Thank you guys so much for watching this unboxing video kind of out of left field. I know i have been a long time: pc user. de fapt, my first computer was a commodore 64 128 back in the 80s. The mid 80s so i’ve been since then you know a 486 A 386, A 486 um intel pentium pentium, 2 pentium 3 on on for years and years and years i’ve just been a die hard uh, pc user and it’s come to a point with windows where I just kind of got sick and tired of all the updates of the lagging the slowness and you know having to reformat your hard drive having to worry constantly about intrusions through viruses. That sort of thing, um andand i also took a look around and had to understand that my lifestyle has changed significantly. I no longer game like i used to and so uh in another video i’ll show my old pc, which have been in some of my previous videos and you’ll, see that yeah quite the significant change to say the least so uh i will in the coming weeks. I’Ll, do a follow up video as to my impressions, what i think the struggles, the successes that sort of Music thing: Muzica, Applause, Muzica, Applause, Muzica, deci Muzica, deci Muzica! Mulțumesc! So much for watching this video be sure to hit the like button subscribe to the channel, and i look forward to seeing you next time.