I really appreciate all the love, I think, especially the uh trans metal, Optimus, Transformer uh, its been doing great. So I appreciate that I also realized. Apparently I cant count because I just decided to skip over video, nine and so Ill uh, even though this ones after I will attribute it with a with a nine just to keep with the numbers. But today um, I really wanted to show off one of my favorite things. This is called The Philips Hue go um. This is a smart light that Phillips put out, and it put it out. I want to say uh five or six years ago, um and Ill include a link below um. What is really neat? Theres theres lots of need so Ill break it down um. This is uh a light that can plug in um. It can actually stand up on its own as well, and then, when you get the app uh, not only can you do a white light, let me just grab the lights in the room. This better show it off. Not only can you do white um, but it also gives you a wide range of colors as well that you can use Ill back that up. So you get a good view of it, its quite bright and its uh, its really great to use both a white, uh or color, and also, if you, if you dont, have the app and you just want to use it as a as a normal light.

There is a button on the bottom and it has a few functions as well. You can have like a uh dark, a bit lighter this. They call their candlelight as you can see it. It pulsates with a little bit of the light and um the neat thing about these lights. Is they give them a certain lifespan? Um Ive had this for six years now or five years. Sorry um keep it on my bedside table and uh use the app to change the lights. A few things about these lights is um. You do need whats called a bridge, its a Phillips Hue Bridge, they sell it their own brand and what the bridge does is the bridge hooks right into your router, your Wi Fi router, and then your app then connects to the bridge which connects it to the Lights and theres no limit on the lights, um Ill include the link for Philips Hue, not just for this one, but for their whole lineup Below in the comments, because its amazing what you can do right now, I think about four or five different kinds of Lights. We have uh, we have these. These are the Philips Hue, um and theyre great. The neat thing about these not only thinking theyre, also portable, as you can see, because Im not using um the wire right now, um theres, regular light bulbs, which you can do as uh. You can buy just white ones, so those um its its all white and you can change um the different.

You know level of white whether you want it to be like a reading light or if you want it to be like a night light, and you can also change the intensity and you can also get the the regular bulbs in color pot lights. Spotlights um light strips, which I also have behind the uh entertainment. You know where the TV is and the list goes on and on um. The bulbs are great because the bulbs work outside, even in freezing temperature um and one of the neatest things about these bulbs and Im actually going to switch over from showing you the light to showing you the app. This is the Philips Hue app and whats. Really neat about the app is not just choosing colors, you can also choose scenes, and so, if you have like multiple lights in a room, you can set a scene to it and the seam will not just itll be one color per bulb. But when you work together it it transforms the room, and so I cant give you an example in this room. But I wanted to go over some of the lists, and so here you have some party Vibes, and so, if you were to choose say Tokyo here, which is this one right here, its kind of like the neon lights, then one of your lights might go neon. Blue one of the micro neon red one on green, you know and so on, and so it transforms your entire room, which is really neat, and you can also do uh the refreshing ones, but also these are some of the defaults, and this is, if you want Your whole room to be ready to sleep so night light or if you want to feel a little more alert.

Theres concentrate theres, energize and the options are Limitless because you can also create your own scenes and so like Green Bay, Packers fan here, and so I can make two of the lights. A dark, green and one of them yellow – and I mean the beautiful thing about technology or the scary thing depending on who you are, is, if you have um anything from Amazon, Alexa Echo spot any of those ones or Google, home mini or any of the other Ones um, if its all connected on the same network, you can say turn Hue, go red and itll turn red or you could say, make the Hue go 55 and it will do that automatically. You just have to make sure you know the name of the light bulb otherwise uh. It may not recognize it or might do the entire room um, but thats, not even the coolest part. I could keep going and Im going to um here under automations its one of my favorite things. You can do so here. You have Ill show you the the top one or just go to sleep so there. It says. 11 p.m, go to sleep one every day and thats, quite simply exactly as it sounds so every night at 11 PM all of the the lights that you attribute to that automation turn off and so its not automatically the whole house. But you have to actually add the bulbs to it, and then here I also have uh outside.

So those are the two outside light bulbs. They turn on every day at 4, 30 p.m. They turn off every day at 11, 11 pm, yes, for all the haters out there, the newly uh minted Hockey Hall of Famer Daniel alfordson thats a little shout out to him my own little thing: favorite hockey, player um with him and Wayne Gretzky at the top. But uh like him or or dislike him hes in the hes in the hall now so thats, how I chose 11 11 um and then daily behind it thats some of the um other bulbs as well um. That is attributed to more so for the time it wakes up, and so every day, all the lights that I attribute to those categories. Um all the lights in the house turn on at four, then at 4 30 the outside lights come on and then at 11. Everything turns off and they all have a 30 minute build up as well and so, for example, in the uh in the bedroom or in the basement um at 3 30. They start to come on. I think it starts at 10 and then adds adds a few percent every few minutes and then, by the time it hits four oclock it. It is fully on the reason this is so neat is not necessarily just because it makes life easier, but because, if youre away or on vacation, it makes it look like someones home it uh.

It makes it look like people are turning lights on and off during the day, and it also has the last thing Ill say, even though the theres lots to explore in this app uh. There is also a way to make it so that its like vacation mode and I and I apologize – I dont – have the exact wording because I never use it, but there is a vacation mode where you set it and what the app does is for the duration Of your time, your way, it randomly turns your lights on and off at different times and thats. Simply in case, you want a little more strength behind what youre, what youre trying to fake of being home and so like. You could have an empty house for a week and yet some days it comes out of five and goes off at nine and some days it comes on at four and goes off at eight, like the possibility and the C, and you can set that. But it allows you to just have really random soap. Anyone whos looking at your house, I think someone is home um. These are really great lights, and the thing that I mentioned earlier near the beginning is they have a lifespan um, but were kind of waiting for that to actually kick in. I believe one of the shorter life spans is the uh hue light strip and thats, simply because the bulbs are so small and theres, so many of them that its a bit longer um, but we have ours, come on every day for seven hours a day, and This has been those weve had for four years and they are still working so really were waiting for that lifespan to to happen and to uh maybe show us, we need new ones.

The downside – I guess, if you use them to the point where they actually only last like two or three years as you could be spending forty dollars for a light bulb that only lasts two or three years. So you are spending quite a bit more money than normal light bulbs. However, you gain the ability to to dim them to cycle them through colors to set moods um. If youre watching a movie like the gray with uh Liam Neeson and its mostly outside in the winter, you can give all your lights. That kind of uh really really kind of a icy blue look, and so it kind of sets sets the tone there or, if youre, ever watching, um Star Wars. If youre ever watching the classic battle between Anakin and Obi Wan, you can have a nice little orange and red thing going on. Really the the options are quite Limitless, but my favorite out of all the bulbs we have is still the Hugo um. The one thing about it being quote unquote portable is, for example, if you decided you wanted to have a um, take it to work for something you then you would lose the ability, even though its portable to change the colors, because youre not taking the bridge with You, and so it is portable in the essence that I can take it around the house, but not so much that I could change its color or do different things with it once out in the world, except for whatever I can do by pushing the button there.

On the bottom, but other than that I mean its fantastic. It gives really good light its hard to tell right now because it is daytime, but it gives off a really strong light, a huge array of colors. If you just look over here to the side um, it gives off a really good array and so thats your thats, your color wheel there. So you just were to press it and you could just go around the wheel to any color. You want and youll notice here there are two other spots. One of those is another Hugo Hugo, three um and so thats all the way upstairs. But if I was to pull the Hugo that I have over to it and you feel a little bit of a vibration you can actually, if I can get it, you can actually match them together, which puts them on the same light and so thats awesome. The third one theres a hue play thats the its kind of like a barred light and it uh right now its propped up behind a bedroom TV and what that does. Is it splashes, really cool, color off the backs of the wall? And so we have three lights there when they work together, its really quite beautiful, so thats, the Philips Hue Im going to do a link below in the comments for the Hugo itself, as well as for um Phillips, listing of all the different lights they have. I loved on them all some of them are quite expensive and they have outdoor indoor anything you can really think of.