of time, meaning that in future updates, we might see a third Floor a fourth floor and fifth and second just it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I think it’s definitely a lot of room for expansion and if they had more apartments, it would only make sense that they add more floors to the apartment building above the grocery store, and i, like our grocery, store being right below my apartment. If i get hungry, i can run down grab me a slice of pizza, some milk and continue eating my sip meal, which is pizza cereal. I put my pizza in cereal i’m kidding dude, who, who does that honestly, anyways um, so yeah speaking of food here’s, an apple an apple a day keeps the um yeah the ghost away, that’s. What i always say all right, so anyways uh put the apple way. We don’t need that dude anyways, as you can tell guys this apartment is absolutely massive. You get a wonderful living room here with a gorgeous view looking around at the mall and one of brookhaven’s finest monuments. So we can kick back recline. These are brand new couches that come with the apartment uh. These couches are normally about two thousand uh three to two thousand um hundred thousand. I mean two hundred three hundred thousand uh, but yeah. If we go on in here guys, i really like how these apartments kind of give you windows across the whole thing, so you can kind of view uh, brookhaven and it’s cool, because the people are spawning. You can actually funny enough right on the side of this subscribe to omg, and then you can have that on the side.

If you think dude, i don’t even think it put that did it yeah it did okay, cool um, so yeah we can go up top. It is like three floors to this subscribe to omg i blocked it out dude. All right. I can fix that Music, hey block the whole thing. Dude. Are you kidding me Music? Oh my god. Dude they broke even hates me now. I can’t even put one g. I get banned all right, anyways, so there’s, three there’s three floors there guys uh and there are some secrets in this penthouse. So we want to go over that i wanted to. I know a lot of people are not gon na, be able to get the penthouse right away because it costs robux right. So i wanted to give you guys a grand tour of say that you have 150 raw bucks, so you just happen to get a roblox card and have some robux in your account, and you decided what to do with it. I would suggest you buy the rosie shoulder pet right here, it’s cheaper than this penthouse i’m, just saying but um, but uh yeah yeah. So i wanted to give you guys a tour to decide if you really want this or not um so yeah right away. We have the kitchen and everything combined we go in here we have the bedroom, the master bedroom, also glorious view. You can look at rotten, robbie, uh, it’s kind of nice.

I guess uh, but then you have this the bathroom in here and there are. There is a little uh a little secret here. You can jump through here and boom. So right above the fireplace guys, we’ll turn the fireplace on, but you can jump up here. You can hide in the fireplace or you can go right through it, and here you have a pretty massive bathroom, a toothbrush and uh brush that’s above the toilet. I don’t know why they would place it above the toilet. It should be like over here or something i’m afraid: i’m gon na drop, my toothbrush in the toilet, no that’s a bad day, um so yeah. You have that over there. Oddly designed, we got sunroofs going through the whole thing and wash our hands here, guys. Good hygiene always keep your hands washed, especially during these times all right, so yep we could go in there and that’s pretty much all the rooms on the first floor right. What the cool thing about this is the bathroom in the second uh room here. It connects to the entryway so right when you come in, you can hop right in that now you can change the colors of this penthouse apartment to whatever you would like say. We want a yellow tone to everything boom. We can add a little bit of yellow scattered throughout our house, which i think is great, and we can also close our windows. Do everything that you can typically do in a normal house now the house, security cams, are pretty cool and teleporting to your house? Is cool too, because if you want to teleport to your house, for example, let’s see let’s get down to here, we can just click here and it teleports us right outside our apartment, which is downtown center brookhaven, so it’s, a pretty cool, teleport location.

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to teleport right down to the center of brookhaven right now. There are only two apartments at the time and only one penthouse availability spot, so chances are getting into a lobby that has one of these free could be challenging from time to time, but still they’re here, and you still have the normal brookhaven houses right. So anyways let’s get to the third floor, which is the fantastic area, the area we all love, who’s. Sending me a friend request here: moose who’s that but yeah so the third floor, as you can tell you could see how the sunroof is in all this. So i mean if you’re, not careful and people can peek in on you in the bathroom, so make sure you close your windows or else people can watch you uh, but this is an infinity pool. It is fantastic and there’s. Some cool features to do with it. So if we come out here, we can recline back. You know, eat a slice of pizza because that’s what we do where’s my pizza, give me a pizza here, all right, i’m spawning a piece out of thin air, but all right, so i could sit here, eat my pizza, just relax and enjoy myself. Look at this guys i pretty much own brookhaven at this point. This penthouse makes you feel like you own brookhaven, you can look over the motel. The airport see what everything’s going on everybody that spawns in and it’s pretty cool i’m, not gon na lie.

Let me see if i can write a better message now subscribe, that’s, probably gon na work, that’ll work people can know to subscribe right it’s the best i can do now. It’S, a billboard here, uh saying subscribe, so it’s really cool to see the apartments fully just maxed out in the glory that they can be um. But if we hop into a nice pool here guys, oh what a nice hot summer day, we can hop in the pool enjoy ourselves. And we can go on over here. And this is really cool guys. Because the pool hangs out over here, which is just really really cool, um and look at that, we can see people and everything going on down there. Is that what who is that dinner? I don’t even know, is that karen does that say karen? It does it’s a karen, oh no, karen, proud and anti vaxxy karen. No, no! No! I wonder what she would say: i’m, like karen. No, oh, no guys well that’s karen in here uh in her little car there, oh she’s, coming after me! No! No! No! No! No, i messed up. I messed up. I messed up retreat to the palace she’s coming after us, guys, karen’s coming after us, okay, oh no! No! No! No karen is coming after us, guys, she’s coming up. Oh dude, we messed up. We made carry man. This is my house, this is my house. This is my house.

What do you think i bought it for you? I bought it for you, she said. Excuse me. I bought it for you it’s now your house it’s. Now, your house, you can have it it’s your house, you can have it we’re gon na give away our penthouse to karen guys it’s it’s, a giveaway here she said. Excuse me: oh no, dude, good! All right, let’s see let’s run now. Watch i’m, locking her in our house guys that’s how you take care of karen and brookhaven. Oh, my god stay in there stay in there all right guys. We locked karen in our house and i think that’s the best thing to do for karen all right. Let’S keep her locked in our house uh in the penthouse there, so yeah guys. As you can see, the penthouse is full of many great things you can lock karen in there. You can do all kinds of cool stuff from the penthouse to the pool. Now i did forget to show you guys something with the pool let’s get on top of there. I can find another way answers we got her locked in, although she could probably teleport and get out of there, but hopefully she doesn’t figure that much out um. So yeah, if we walk around here, we can jump on top of our roof. I believe hopefully um and what we can do guys is change and light up the pool so it’s a pretty cool little feature, um that you can do.

Oh yeah, we’re gon na need a ladder for that. All right, so let’s get a ladder and then let’s actually spy on karen and see what she’s doing in there. Oh no dude i can’t get in there actually hold up hold up hold up guys. I wasn’t. I didn’t plan this out: okay yep, we did it all right, let’s go see if she’s still in our house, i don’t know where she is guys. Oh no, i don’t know if she’s still in there or not, oh god, anyways guys. The cool thing about this is, you can turn this on and it will light up your pool so it’s, not really at my house, is locked, so maybe that’s, why i can’t do it, but you can press that button it’s going to light up your pool if It’S not it’s, going to really create more of a bright nice vibrant feel and you can keep the party going on uh it’s, pretty cool it’s, really cool. All right! Let’S pick you back in our house a little bit. I think she left she wants to teleport. It out sorry she’s smart guys. I would have thought all right. Well, anyways guys that’s the penthouse review. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed um, and hopefully you guys don’t end up dropping karen in there, but uh either way guys that’s a nice little video for you guys be sure to hit that like button subscribe, we got videos coming out constantly we’re gon na be looking at A lot of secrets in regards to this new update very very soon, all right.

So until then, hopefully, this video helped helped you decide if you wanted the penthouse or not and uh, because it is pretty pricey some robux when you can get the roses shoulder. Blades i’m just saying anyways yeah. So with that aside, actually i wanted to check in this update guys. I wanted to check to see if they added uh rosie as uh, something you can have in the game. I don’t see rosie. Where would it be? Would it be in accessories, would it be in here, probably not, it would be like, and maybe hats it’s a shoulder pad. So i i don’t know i’ve been wanting them to add rosie, so you guys can have uh the rosie shoulder pet in brookhaven, but i don’t know if they’re going to do. I don’t know if they’re going to anyways i’ll, see you guys in the next one.