I don’t really know the correct pronunciation but i’m going to go and call it intuis and if that’s wrong, then it’s wrong and that won’t change how i feel about the product so know that all right so let’s go ahead and uh get into this alrighty. So here we are we’ve got the box: let’s go ahead and open it up now, if you’ve been with me for a while you’ll know that i’ve actually already opened this, but i’ve never actually used it just for your viewing pleasures. If you haven’t seen my full sail, launch box unboxing video we’re gon na go ahead and get into this. So here we are we’ve uncovered it and it looks the exact same so just slide out. I think it slides out folds up velcro and there it is still in its plastic. Now all drawing tablets are cool, adică, adică, just a fact: este, a piece of machinery that will transport your drawing onto a computer so without a doubt it’s already cool, but you’ll notice. One thing about this tablet, as opposed to mine, i mean they’re, both mine, but my one that i use on the regular for one there’s, a size difference and two this into us into us doesn’t have a screen on it, whereas this one does so on. My cintiq, i can see what i’m drawing as if i’m, drawing on paper right now. This one i’m gon na have to draw here, but have my eyes on the screens, so my eyes will not be looking at my hands that’s an important thing to know, dar oricum, let’s continue so we’ve got this we’ll take the plastic off of it here.

In a second we’ve got this, you can open it, it says, turn turn okay, so uh that’s, apparently how you take the nib off oh frick, and it goes all the way through look at that yeah. It looks like you open it. Somehow, oh freak there. We go yeah. Oh look at all these 10 different nibs and it’s, a very metal piece, cool, oh and then i guess the one in the pen. So you know eleven nibs and then you turn it over and that’s, where you will stick the pen to hold it on the table. Here we have our color options: black blue, green and red. We can change out the color here on the end silver’s already in it, and then our cord wait that can’t be the end. Is there stuff underneath nope that’s the end there? It is no more alrighty alrighty. So here we are. We have the tablet. Let’S go ahead and take the plastic off, treat it like it’s an iphone. Here we go a bit more aggressive than uh. How you doing all righty look at that. It actually feels pretty dang nice. I have to say we have buttons here, which i assume are probably customizable. Oh, i was like there’s a little white thing here. Did it wear off? nu, that was just the hair, so we can see that we have our corners here. This will kind of indicate where our um picture is able to be drawn.

This is our like digital paper. This is our frame in which we can work drawing outside of it, ştii, will cause it to not uh register when you’re drawing okay, so we’ve got our cord. Don’T really need any of that, and we have our pen and we’ve got our v8 for energy. So i assume to uh get it working. We got ta, take this junk off. ok, that cord is an awful lot longer than i had anticipated. How does this work? Because if this connects oh frick, Sunt., an idiot okay, so this little cord does not connect directly to the computer. Like my brain idiotically thought connects directly to the drawing tablet duh then this looks like it will: connect directly to the computer uh, so yeah let’s go ahead and try that all right, so we’ve got the uh usb connection unplug the mouse boom uh. In order for me to plug it in, i will need the adapter, because mac only has whatever this cord is called now plug that in then we’ll load it in right. There already so we’ve got a red light right here and we’ve got a little blue light here in the corner area i’m, not exactly sure what that means all righty. We are up and running. Look at that wow. This is difficult to script. It’S! A very soft touch, though i will say that you can probably hear that it’s pretty rough on there or this one’s more smooth, either way alrighty.

You can do this with your finger. Oh my freaking, goodness uh yeah. I was just trying to kind of swoop this off to the side, but yeah you can like finger paint or whatever you know. If you get into like photoshop and click stuff. Oh sweet yeah, like just kind of click, come on click nope, Nope. ok, so you can kind, oh you can make dots wait hold on. Is this the undo button like it nope? What did i do? ok? So there are some things that i do want to test out. So i want to test out how far along this edge, we can go before we get out like how accurate is it so let’s find out let’s just go over here and keep going until we can’t so technically. Right here is the line, and that brings us just to the edge of quasimodo’s nose. So right, outside the edge, is the edge of the computer, deci asta e, something to note, but let’s see how far out we can go and still have it pick it up. ok, so we’re gon na go all the way out to the buttons and just slowly move our way back in until it picks it up. Alrighty it’s still able to pick me up right here, which is very far outside of our box. ok, so i know i’m. Just kind of making boxes right now but i’m, just testing out how it feels to draw on here so let’s go ahead and see if we can click on photoshop let’s open it up.

Oh instantly i’m noticing um a kind of a depth problem where i’m, like all right, let’s click on it and my hand, is nowhere near the screen, but there’s such a like high tracking area above this, ca și ar fi., still tracking me and i’d, be willing to bet, Like i’m, an inch off of the tablet so that’s there’s that depth problem because i’m, like oh i’ll, click and i’m, like oh whoa, i didn’t even click and it registered a dot list. Oh sweet, Bine, so double wow, Sunt.. Sorry to get so excited, dar eu sunt. Just kind of double clicking in the air let’s try it again come on double click, double click, double click, freaking, double click. There we go and see i didn’t hit, because if i hit it would have done this like it would have sounded, but just kind of shaking your hand boom boom boom boom boom. ok! Ei bine, i can’t get it to do it again. Oh frick, a line. This thing really does have a lot of uh wow tracking, when i connect it’s a little dot, because it’s got pressure, sensitivity and everything pretty good by the way now let’s uh test out the eraser, we simply flip the pen over and we can erase look at That okay, este, registering my hand, which i find to be a big issue, yeah see because it’s also touch it. Doesn’T. Look like you can draw with your finger. Just looks like you can make dots, Um, pointillism yeah but yeah.

So the fact that it picks up the i guess, heat from the hand, that’s a bit of an issue for me um, even though i’ve got the glove so what the frick but that’s, Bine, the pressure sensitivity, works just fine. It almost looks like this little. This little green guy is bleeding a little bit. Oh, Nu, no or maybe it’s, not maybe it’s. Just a party. I will say, Deşi, one thing i’m noticing is that the amount of tracking area that it has both sideways and above make it really friggin difficult to determine depth. Deci, like i can be moving my hand around and i’m like. Oh right here is where i want to start my line and then i’m like oh here i go i’m going to start it and i realize my hand is like two inches off of the tablet there. It goes picking up my wrist again. Um but my hand is like two inches off the tablet and i’m, like ah shoot because it feels like it should be directly on it, based on just watching the little circle move around on the screen so i’m, like oh yeah, my hands right there, and then I start moving my hand down and it takes like a year to get to the tablet. Um, frank! Stop it! What does this button do? ok, so this one brings up the wacom stuff cool. What do you do you tell me all the settings? Precision mode? What does that exactly? Face? Oh, Bine, so precision mode which is by default.

This third button here makes it so that your entire tablet works within this little tiny square, it’s kind of enlarging whatever’s in that square. So you can get finer details and stuff. You can have more control over your lines, i suppose that’s pretty cool, Bine, that’s uh, that’s interesting, so the precision mode will form around wherever your cursor is at the moment interesting. So if we move it to the bottom right there, it is so if we wanted to get really precise on our brush size, we can be like. Ah, da, Vreau 153 perfect. Now we’re precise, that line is exactly what i wanted. What do you do? Oh you’re, the display toggle not now there’s our zoom okay it’s like a little scroll wheel. Oh my goodness, that’s cool, oh i’m, liking this. The cintiq doesn’t have that okay? ok, i can get behind that. ok, now what’s this middle one. Do the circle brush size. Oh, what now that’s cool is frick okay, so the middle button here is kind of like your um. I don’t know what you would even call that your master button. You start off on the zoom, so you know you’re circling around the button here and you’re zooming yeah try not to get too dizzy merry christmas, but if you click it then you can go to circle layers. Acum, if you look over to the right, you can see that we’re just kind of scrolling up and down on the layers sweet if we click it again, we’re down to the third one.

Acum, if we circle this, we just circle it with our finger. We can change our brush size holy frick and if we click it one more time rotate. Oh wow, we can rotate the canvas. Look at that now. What i’m curious is that is the following: these are very specific controls to photoshop so i’m wondering if the controls change based on whatever program you’re currently on so let’s. Just like what’s another program, i have let’s go to imovie yay, în regulă. So now we are officially in imovie: Bine, no okay, so yeah it doesn’t. Look like it is specific to the program. Those are just like photoshop settings, adică. What it’s looking like anyway, oh and if you guys are wondering you’re like whoa. I haven’t seen this video. What is that? I do exclusive patreon videos every sunday night and they’re, typically up either sunday, night or monday sometime in the day. I answer your questions and just kind of talk to you guys. So if you’re interested there’s patreon for you, Bine, so let’s go back to photoshop. So those do look like they are photoshop specific settings. However i’m in photoshop a lot so that’s, actually pretty cool all right moving down. I was so freaking impressed with that circle. What do we have here? What do you do? Oh you do nothing um, Oh, aşteaptă! That’S that’s, just that’s shift; yeah that’s uh that’s a shift button! Oh okay! So i i like you your shift button.

So you know typically when you’re drawing in photoshop and you hold shift, you have a straight line. Well now you can just hold this button and you have a straight line and i’m seeing that if you just kind of like you, don’t fully press it. But if you put your finger on it, it’ll tell you what it does. So this one is the um. This one is command, so what does command brush? Do oh command, plus brush means that i can drag it around very nice alrighty and you could sir, are the option. So the option is the color picker in photoshop. I did not know that, but i have to zoom in in order to do that so we’ll pan and scroll there. We go. Look at that all right. So at this point i will say that my expectations for this have been surpassed. I’Ll say that, but the only really good way i’ll be able to tell is, if i draw something and get the full experience, pentru că acum, i’ve just kind of been playing with it. I’Ve been having fun. But i need to get the full experience in order to fully get it. You know what i mean so i’m, just gon na doodle, something and then i guess, we’ll end this with my final thoughts on the overall thing. Let’S get into it. Muzica, do Music do Music after using this here are my expectations going in followed by my thoughts going out expectations going in i’m not going to enjoy it as much as my cintiq because of the lack of the screen? I will not like it, because i have to look at a computer and draw like this pretty much that’s, my expectation now after i started playing around with it some and learning what these cool buttons do.

I like this um system here with the little spinner circle. I really liked all of everything i was experiencing before i started drawing with it and then going into the drawing. I thought i could get past. You know the every now and then um it’ll pick up the heat of my hand and create a dye, or i thought i could get past. You know again the heat in my hand on the screen, caused it to rotate or zoom out or to just pan over somewhere and again. Maybe all this is in the settings, but this is like default as it comes no customizations added that all made the drawing experience difficult. The pen to tablet is great sure it’s, not as smooth as this nicer plastic. You know because it is what it is: it’s a different plastic. This is a more rough plastic, but still cool pen is awesome. It’S sturdy, i love the pen holder, um that’s awesome, and it comes with like 10, more little nibs or whatever so overall. I liked all the bells and whistles i like the buttons i like the pen, the pen holder, i like the look and the feel of the tablet i like that it doesn’t have to be plugged into a wall. I like the additional space it tracks. Eu sunt.. Not exactly a huge fan of how high it tracks, but i guess you know i’d rather have more than less right. The one thing holding it back for me is just the user experience and i’m sure that there’s some sort of setting that you can click off.

Saying: Hei, ştii: don’t track my hand or whatever i’m sure that there’s some sort of setting, probably because it made the drawing experience a little shaky. Cu toate acestea, i will still say that this is a really good beginner’s tablet, adică, what i’ve got to say, like my overall thing after weighing out the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly it’s, a pretty good tablet, not gon na take my main tablet spot And be the guy i use for all my drawings. Cu toate acestea, still a really good tablet, you know if you know an artist, if you are an artist and you’re looking to get a tablet or, if you’re looking to get a tablet for someone else.