I think very useful and i i’m a little concerned about how to say the brand, so i may not um that’s it right. There cue huntus, because i don’t wan na because i’m pretty sure somebody will be offended if i say that q qwentus i’m gon na say i don’t know how you say it and i’m i’m not gon na i’m, Nu Gon na. nu. This is a family channel family channel that’s, that’s that’s a that’s held for special moments. I think anyways. This is a computer led light which actually i’ve been using this for the past couple of days now and it’s it’s really good in my room. I don’t necessarily like to turn all the lights on, because the the main room light is not crazy bright and, desigur, i have like my led lights, but that’s a little bit too much a lot of times. I just want lights down on for one on my keyboard and on my desk that’s kind of it. I don’t need to light up the whole room. I just need some light down here, where i’m working at at night in the dark and this this was something that i thought would be pretty cool, and this was actually provided to us by quantus. Do you want us, maybe they’ll, reach out and be like it’s pronounced this way and i’ll be like? Oh, Bine, bun, not how i would have said it anyways right now on amazon.

This is amazon, canada, uh you’re, looking at 168 ratings four and a half stars which, which is actually really good. How much does this cost? I don’t even know because it available from these sellers? What does it say, um so you’re looking at let’s say about 100 de dolari, 100 bucks ish looks like right now from these guys and if you were to go to let’s, say amazon.com, because sometimes what is this smart there? It is let’s see what it is. Do they give us anything over here, no yeah you’re, looking at in in that same ballpark, Sunt.. Thinking? Oh, no look at this. Why do we get charged so much here in canada? I don’t know 33 33 bucks right there, ships to canada. So for those of you that are in canada, i would still just buy it from amazon.com, because you’re gon na save yourself a whole bunch of money, yeah anyways, Suntem., gon na crack open the box, take a look at it and um again. I i tested the last week and it’s been good, so i’ll talk about that all right, coming up: Bine, baieti! This is the box it’s super light like it’s it’s super light and inside it really not a lot to it. There is you guys, can see it here right, you get a little tiny manual, computer office lighting and it’s. It is good. I like it now the one thing just to kind of be aware, depending on the monitor that you are kind of mounting this to like they show it on a macbook which is great and they show it like uh on an imac, but even on the imac It’S one of the older styles that’s, ştii, squared off the new imacs are very uh, tapered they’re.

You know they slant in and because of that it doesn’t sit perfectly, but it it works. Just realize i’ve had it and i’ll show you guys some sample stuff in a second here, dar um. They show it even on here in the manual on a tapered one. My guess is that it would just work better on on a square bevel. Just so you guys know, but it’s all it’s. All here works works very very well. I was very happy with it. So it’s good now this this part here is the clamp that goes on to your monitor. Deci, ce se întâmplă? Is this and it’s kind of weighted on this side right? This sits here your light, this piece here just slides in there you just just right right in there and then this piece it pops out and it’s got a little tiny lip right there. You can see the little lip right there and that sits on the front of your monitor. This sits on the back of your monitor kind of clamps in there again with the beveled one. This is where it sits weird, because it it it kind of sits on an angle. A little bit. Is that a big issue, because it discon you realize lately i’ve been just like speech inept? Is that even even the right word speech? I can’t talk good well yep anyways, this just kind of clamps on there, and it can go big if you have a like a big wide, monitor, it’s nice.

This piece up here, desigur, can shift depending again on like how it angles, so you can get that right where you need it to be, which works very nice yeah, and then this i’m guessing comes off and gives it a little bit of grip. I don’t didn’t take mine off and it sat up there fine, but that one would kind of sit there. I don’t know if it’s grip or if it’s, oh no it’s, got a little bit of sticky a little bit of sticky, so it’s gon na help. Just sticky itself and then of course you get the actual light and that that’s kind of it right. There goes the box that goes down there and nice long, cable right, i didn’t even undo this one, but plenty long, cable now just realize a couple things. This is either gon na take up one of your usb on your computer or your monitor. If you have one or it’s gon na have to go to something that provides usb power, so either a power brick or a powered hub, or something like that. But it is nice and long, ceea ce este bine, so you get a nice long, one there, which is works really good again. I didn’t even take off this little sticker and i shouldand i will right now for you guys that’s what i’m doing for you guys. Yep there you go so again: funcționează. Works really well.

I’Ve been very pleased with it. That’S your screen screen linear i’m, going to say no i’m, just saying cue on this i’m, just i can’t do it and then last but not least, you have here. So you have a power button. You have this one here which actually cycles between like color temperatures, so it’s kind of got a a plain, drăguţ, nice white. Then it has one that’s a little more blue and then it has one a little more more on the orangey side. So you kind of shift between those and of course you have a plus and minus button right here which is going to go through your light intensity. So you know it works. Really good i’ll put some. I put some footage up here, while i’m talking it. It actually provides a really really nice light because you and i aren’t sitting that far from the screen and depending of course on what kind of light you want. You do have that ability to shift color temperatures around a little bit. Not it’s got like three different color temperatures, plus different levels of brightness, and it doesn’t take up a lot of power, which is nice. I was actually just putting it into just a little hub, a usb hub and it powered off of that just fine. So no no complaints at all and if you guys look at the pictures here right, you actually see. These are your. These are your measurements, it does say it can even run off like a power bank, which is cool, which is nice too, because if you wanted to take this and plug it in somewhere else, it doesn’t have to be on a computer.

It works best on a computer but it’s a nice little light. You use it as a flashlight. You know you go camping, you just carry this around with you or you know a lot of us nowadaysand i was thinking about this it’s too badthat it wasn’t full like rgb, because this would be great for doing like product videos and shots. If you could have it so it stood up this way. You know, get it off the side and then power it with like a battery brick you’d get some just nice light off to the side. You know i got. I got a battery brick right here. I wasn’t even thinking about doing this but i’m doing it i’m doing it right now. Battery brick right this lights up, it’s hard to see it in here, but it is it’s it’s it’s, so let’s pretend you know. You’Re just like come on that’s, destul de cool 32 bucks if you want to get like a little light wand, something like this for doing like you know some cool, some cool lighting it’s going to cost you more and it doesn’t doesn’t, give you like e reading stuff And then you can change your color temperatures right, a little more yellowy, a lot more yellowy yeah, and then your brightness dim it down a little bit crank it up a little bit yeah off of a battery brake. I would think a battery brick like this like this is i can’t remember ten thousand twenty thousand let’s go to charge this or run it probably all day, all day, yeah that’s a cool little setup, all right guys.

This is the q q qantas screen bar e reading led monitor light, monitor lamp yeah, no it’s cool. Am, like it all right, baieti, uh my recommendation until maybe there’s check, i’ll put a canadian link down there, but check prices because the canadian one was over 100 bucks and amazon.com has it for like 33 plus shippings, but still you’ll, probably pay about 50 de dolari. Deci, like half price do that, în schimb, all right guys links down below if you’re interested uh like comment share, Aboneaza-te, hit that little bell down somewhere up here down there i don’t even know, and we will. We will see you guys next video later, my friends, Muzica. All right guys for those of you that stuck around just a little bit stuck around for just a little bit uh. This is this: is the facetime camera on the imac right now, and this is running just and it’s kind of middle of day, whatever um and it’s well, este, not middle of day it’s, nine o’clock in the morning, but this is the um. What the image is like so here’s, the other nice thing for those of you that are like working from home and do a lot of like zoom calls. I got my light hooked up check this out right. You can just be like give yourself a little bit extra light. You can dip that up down just be like here and now you got a really nice light, and this is this is coming from that that that light up hereand you know you can even change the color temperatures a little bit depending on what you need.

It to be right as well as change the brightness, if you just you’re like no that’s too bright, just dim it down a little bit. Just give myself a little bit of light. Oh yeah that that’s that’s super nice all right guys. I just i just wanted to show you that, because we all think about it for down here right down down here on like your desk, but that can be really nice just for amplifying amping up i’m looking down here, but i should be looking up here. Your your video just for like video calls, you know you don’t, need to get a little ring light that that works beautifully.