The like button let’s get this on. How is it going beautiful and amazing people boys? We are back on the mr noob with a dream account because he got insanely lucky before i get in the video. Thank you so much for your support. If you guys enjoyed the video smash that, like button subscribe, if you’re new, i would appreciate it and i’m sending you much love before i start the video actually um you guys. Everybody knows magic was right, so yeah, i don’t know if you guys saw his community post, but sadly his grandfather passed away a couple of days ago. So if you guys want to send him a love message to support him, you know it’s, never easy and stuff. Like that magic, we got you bro we’re here, for you uh. We wish you all the best in the world. Okay, we wish you all the best in the world mate. So yeah, as i was saying. Basically, this dude was pretty lucky on this egg. Finally, after a lot of eggs asked we finally got the lovely rose, but in fact, actually we got two of them. He i mean they’re, not the best secrets in the world, but hey this is still value. This is still value. This is still value uh. Where is it let’s see, let’s see, let’s, see, let’s, see, let’s see there, it is so we got not one but two of them. Okay, as you can see, there are no trades uh whatsoever on the account.

The last rate was in on the 25th of january. So yeah we’re gucci on that. Let me show you guys uh. How far are we with this account? Okay, let’s see uh how far we by the way i’m, not gon na. I didn’t trade a lot on this account because i wanted you know guys. I took this account from zero: no trades, no donations, no nada, okay and i started from zero by hatching by everything. But do you like guys like the match? Be nice? Be amazing, be gentle, be happy, be your freaking self. You got ta love this first bro and we are also on the uh hatching leaderboards. Oh, these guys do be sweating, bro jesus christ uh. Where are we? Where are we? We are here somewhere we’re on the 20th 79th place, which is pretty good, but yeah i mean it’s, not it’s, not easy to keep up with them. They’Re they’re, crazy, they’re, crazy. They must be spending a lot of um roblox. So let me see, let me show you guys what we’re rolling with so we have the two lovely roses. Everything by the way is frustrating, if you guys ever want to um when i want to trade for something just hook me up, so we have a koi. We have an archangel, we have two lovely roses and then we have a lot of shiny, uh tier threes. We have uh. I think i have like uh bear with me one second, how many? How many do i have? How many do i have? I have like six uh 12 16.

, so i have 16 shiny royalties, two mythic ones and yeah. Let me see how many of these chocolate thingies. I have okay, so i have a shiny one. Okay, i will be making another one, and also i have these ones as well. To be honest with you, they look insane, they look and say, let’s take a look at them. Let’S take a look at them like this, and i will be making more as well. Okay, let’s see it with the little hearts inside. That looks amazing. That looks amazing. I haven’t seen this that’s so far to be honest with you, the mythic, lovely raven, so yeah um, so i’m trading. All these pets, if you guys have any offers you can, you can dm me anytime. My games are open. We have, we still have the two shiny, demonic, peppermints, the shiny one billion marshmallows, and a lot of shiny of this stuff shiny dumb in this hydra. Let’S go okay, um let’s make this mythic jam dragon shiny. So i can clear some space out and, as i said, i will be making you know the shiny chocolate that’s for sure that’s for sure a ferry in a bottle. If you guys want to trade for it, you know where to find me yeah. How are we doing in potions? Let me see what do i have on the bubble? Guys? Okay, let me let’s try this one, this one, this one, this one um, okay, so we’re doing it! I have to skip some.

I have to do some challenges, so i can clean the other boots as well, but uh we are doing fairly good. We are doing fairly good i’m going to try and get the elite uh part of gold or whatever it’s called from the from the comp from the comp from the leaderboard. I don’t know if i’m gon na make it because i don’t wan na i mean it’s it’s it’s very hard, it’s very high, because you have to spend a lot of money to get here. You know, i’ve tried it and i know how it feels like and to be honest in the long run. I don’t know if it’s worth it but trust me, i will be making this elite part of gold. I will be making it on my main that’s, uh, that’s fact, that’s fact and um Music yeah that’s pretty much it for the video guys. I have nothing uh, nothing more to add. I will be continuing hatching for it. You know and see where it goes. I will be claiming this too. I forgot about it uh i don’t care about that, but you guys don’t forget about the the valentine’s challenges, because you do have a lot of boosts, which can uh, which can have actually i’m gon na claim and we’re gon na have more you can see. These are only bruce here. This will be one two three four i’m curious on what these were, but they are still potions i’m curious about this bet.

It should be a love thing, something like that. So yeah guys hit me up on discord. Okay hit me up on discord that these are pretty decent pets. Koi archangel, the two lovely roses: okay, not the best, but i still can get a bit of value of them. I’M. Looking for upgrades, so if you guys haven’t have any decent offers make sure to hit me up as always i’m sending you much love stay amazing and, as always, if you like, the content drop a like. So you can get like a hundred times. Luck and you’re.