Iptv application for download on your fire stick and your streaming media box. It has over 11 000 channels to choose from from the us, uk and canada an excellent selection of latino and global channels. It also has a wonderful selection of sports and, desigur, movies and video on demand. Let’S, look at it Music. So once again, thanks for stopping by the channel and if we are meeting for the first time, what i do here is all things iptv, whether or not they’re, free or premium applications to focus on movies and tv shows as well as live television. Sigur că da., if it has iptv in it i’m on it, so if you like what i do, please feel free to go ahead and hit that subscribe. Button don’t forget to check those notifications now let’s get into our app what i’ll be bringing you today is an excellent application from real sports tv. Now i like this selection because they have a wonderful amount of content over 11 000 channels to choose from it’s amazing. All great content from the us uk and beyond so you’ll see that as the system populates, i am using a very clean version of the smarters app and you’ll see that it does have easy buttons to look at you’ve got a live tv section movies series catch Up multi screen and the epg, we will focus on the movies in the series and the live tv today, so let’s go ahead and click on live tv first and we’ll.

Let it populate and, as i said to you before, there is an excellent amount of content here well over 11 000 channels. For you to enjoy that’s a wonderful selection, you really just can’t, beat it guys so much content available for you. You want to definitely take advantage of it. So you’ll see now we’ve got 11 109 to be exact, wonderful categories, let’s go ahead and take a look at it. Usa, first you’ve got entertainment and movies and sports news, family and kids, and then you have all of the major locals as well as music and another selection of the off locals. Now you get into the football basketball and baseball, you also have hockey as well as college sports soccer and other types of sports you’ve got major sports networks. You’Ve got pay per view, college basketball. All of that guys that i’ve shown you so far. All of that is u.s content. Uimitor. You got a great selection of low bandwidth for the us as well. So if your internet is not so great go ahead and enjoy it on that, you’ve got spanish sports and you also have low bandwidth for sports now. We’Re getting into some latin content, you’ve got all the major latin channels that are in the english market. So all of the spanish speaking channels that are here as well as another selection of latin channels, you’ve got some golf. You got 24 7 filmele. Kids, tv shows you got well over 2 000 channels, just right there, you got a bunch of 24 7 classic as well comedy other sports, replays and cooking.

So all of that there guys is a wonderful selection, 24, 7 filmele, as well as latino. Now we’ve got some canadian content. You’Ve got 416 channels in canada, as well as french, canadian, again a good selection uk. Here we go sports, general and movies. All of that is for the uk guys now let’s get into some of the non english speaking content. Mexic, arab, french, romanian, sweden, caribbean and i’ll just scroll down, and let you look at it here now. I realize, as i say often a lot of my subscribers aren’t, really interested in all of this non english speaking content. You can go ahead and remove it in the smarters app there’s, a tutorial that i’ve done i’ll go ahead and leave it up top here. You can go ahead and take a look at it and see for yourself, but there is a lot of great content. They also have a selection of low bandwidth for news and for movies, as well as a few other low bandwidth i’m, going to go ahead and scroll all the way back up to the top and we’ll click on the section where it says all, and i will Let that load and, as i said to you before guys, this service works off of the smarters app and it will go ahead and load as your typical smarters app does. You’Ve got the channel list over here on the left. You’Ve got the video playing up top here on the on the top and then down here is where the epg is the epg or electronic program guide.

Let you see what’s playing now and what’s going to be coming up next and that’s really really nice. pentru tine, i’m going to go ahead and go into one of the other sections, i will go ahead and let that load for you as well. This is the us entertainment section and again wonderful content. You can see all of the entertainment channels that are available and you see that the epg is working so it’s, a good, solid service for you, scrolling down you’ve got your basics. Basically is what’s here all of your different entertainment channels. You’Ve got some news. You’Ve got some comedy channels, you even have some cooking channels. Sigur că da., you’ve got documentaries and sports. All of that is in the u.s section, here’s the movies premium movies here guys and they have the ability for east and west and every genre. You can imagine. Every channel you could think of is here for you here’s the sports lots of great sports channels. Deci, as i’m scrolling down it’s a very large category, they’ve got it a lot of the different diff. A lot of the different networks, i should say, are in one category for you to enjoy so that’s. Really nice here’s, the news section and again all of the major news channels are here as well as some regional options for you and you can see what those are as well. Here’S the family and kids we’ve got to take care of the kids man that’s.

What it’s all aboutand you got them covered with this sectionhere’s the locals for all of the major networks and a lot of great cities now, Evident, not every city may be here, but chances are there? Is a selection that’s close to where you live? You can at least find something that’s in your region, here’s some music channels for you, and some of them are audio and video, and you could see what they are and you could look at those for yourself here’s another section of locals. Now we start getting into the league passes here’s football, and you know football seasonis almost over so it’s time to take advantage of it now guys here’s, the basketball section you got baseball and hockey as well as college sports. You’Ve got a wonderful selection of british soccer as well as the um, the american soccer league here’s, another section of sports here’s, the the sports plus so game day. Events that’s what’s available here for you here’s a bunch of pay per view as well as basketball and some spanish sports and those are the major networks that’s their spanish content in the major sports networks. Here we go for a low bandwidth. You got crappy internet you’re covered right here; wonderful selection, a bunch of great content for you to look at here’s. Another selection for the sports same thing: low bandwidth, here’s, latino channels, and these are the uh networks that are either dubbed in spanish or their version of the network for the spanish speaking market here’s.

Another one of the networks with the spanish speaking market, as well as the others, and again lots of different cities for you, here’s a tennis section as well as golf, and now we start getting into movies 24 7 filmele, guys genres as well as different actors. For you to look at here’s, all the tv shows so many to pick from guys i’m, not gon na go through all of them, but they’re alphabetical and chances are they’ve got over a thousand here, so chances are you’ll, be able to find it whatever you’re. Looking for here’s for 24 7, as well as classic, shows some comedy and cooking. I like the cooking, shows sports replays. Now we got canadian channels and again this is the canadian content all mixed together in one category, their basics, as well as their regional content. For you to look at here’s a section for french canadian, so if you speak french good selection, now we get into uk uk basics, guys and i’ve said it before. The uk has a wonderful selection of content, wonderful options for you. If you enjoy uk content sports, great sports channels from the uk and their movies, without a doubt, some of the best movie services available are from the uk take advantage of it. Now we start getting into the non english speaking got some mexico and france, arab, romania and sweden, argentina and i’ll just scroll through and let you look at what’s here guys and, as i said before, you may not want all of this other content and you can Remove it if you want to let’s, go ahead and back out of that, în regulă, we’re going to back out once again, let’s, look at the movie section and again, a wonderful selection of content, so many different movies to pick from guys, you have right now.

24. 000 plus movies available on this service, great genres, to look at here. They are and they’re one click play. You know how it works. You just press play and go same thing for the series. Let’S, look at the different series: 6 300 different series available again different genres. You find whatever series you want to watch you find the season and then the episode you press play and you’re in let’s see let’s, take a look and see if they have any catch up. Eu sunt.. Not sure. Oh yeah they’ve got excellent catch up available for you over 100 channels of different ketchup, so again, wonderful selection to pick from here guys. So that is how the service works and how it looks. What i’m going to do now is going to take you on over to their website i’m, going to show you how you can download this great application. Take advantage of some great prices. I’Ll see you in a second 12 seconds later, all right guys. So here we are on their website. I will go ahead and leave a link in the description below, so you can go ahead and take advantage of it and look at it yourself. It talks about all of the different products and services that they have all of the different ways that they’re able to help you cut the cord and get some great pricing let’s talk about the pricing real, quick guys. They have a few different plans that you can look at.

They have a two connection plan. They’Ve got a four connection plan and a five connection plan. It starts at 12 a month and it goes to 21 and they have the ability for you to get additional uh packages. If you wanted to, they also have the ability for you to take advantage of a free trial it’s a two hour trial. It is free and if you wanted to go ahead and do a a 24 hour test, that is three dollars. So you’ve got the two hour free trial and then three dollars for a 24 hour trial i’d say go ahead and take advantage of it guys see. If it’s, something that you like and then go from there, you might just like it and enjoy it check it out, go ahead and check out these videos as well, maybe there’s, something there that you like, as well cord cutter dad signing off bidding you farewell.