So before you move on check out this comment from a surface laptop go user on youtube, i tried the base model service laptop, Du-te. It failed even my low expectations for a secondary typing stuff on the run device, and this is a really tough comment during this video. You will see why this happened. When you look at this device from a short distance, it really looks awesome and that doesn’t change when you get closer like quite the opposite. What changes, Deşi, is that you start to notice a couple of things more and more. It starts already with the plastic on the bottom right, not a deal breaker. It still has that overall premium finish and you start typing on the keyboard and wow. It is good. It has that 1.3 millimeter key travel and it feels really great, and then you see suddenly it is not backlit. ok. Ei bine, we parked it, but it has an awesome fingerprint scanner. I like this better anyway than the windows, buna, and then you wonder why the trackpad is so small, but yet so incredibly good. It really is well us! You is on the machine and you will notice that yours accidentally makes the trackpad click so now it makes sense that everything is smaller, because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to properly type on this compact device right guys. Do you see what’s happening here already with the surface laptop go the irrational side of the brain is kicking in, but that doesn’t mean it is a mediocre device.

Well and you move on to the display, and then people really like that 3×2 aspect ratio here and i have to say when i look at the bezel side. They’Re really thin, and it looks modern and sleek to me and the workable display real estate is actually really usable and for some people that is more important than focusing on the lowest resolution of any surface device ever yeah. And that is a fact, and it is really good for productivity and that’s what people say and i’ve seen some people saying i’m dealing with alphanumeric characters, and that is a really awesome. Screener state here to deal with. On that note, let’s have a look at the real live usage, and this is the picture and all the quality of the surface laptop go and you can see it’s actually not bad. What i can see here. I have to look at the results, but i’m also gon na test the green screen in a second, but what i’m going to do? First is i’m going to have these headphones here, these old apple headphones i’m, going to give you a taste of what it sounds like with them. So this is how i usually would do a call a zoom call also to have better audio quality. So i have this plugged in the surface laptop go here, picture quality. Obviously, didn’t change, let’s see what the audio quality is. Now i mean webcam is okay right i mean the m1 macbook air webcam isn’t, really that much better i’m talking about the webcam.

Only not the performance but it’s pretty much on par. Here you are now looking at the macbook air m1 m1. The brand new chip webcam. Is it any better? It has supposedly this super duper image. Processing signaling in there you’ll be the judge of that. Let me know in the comments below and we tried zoom and interestingly enough, i wasn’t able to use the proper green screen which i have set up for all my calls for my daily calls. It will only work with the virtual green screen plugin, but it does work so you could see. I have a green screen here. This is for my daily calls. I do every day and it works really. Ei bine, i have a macbook setup or even the galaxy book flex that also works well, but here, for some reason it doesn’t, but you have this virtual green screen plug in and you can see that it works. Ei bine. Am i using my hands on purpose a bit? So you can see how that works. Nu te duci. This is zoom with the virtual green screen icon and when we move on to teams microsoft teams, everything works. Bine. I would expect that, especially when it comes to the green screen. There was no issues here. De asemenea, the virtual green screen pack was working, fine and then there’s the speakers i mean this is a really small and compact device, but listen to this and when you live in top shelf this life’s made for working and considering we put it against a 2 000 Device, Hei, not bad hey.

The unit we are testing is the i 528 Gigabyte, Ssd 8 gigabyte of ram. It costs 700 bucks and despite the fact it is called a surface device, it does not have pen support, it does have a touch screen, but no pen support battery life is occasion. We came to seven hours in a normal working day and when we had netflix, avem 50 brightness was about 11 ore și 10 minutes movie in a loop, so there’s that my son actually uses a surface laptop go for homeschooling and it all worked. Fine everything he’s doing with it kind of really works. Ei bine, nu e, one thing that basically um comes along, and that is when it gets too hot. The fan kicks in so these are kind of a small annoying niggles that come along with this device, because when you are on a team call, you can hear the fan kicking in, but he is about. Would he trade this in for an asa aspire, de exemplu, with backlit keyboard or a better display? The answer is simply no, and this is where i see the device. It is kind of stuck between your emotional state of mind and your rational state of mind, and only you can make that decision if it’s good enough for your personal business case, considering the price of course. Cu toate acestea, what i can tell you is that, despite all the flaws i mentioned, the surface laptop go is here to stay in our household.