This is a portable gaming monitor it’s 15.6 inci. It has a 1920×1080 ips display. It does support hdr and freesync, plus we have dual stereo speakers built in now. When it comes to these portable monitors i’m, a big fan, i use them all the time for my phone gaming consoles mini pcs and even the raspberry pi, but the one thing i always look for when picking one of these up is voltage requirements, because i personally, Like to be able to use this on a battery pack and the pixio px 160 runs on 5 Volţi. So if you do have an external battery pack like a little phone charger, you can power the monitor with that now there are some companies out there that make these type of portable monitors with batteries built in. They can definitely get pretty expensive and one of the reasons i picked up the pixio is because it comes in at 1′ de dolari. You can pick it up from amazon or their website. I’Ll leave a few links in the description so, along with the monitor itself. We’Re also going to get this charger. Adapter actually has a usb type c port and full size usb. So you can power the monitor and charge your device at the same time. Inside of here i believe we got a bunch of cables, so it looks like we have our full size, hdmi to mini hdmi, usb type c to usb type c and full size usb to usb type c.

So the px 160 is actually a pretty thin little portable monitor at the largest spot on the bottom. It comes in at 11 millimeters and at the top, where the screen is we’re at six. We do have dual stereo speakers built into the back of this thing, and this magnetically attachable stem cover, and it makes it really easy to prop this monitor up in basically any orientation. Acum. This does work over usb type c and hdmi over here. Pe mâna dreaptă, side we have micro hdmi, it does come with that cable, the full size and two usb type c ports. Both of these ports can either be used for power or display into the monitor. Moving over to the left hand, partea, avem o 3.5 millimeter audio jack, our menu or osd rocker, and the select button all right. So i got a few items that i want to test out on this thing. I have raspberry pi pi 400. We also got the nintendo switch and the samsung galaxy s21. I personally like using these portable monitors with dex mode and the samsung phones. Deci, as you can see here, the px160 does come with this detachable cover, slash stan it just magnetically attaches right to the back. Here covers the screen, so you won’t scratch it when you put it in your bag and when you fold this all the way back, it acts as the stand and it’s actually pretty steady.

Aici. They have added a couple rubber feet on the monitor itself, so it doesn’t slide around on a slippery surface, so this will stand up pretty nicely all right. So the first thing i want to test here is the nintendo switch, and since this does have video over usb type c we’re going to see if it works with this and the screen cut off on the switch so i’m pretty sure it will i’ll be using This power, a enhanced wireless controller here and yeah i mean we got display over usb type c from the nintendo switch i’m going to go ahead and try to start up. Spyro here got a ton of updates. I’Ll just get right into a little bit of gameplay. Here and yeah this definitely looks really good. They chose a really nice little ips panel. For this thing i love the matte finish on it, so i don’t get any light reflections or anything like that, and the colors look great so yeah. This would be a good choice for gaming on the go with consoles if you’re traveling or something like that, you don’t want to lug around a giant monitor you could plug in your xbox, your playstation or even your nintendo switch, and this does have hdmi. So if you did want to use this in docked mode, you could always do that, but i just wanted to test out usb type c video here next up, i wanted to test out samsung dex, and this is actually one of my main uses for these portable Monitors especially with the new galaxy s21 dex, performs absolutely amazing and, după puteți vedea, i mean it popped right up here and it does support pass through charging.

So my phone is charging while it’s connected to this monitor i’ll, go ahead and launch a game and go full screen with it. It’S a little odd using this touchpad here, but there we go and with this i’m also going to be using a bluetooth controller connected to my phone, so yeah. This is working just fine and if you’re not familiar with dex. Practic, like you saw you plug in your samsung galaxy device, and it basically turns your device into an android desktop now this will work with the samsung galaxy s8, all the way up to the s21 and, în opinia mea, a portable monitor like this is the perfect Companion to dex, especially given the fact that we can power this monitor from a battery tank and charge our phone at the exact same time. One other thing that i wanted to test was using this as a secondary display for your laptop that supports video over usb type c, and it actually works out pretty well here, because it’ll power, the monitor and send video signal overand this is just set up Right out of the box to duplicate the display, but we can go into the settings and extend it. So this does work quite well as a secondary display for your laptop now. If your laptop doesn’t support video over usb type c, you can always use hdmi to this monitor, but you’ll also have to power it. The final thing i wanted to test on this monitor was a raspberry pi, 4.

Sunt., actually going to be using a raspberry pi. 400 – and this is all running off a batterythe pi 400 and the monitor itself. I have that 20 000 milliamp hour battery pack with a couple power out ports plugged into the monitor and the raspberry pi 400. So just give it a second for everything to boot up. This is plugged in through hdmi, since we can’t do video over usb type c on a raspberry pi. Din păcate, i wish we could and there it is video out of the pi 400 to the monitor. We also have sound through the dual stereo speakers built into the monitor itself, şi, like i mentioned, i mean all of this is running on battery power right now, so it is portable, and this is actually twister os just running from a 64 gigabyte micro sd card. Try to launch a youtube video here and go full screen with it. So yeah obviously works with the raspberry pi. 400 it’ll also work with the raspberry pi 4.. I mean basically anything that does video over usb type c or is hdmi enabled this little monitor will work just fine for it. Deci, da. Personal, i like the pixel px 160. It would have been nice of his touch screen, but then the price would have been way up there. I mean this is coming in at 140 de dolari, we’re getting a 1080p hdr display running at 60 hertz in a 15.

6 inch form factor and, as you saw in this video, you can power it from a battery pack, so it runs on five volts and it’s, really Portable like this, so if you’ve been in the market for a portable monitor for your raspberry pi consoles and extra monitor for your pc or your laptop, this is something that i can definitely recommend. I think the price is pretty good. Coming in at 1′.99 on amazon right now picture quality is great. We have those dual stereo speakers, two usb type c ports that supply power and video to the monitor itself. Plus we have hdmi, so any device that has hdmi output will work with this monitor. So that’s gon na wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in learning more about this, i will leave a few links in the description.