I can’t get back. This is going to be a complete guide from early game to end game, showing you, boss, locations or locations weapons and armor, tiers, best foods and end game workbenches to avoid spoilers for those who just want to know about a certain bus or gear i’ll break it Up into time, stamp phases for easy access in the description below phase one early game after the bird has dropped. You off you’ll see this little rune here, click on it, it’ll give you the location of the first boss, but don’t expect to fight just yet you’re, not ready, run around pick up. Berries, mushrooms rocks wood, anything that’s, not glued down is fair game. Just take it once you’ve got enough wood craft, a hammer and a wooden club. The club will be used for defending yourself and the hammer will be used for building use the hammer to build a workbench. If you do want to use it for repairs on your club, you’ll need to build a roof, so do that nice and quickly, then you can craft an axe for collecting bigger trees. A fireplace is great for cooking food. So with your club, you can run around and take out necks and balls for great source of meat which will give you enough health to be able to survive. Some of these hazards now you’re ready to build a house. I would recommend building the house within the meadows. You can always see where you are in the top right corner of the map.

Even near a river or near the sea will be a great source of food. There will be lots of necks there and you’ll be able to get a lot of meat, also boat access, there’s a lot of sailing in this game. The closer your harbour is to your house, the less traveling you need to do. Don’T forget to press m pop up the map and you can use the little tagging function and, if you do run into dungeons, don’t forget to tag them on your map. So that way you can come back to them in the future. If you need to with the wooden club, you should run around take out some balls get some scraps with those scraps. We have to make a bow with the bow you’ll be able to kill some deers with the deers you’ll, be able to make leather armor if you’ve managed to get leather, armor, nice and early on, and you do have a bow, try and take out a few Trolls, if you can get the troll armor you’re in business for the next phase phase first boss, elk alcor, the the dear boss, so now you’ve been out on a black forest. Maybe you found a dungeon. If you haven’t, don’t worry run around, you will eventually find a black forest dungeon inside these dungeons you’ll find skeletons ghosts, money and scuttlings collect as many skulls as you can and don’t forget to pick up all the valuable items in there.

Once you’ve collected, these scotlands you’ll be able to create a furnace and a charcoal kiln. These will be very important in the future inside the dungeons you’ll also be able to find the location of the second boss. So click on this rune, if you manage to find it in the dungeon don’t worry if you don’t, i had to go through two or three dungeons until i found it once you’ve taken down that dungeon you’ll be ready to fight the first bus. I did this with two other people, but i probably could have done it on my own. If i upgraded my wooden club a little bit so don’t forget to use your workbench for upgrades using your hammer to craft these items here which actually give you stars for your workbench will allow you to craft upgrades for your weapons, so try and craft as many Of these items, as you can in the top right corner of your workbench, it will show you what level your workbench is, and if you click on an item to upgrade in the bottom right, it will show you what level it needs to be to be able To complete that upgrade, i highly recommend building all the upgrade components you can so that way, when you do get new gear or when you do want to upgrade your gear, it will be nice and easy to do so to summon the first boss head over to Little icon on the map that showed up when you first landed down and you clicked on the roon.

This would be the first boss location to be able to fight the first boss. You will need two deer trophies. All you need to do is take out a couple deers. You will manage to get these fairly easy when facing the first bus, i tend to use a bow and arrow, along with many of the bosses in this game. Keep a distance use dodges on the electrical strikes and when you’re feeling a little bit tasty run in there, give him a punch or two once you’ve defeated. The first boss, you’ll receive its head as a trophy you’ll. Be able to put this on the stone at the start, and this will be able to give you a buff. You can press f to activate this, and it will give you reduced running stamina and reduced jumping stamina usage phase second boss outer. So now that you’ve killed the first boss, you would have gained some antlers. These antlers can be used to make a pickaxe once you’ve got the pickaxe you’ll be able to go around and mine within the black forest in the black forest you’ll be able to find copper and tin. The copper can be found as huge rocks located in the center of the areas and the tin can be found near the shores once you’ve got. The copper you’ll be able to put that in the furnace you made earlier and once you’ve got the copper bars you’ll. Be able to make a forge use the fords to make bronze bars.

This will be able to make you bronze armor weapons and a fermenter make sure you get a fermented early on. You will use this a lot in the future, use the bronze to make an axe with this actually be able to get fine and cool wood. Fine wood is the white wood that can be found inside of the meadows and the core wood can be found. Inside of black forest bronze can be used to make nails. These nails can be used to make a boat. The boat is very important. You will use the lot so make sure you get a boat early on when traveling by boat make sure you got plenty of arrows and a bow, because serpents will come gunning for you kill a few serpents get the meat. The meat is very good sailing around. You might see these here. This is actually a turtle and if you climb onto its back, you can mine the chin, tin, the chin tin, with the chin tin, you can make a knife and a harpoon. The knife has a jumpy little stabby attack and the harpoon. You can throw it’s not too bad early game, but later on it’s kind of useless. Around this point i would recommend building teleporters you’ve got some of the scotlands. You got from the first dungeon and due to the fact that you may have to sail around to get to the second boss, and you would have learned the location of the second boss from inside the first dungeon, build a teleporter get to the new land place Down the teleporter one in your base and then one on the new island call them something like t1 and they will have access to each other and you can come and go as you please.

I have multiple teleporters across multiple islands, each with their own name from t1, t2 and t3. Whenever i want to travel to one while i’m at home, i just change the name to the area i want to go to, so i can change it to t3 and i’ll be able to go to that island if you’ve managed to make it to the summoning Circle of the elder boss, all you need now is to collect some of the ancient seeds that can be dropped by the shamans, the brutes, and also the spawners that you find inside of the black forest. Once you’ve got enough of these seeds, you will be able to summon the big old boss he’s, not too hard. As before i kept my distance. I use bow and arrows and uh once he’s dead. You will get a key hold on to this it’s. Very useful phase, the merchant, so the reason why the merchant is a phase here, because i played this game for 69 goddamn hours and i didn’t run into one merchant so i’m, going to show you the quickest and easiest way to be able to find the merchant. If you go back to your main menu start a new server and what you’re actually gon na do it’s it’s, not a meme. This is not a joke. This is this is the actual way. I did it. 420 69 laugh out Loud, xd, and that will be the name of the seed that will get you into the world to be able to find the merchant nice and easy once you get into the world.

This is the map you will use if you need to head down south. Follow the ocean you’ll see a bit of land jump across onto the land and eventually you’ll see the icon pop up says merch nearby. Once you found the merchant, you can click this little cell button here and any rubies or any valuable items you have on. You will be sold and you will get coins for it. You can then use the coins to grab these cool stuff. The merchant sells really useful stuff that i wish i had early game. You have the option to carry 150 more weight inside your inventory. He sells a fishing rod and some bait to be able to catch fish early on, and he also sells this really cool santa hat now now that is stylish phase three third boss bone mass now this is by far the hardest boss in the game. În opinia mea, what you want to do first is head to a swamp dungeon. You got the key from killing the second boss. This key is used to open swamp dungeons head towards swamps, run around, have a little search, but once you have found one of these dungeons use the key to open the door go inside inside the dungeons. You’Ll find scrap iron that you’ll be able to smelt to get iron ore and you’re. Also about to find these big withering bones, you need to collect 10 of these bones to be able to summon the boss so try and grab as many of these as you can, while you’re inside these dungeons.

Also inside this dungeon, you have to find the location to the next bus once you’ve grabbed enough iron. Take it back to your boat. You won’t be able to teleport the iron. Din păcate, so you will have to make a lot of boat trips once you’ve got all the iron home smelt it you have to make iron armor and iron weapons. Now this is the armor and weapons i use for pretty much most of the game from here on out. I just upgraded it when i need to. We did manage to get around 400 iron from visiting a few of these swamp dungeons. If you make an iron pickaxe, you’ll be able to now mine, obsidian obsidian is the small black rocks that can be found within the mountains, but you won’t be able to go there just yet, or was your freeze to death once you’ve got iron ore inside your Inventory you’ll be able to make a stone cut out. The stone cutter is used to make stone buildings. If you was wondering make iron nails we’ll, get you a long boat. So when you was inside of the dungeon, you should have found one of the runes. That shows you the location to bone mass head towards bone mass you’ll find this altar. Here you put your 10 withering bones in there and get ready to fight bone mass now be prepared. This is by far the hardest boss in the game. He is weak to blunt items, so if you can make yourself an iron mace and upgrade it that will work wonders.

De asemenea, if you manage to craft a fermenter early on, you will be able to make poison mead. This is very useful because bow and arrows don’t really work against this boss too. Ei bine, you will have to use a blunt weapon. He will poison. You often so make sure you get some poison mead. You can go into your cooking part if you’ve made it already craft the poison, mead and then put it inside your fermenter wait a few days. It will be done if you have managed to destroy bone mass. Felicitări: he’s, a very tough boss and i you did good kid. He would have dropped a wishbone. The wishbone is used to find silver ore inside of mountains. You can also use it to find scrap iron inside of swamps and inside the meadow you’ll, be able to find treasure that you can sell to the merchant to get some more money now be aware. The longer this game goes on and the more bosses you kill. The more crazy events that will happen around your house so make sure you upgrade your base in your house. Put some walls around. It maybe get some defenses, because a lot of monsters are going to start rocking up and rolling around on your head phase. Four dragon boss mudder in this next fashion, we’ll be heading to the mountains, which is quite treacherous bearing in mind. I did all this with iron gear that i upgraded quite a bit: wyverns, wolves and golems you’ll be fighting mostly as long as you don’t go up in the night.

If you go up in the night, you’ll have to fight some fenris, which can be quite brutal. I heard, although i didn’t face any myself now before you start heading up to the mountains, make sure you’ve got some frost mead. This will help you fight in the cold, so you won’t take damage. The idea here is to use the wishbone that you got from killing bone mass to find some silver once you’ve got the silver you will have to leave the mountains for a little bit and come back later on now, you’ve got the silver head to the plains, And take out some locks with this you’ll be able to make a luxe cape that you use to not freeze to death when you’re in the mountains head back up to the mountains, try and find free dragon eggs and a drager camp. If you do manage to find a little camp like this, which has some druggers in it, look out for the room, this room will show you the location of the dragon bus, hopefully it’s, on a mountain near you or not too far away. If it is far away, get all the eggs onto your boat and get ready to travel them, because you can’t use the teleporter on the eggs once you’ve made it to the modest summoning circle, place down all three eggs and summon the bus. Now again, i did all this with just an upgraded iron. Bow needle arrows do help a lot as well.

The needles can be got from the bugs that are found in the planes, but if you did manage to get some silver gearand you did grind it out i’d imagine this would be a lot easier than it is for me. If you manage to kill the boss, he will drop some dragon tears, which you can use to craft an artisan table. With the rsn table. You can craft a windmill, you can craft the blast furnace and you can also craft a spinning wheel, but we get to those in a second. în primul rând, what you want to do is grab his head, put it on the pedestal at the start, and you will get a buff which allows you to have five minutes worth of wins directly behind your sail. While you are sailing now, if you wanted to use the artisan table to craft your windmill, the windmill is used with barley, to get weak to get some of the best food in the game. To get the barley, you will have to go to the plains. On the plains, you will find some goblin camps inside the goblin camps. You’Ll find two lots of crops. These crops are flux and barley. Barley is used to make the wheat inside the windmill and flux is used in the spinning wheel to get linen. If you do manage to kill some of the goblins that are inside of these camps, you will be able to get black metal scrap, which you can use inside the blast furnace to get some of the best weapons in the game.

The final phase boss, jaglof. Acum, if you have been running around the planes to kill some luxes to get that nice meat to get the black metal scrap to make some of the really nice weapons, you may have come across some of the totems. These totems can be found inside of the forts and they can also be found inside of the camps, so keep your eye out for these. They are needed for the next boss, collect five of them. Also i’d recommend killing a lot of the bugs getting lots of needles to be able to craft needle arrows with the needle arrows and the iron bow. I was able to take out yagloff with pretty much ease now early on. I was able to find this big massive claw, like statue coming out of the ground in the center of this. Is the summoning circle for jaglof grab. All five totems bring him to the center of the platform place them in and summon the boss he’s. Fapt, quite an easy boss, once you figure out what he does once he raises his arm in the air, make sure you’ve got enough stamina to be able to sprint around and dodge the fireballs. If you’re lucky enough to kill him, you will get a placeholder item. Now this item hasn’t been added into the game yet, but eventually, when the game is updated, this placeholder item will turn into something of actual value and use. Until then, we just have to wait.

He’Ll also drop his trophy. If you manage to place the trophy, which should be the last one on your list of bosses, you will get the ability to not be affected by elemental damage. This also works for frost within the mountains. If you’ve been sailing around, you may have found some of the mistlands and you may have found some of the ashlands. Din păcate, these biomes haven’t been finished yet and also this ghost man. I have no idea. I have played 70 hours of this game and i still don’t know what this guy does. If anyone does know put in the comment section below and i’ll, be uh i’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you have enjoyed this video, please don’t forget to drop a like on. It was an absolute struggle to be able to spend the last 70 hours playing this game to get all of this footage and all this information into a very short video. I don’t like dragging out my videosi’m, not one of those other youtubers gon na make a 20 minute video or split it up into like 15 Videoclipuri. I just went into one complete guide, but in saying that, if i did manage to rush over things or didn’t, explain them too well, i do apologize. Let me know in the comment section below how much of a big massive idiot.