Probably not your guys. I hope some of these people are watching. I know it’s making fun or going to give me a headache. We interrupt this video to bring you a special message from ifixit. No, we interrupt this interruption with this interruption about new stuff. From my fitness pushing graphics card, but inventory sucks fix the inventory problems with ifixit whoa don’t drop. It can’t fix that with ifixit just kidding. Yes, you can wish you could take ifixit with you anywhere, but your pockets, aren’t big enough, introducing you more and the new nino take them with you anywhere. So can i fix it for your loved ones or just get them for yourself, so we’ve been obviously covering graphics cards and cpus during this pandemic and all of the craziness ensuing in terms of the abs astronomically inflated, overpriced pricing. Something like that. So we’re going to do is we’re going to kind of bounce around the the nation here and some of the major cities and we’re going to see what some of these craigslist ads look like. I know i’m, not the first person to do this i’m. Well aware that other channels have done the reacting to craigslist ads we’ve reacted to your setups, but now we’re going to react to some of the just clearly clueless brainless living on another planet type, people that are out there. So speaking of clueless brainless people, let’s start at the inland empire here, shall we so let’s go ahead and i live in the inland empire.

So i can say that yeah anyone that’s lived in the inland empire can say that. Oh, the very first ad looks like it was taken in our set, even though it’s not yeah with the uh that’s i’m, not scalping. I swear it’s, not me good gaming, pc i’m, just going back to console because i’m used to it. Who says that you know what’s funny at first? Actually, the price doesn’t even seem terrible. It’S 800 bucks in riverside granted. If everything works, it’s got a geforce, 1070.. Okay, no it’s got a ge space force. You know what you know: what’s funny is uh runs clean and fast it’s, better than runs dirty and slow. You know i looked up the price of 1070s individually right now and they’re still going for, like 500 bucks in a vacuum that sucks, but but in the current state of affairs it’s, actually not that bad okay! Well, you know. Maybe that was my listing then, because it’s not stupid, amd powered office pc gaming, computer 300, bucks it’s, a 6356 core cpu dude we’re, going back to like old school phenom 2 right there, um that’s, not even phenom 2 it’s fx, j you’re stupid. I should put on screen pictures of all of us from when that cpu was new dude to show them how old it was. Maybe there’s, not that many pc listings for the ie, because it’s the ie all right here we go we’re going to los angeles.

Now. Oh here we go high end gaming pc with an fx 8150 in simi valley, oh simi valley, the cesspool of ventura county, okay, so it’s an 8158 core. Now, that’s the same that i had an 8120 when i started my channel in uh 2012, and it was already a couple years old by then. Actually it started. It came out 2011, the cpu so it’s a 10 year old cpu it’s got an hd 7970 and he’s, calling it high end gaming, pc gaming, pc for sale 2500 in los angeles, hey that’s, your case isn’t it yeah. That is my case. Is this urea. Is this your ad yeah, except with less vape juice? I have better. I have better fans and i don’t have a front panel. 2500 bucks it’s an intel i7 5960x. So, yes, that was a thousand dollar cpu back when it was new in like 2013 or 14 or whatever it was for 5th. Gen it’s got a 1080 in it non ti 36 gigs. How do you get 36 gigs on that setup? What maybe he means? 32? No, i don’t even think it was 2500 bucks when it was new like 2 000, then oh here’s, the thing look he’s got four sticks of ram in there, so he doesn’t have 32 36 gigs of ram it’s 32. If they’re eight gig sticks yeah, so he can’t, even math right don’t buy a gaming computer from someone that can’t match their ram.

Anyone on here that’s, like i know what i have. What they have is delusion total build cost 1700 plus asking 975. spec it’s a corsair carbide, a 6700k quad core 64 gigabytes of g scale, rip jaws, it’s, a 1080 for the win graphics card, so that’s evga card dude. So for 1500. Less than that other guys. You can get a computer that destroys it. Yes, nice, i mean for 9.75, given the current state of affairs. This might not be awful 12 core gaming workstation pc for 700 bucks in westminster, okay it’s, a ’00 x, 12 core. Okay, i mean that makes it worth it already for 700 bucks, yeah you’re right holy crap uh. It has no graphics card, though, because okay, that makes sense, they clearly took it out or something no wait: there’s a graphics card in the picture, it’s an msi rtx card yeah. He he scalped his graphics card and now he’s selling his system because they go into shut up here’s the thing the 700 price for the tower, with the ram and the 480 gig plus three terabyte plus the case, plus the power supply it’s, not a bad price. For 700 bucks and the three terabyte hard drive, i said three terabytes, you said 40., i said 40 plus three terabyte it’s on the recording someone do the instant replay please, before you give plus three terabyte it’s, still a new condition used for new. I couldn’t find a graphics card, so i’m selling yeah because he sold his 2080 ti to try and get a 30 series and then couldn’t score one that’s.

What probably happened so we’re only ripping him for pretending, like he didn’t, clearly uh scalp his card yeah. Oh, my god, he’s just buying a cpu who puts an 8086k in this case. He wants 2 900 bucks for two 1080 ti’s and an 8086k there’s, the crackhead of the award uh the award for the biggest crackhead of the day so far crackhead shut up the. I get the irony phil, i speak dyslexic. Okay, would you say blacked out what right there? 6800 xt all blacked out gaming, pc 5 thousand dollars what it’s a liain lee 011 dynamic, it’s a 6800 xt plus a 5800x evga supernova 850. uh 32 gigs of rip jaws, dude there’s, nothing special about this five thousand dollars all right. We have a new crackhead, a crackhead of the award award. Okay, you know the irony about it being in placentia. Is this person should have been the placenta and thrown away after the birth, fully loaded gaming pc all new parts? Nothing is used. Okay, it’s, an intel. I5, 4590 nvidia geforce 450. What all parts brand new never used? No, i think we have a new crackhead award. It’S las vegas, though so, oh my god, a copy of enter the matrix. You know that game was so bad dude, yeah dude. I so did i, but it doesn’t mean the fighting was good. It was so annoying to deal with. Does the world really repeat itself that much are the three australians i was like.

What are you talking about that? I looked up it’s like what’s the crazy part of florida, pic isn’t it like. Oh, there were two listings for gaming: pcs, oh geez, it’s, an acer, predator pre built completely wiped and refurbished lightly used and bought a year ago willing to negotiate trade retailed for nine to ten thousand online on amazon all right. So this is one of the 30 90 uh for the win three cards and you can see by the notch right there how it’s almost centered. That is a 20 series card, so i do believe that’s a 2070.. I really do it’s a clear cmos button. That’S kind of nice wallet button, you’re ripped off it’s an intel clearly dude, even the ram doesn’t have heatsinks on it. Dude that’s, like that’s, the ripoff of the century. Right there florida florida man strikes again from sebring florida, um, so it’s, alienware and it’s still overpriced, but 2300 for 2080 super at this point or 2 300.. This actually doesn’t smell like a bad people. I was like that’s, actually not bad, so let’s put this in perspective. 20. 2808. 2080. Super okay. So they want a thousand dollars for 20 super right here by itself. Looking to sell my msi 2080 super gaming x trio, because i got a 3080. it’s only been used a year asking a thousand or best offer, and it was funny that’s not like ridiculously scalp. That makes this pc for 2300, not terrible who would have thought florida would have been the reasonable it’s like yin and yang right it’s, like there’s a really insane deal and then there’s also, actually a surprisingly decent deal.

Yeah that’s, not bad a thousand one hundred. For thirty eighty, i will ship only no email sounds like scam yep. This is a real card. It is not a picture it’s, a box of a card. This is a real card. Not is not a picture be prepared to have to sign for this up. Usps package, as there is no cheap product – and i want both of us to have a safe transaction that sounds super like dude i’m, not sketch you’re, sketch i’m. Protecting me from you bro yeah whoa, oh my god. I made the earth bigger this actually isn’t awful. A brand new rx 6800 xt with the 9700k gaming pc for 20 uh, 20, 020 20.99. I thought new yorkers would go. I can’t do new york action that’s like no hey i’m walking here i’m. Getting good pc deals here: it’s like a new jersey, oh yeah, yeah right across the river there. You know they’re crazier high end gaming, pc low price 2400 has a 9900k 2080 ti hybrid. What the heck! Why are all these reasonable? Stop? California’S the drunk one yeah? I told you the oc was the oc was almost as florida as florida that everywhere else in the u.s is normal. I want to move suddenly. Oh, i love the bakersfield. That is, that is the hiccus part of california. Let’S see gaming pc there’s only like two people listing stuff in bakersfield like these are all the same guy right here listing the same thing over thirty six hundred dollars.

What for a ’00 x with a noctua cooler, 32 gigs of ram a 30 90 trinity. Wait: what where did he get? One it’s bakersfield dude like they mined one san francisco area? Oh lightly, used pc gaming rig for sale, never really found the time to use it between work, rock climbing and classes so i’m selling it. But the the graphics card is not listed see. This is the stuff you have to look out for in these listings, because look that first picture prominently displays the graphics card, which is sketchy yep, so you’re gon na go and pick it up and if you’re not paying attention, then he’s just gon na make uh And if you’re like where’s the graphics card, oh it wasn’t listed here’s the thing if you’re building a gaming, computer and you’re like i have everything i need except a graphics card, and i just want to play games right now and you won’t care about 1080 ti Or 1080 1080p i mean for ‘0 bucks, it kind of sucks, but you could be up and running if the card works, and you know at least be like okay. I’M playing now i mean ‘0 is a bit expensive for a used. You know two generation old card, but i mean look. This guy wants 750 for his and alameda. Oh, it is a whole pc with a 1070.. Okay. Just go buy that one then so anyway, if you guys are wondering why prices are just out of control like they are.

Allow me to just bring you back to socal here uh as we go ahead and then take a look at what the prices of graphics card use are right now and here we’ll just go back to in an empire. So let’s look up. 2080 super all right. So see here’s a rtx 2080 super for 850.. You know what that’s not that’s like retail honestly that’s it’s msrp yeah um that’s gon na sell quick, 30 80. 2 000 sealed for a vision with 2 000 sealed with receipt that’s the same one huh. Probably five. Three thirty sixties for four thousand yeah how’d. This guy get five from the exact same right. I mean i thought these places had limit, buy one per household or whatever right. This guy’s got five from zotac sitting right. There cash only mean inside lobby of police station you’ve, got front desk duty at the police station right and you’re sitting there behind the glass and two dudes walk in with a box exchange money and they walk away. Would you be like hey what’s in the box? It could have been drugs – okay, nvidia rtx, 3080 fe for eight for nine hundred dollars. Something is up with this ad, currently in hand and ready to ship asap. The reason why these people want to ship guys is because they’re not gon na ever arrive. Okay, they’re gon na get all you super excited. People will be like. I found one that’s, not super overpriced and then you’re gon na send the money and the card’s never gon na come they’re gon na.

Do it 20 times they’re going to make 20 grand off of you and then they’re gon na disappear that’s? What they’re gon na do promise if they’re not selling it in person, tell them to go pound dry sand here’s a 30 70 for 1400 fe, a 30 60 ti for 1300 free chairs, free chairs at microcenter. Tustin guys send us your listings of the most ridiculous ads you’ve ever seen on. I know that there’s, like subreddits for this sort of stuff, so just comment down below with what the most ridiculous thing you saw was. While i go ahead and go tally up how much money and graphics cards i have over there and start adding some to this, i guess just kidding. I can’t do that, not because the brand say i can’t, but because i won’t on sale today for 1200. i’ll. Do a thousand cash now cool, no money! I want your hand, give me money, i’ll download it to you adding 10 okay.