You guys seem to enjoy the first one and if you want me to continue to do this, keep hitting that like button. It lets me know and the algorithm that you’re enjoying the style of content. Now before i begin, i got to give a quick shout out to nordpass who sponsored this video. They have this amazing password manager that can organize your logins notes and credit cards securely nordpass. Also includes password health, which scans your passwords and notifies you if any of them are too weak and data breach scanner that lets you find out. If your credit card info has leaked nordpass keeps you safe online and can even generate secure, complex passwords. Nor pass is free, but for a limited time grab the one year, nordpass premium plan with 50 off link is in the description down below so first up we have an acer. Nitro 5 is a 2018 edition, i5 8300h cpu and a gtx 1050. Definitely starting to show its age, you can still game on it, but settings have to be super duper low. Now he does have his old samsung monitor as his second display and, to be quite honest, it’s, probably better than the display he’s using right now. I don’t think the 2018 acer nitro 5 had a high refresh display and the way his setup is set right. Now i would, i would just use the display, as my main, monitor and close the laptop, because there’s just too much stuff going on the monitor, looks like it’s going to fall off the desk.

He has this giant amazon basics gaming, mouse pad that’s, not even centered like he has. It shifted all the way to the right side, like close, the laptop put it in a stand center, the monitor move the mouse pad over and why? Why are you using your mouse as a headphone stand like i’d? Rather, you use the corner of your monitor as a headphone stand or put like a little clip on the bottom of the desk, because you’ve got the cables going everywhere. You’Ve got cables coming up from the top of the monitor, but, more importantly, why is there a mirror beside you? Okay, are you like gaming and then staring in the mirror and be like? Oh i’m? So good? You know you’re so good, no i’m, so good, because that’s that’s that’s just a a little weird, okay, just a little weird. The next setup is from zen ray, and this is his delightful disgusting lenovo two in one idea pad these are his words, not mine. He says he uses it for typing homework, discord and playing games. The cpu is an intel. Celeron n4000 no shot he’s playing games with this thing, and he says it takes two seconds per frame in vr chat at 480 by 360.. I have no idea what that means. He says he put a heatsink. He got from an old foxconn motherboard zen, the cpu is inside the computer, okay, not on the back. Okay. I know you tried to line up the heatsink with the cpu through the back of the laptop, but this ain’t it okay.

That heatsink is doing absolutely nothing. You might as well tape it to your forehead, and this is not a laptop setup. Okay, zen all because you took it out of your bag and you placed it on your desk. It does not make it a laptop setup. So far. This is the worst laptop setup, i’ve seen so far. Finally, a somewhat decent laptop setup: we have a 2020 xps, 17 16 gigabytes of ram 2060 max q, 4k display huntsman elite keyboard, logitech g502 mx master. I guess he uses this for on the go or productivity, nice bose qc35s, now right off the bat it’s a bit cleaner than the other setups, but i don’t like how far back it is from him and because the dell xps 17 can’t open up 180 degrees. There is a tilt to the display it comes out like this, like i imagined him typing like this at night. You know like sitting in front of the keyboard, doing one of these to get under the display, so he can see it properly. This guy must have some of the worst posture in the world and by god, that’s a lot of grease on the deck of the keyboard. Are you eating pork chops, while you’re typing on the computer, because man that is like a fire hazard – and i do like the idea of mounting it on a monitor, arm, it’s just that the xps 17 is not the best one to do it with, because that Display doesn’t go 180 degrees now when he turns off the lights, he has a little bit of rgb to set the mood, but my major problem with this one is definitely that display like that is just that’s just it’s.

Just one of these, like you’re typing and you’re, just like this guys, this is not a laptop setup. Okay, this is a single guy who lives in the basement, who’s never seen outside. He has food bags everywhere. He has dirty cloths sitting around the room. He has drinks and cups that he’s never cleaned. He has gloves in the back. He has a little bit of baby oil and towels beside it. God knows what he’s doing in this room even has purple velvet drapes. Okay, like this, is like a bordello. In fact, what is happening here, he has a nintendo controller hanging in the inside of the garbage. Can his headphones are all the way at the back of the desk? His laptop is closed. This is the place where laptops go to die now. This setup is nothing special or fancy, but it’s clean, it’s, simple and it’s practical. This is an asus, tough fx, 505 du with a gtx 1660 ti a 15 inch 120 hertz display and 16 gigabytes of ram right off the bat. I love the fact that he’s using a laptop stand. This helps for a couple of reasons. One you have a place to route cables. Two. It lifts the laptop higher, bringing the display more towards your eyes, giving you better eye level and number three it’s better for heat dissipation. It gives you more space for heat to dissipate. Now he did his best to keep these cables as clean as possible.

He did a good job with the modem. He has the headphones off to the side, but i would have loved to see a proper headphone stand. The only thing i don’t like is the fact that all the cables on the left hand side could have been routed behind. All he had to do was move the desk a little bit forward. Then he could have placed those cables behind it and it would have made this desk look cleaner. The other thing i like is the layers right. Most people who put their laptops on their desk stick a keyboard in front of it and that pushes the laptop all the way back, no bueno for your eyes, because the laptop displays are usually only 15 inches and it’s hard to see by having that second layer. To place your keyboard and mouse, it brings the laptop closer making it a much more enjoyable viewing experience now in this shot. He shows his cable management again. You know he could have put this all behind the desk. He could have got some sort of cable tray. It would have looked better. This looks messy and using scotch tape, or maybe your mom’s uh crochet kit is not the best way to hold your cables that will fall off one day. Joy tinder is rocking a macbook pro setup. He has the 16 inch model it’s from 2019 32 gigabytes of ram an i7 and a 512 gigabyte ssd. He does have some nice peripherals.

G413, a mechanical keyboard, a logitech g402 mouse blue yeti, mic audio technica m50, and he has a dell. U2. 415, monitor 24 inch monitor. Now this setup has a lot of potential, but the way joy tinder created this made. It feel super duper claustrophobic, because his desk is so small there’s. So many other things you can do to clear up space when you have a small desk like this think about removing items or placing them high up. So, for example, this mic could easily be placed on a boom pole that would put his mic behind the monitor and it would free up more space on his desk same with the headphones. They don’t need to be on such a tiny desk place them underneath the desk on some sort of headphone clip, and i noticed under the desk, he has a drawer and it looks like it’s removable place the drawer on the right side of the desk. This will give you more leg space and it will allow you to move the monitor and keyboard over a bit more because your laptop looks very cramped, like it looks like it’s about to fall off the desk as well, and if you move those things over, then You’Re, going to free up a lot more space to place your macbook pro exactly where you want, and the last complaint is the cable management like you just got wires going everywhere. Okay, you don’t even have some of those wires going through the dell monitor that hole.

There is for cable management. Stick all your wires through there get a zip tie or a velcro, strap them up nice and clean, and your desk setup will feel much much better. So that wraps up my second episode of roasting, your laptop setups look, i haven’t seen one that’s blown me away yet and if you think you have that proper setup send it in because i can’t wait to check it out. Don’T forget to check out nordpass stay tuned for another episode. Please give me feedback on this and let me know what i can do different to make this style of video more enjoyable like the video, if you liked it subscribe.