If you know what i mean: oh he’s, talking about the new apple product, now i’m feeling stupid. Dar, Cu toate acestea, after apple came around with a macbook air in 2008, they introduced an ipad air in 2013. and baby bubba boo in 2021 we’re sitting here. Talking about the fourth generation of one of the coolest tablet computer models the world has ever seen, but first of all i want to thank you for a thousand subscribers. It’S really flattering that there are a thousand people in the world who don’t only like my videos but decided to subscribe to this channel. I really thank every one of you for your support and i hope that you’ll enjoy the next upcoming videos of planned and, with that said, let’s dive into the world of apple computers incorporated the ipad air. Fourth generation was firstly introduced in 2020 and comes in five different colors rose, gold, space, grey sky, blue silver and green. I have totally no idea why they come up with spacey names for their colors and then offer one which is just called green anyway, about that it comes in two memory: variants, 64 şi 256 gigabytes or, as i call them not enough and too expensive. Furthermore, you can choose between wi fi, only and wi fi, plus cellular, so worst case scenario. You have to pay 880 bucks for your new sanctuary and, în acest moment, it’s really up to you how you would like to configure your ipad to help you a little.

În opinia mea, the blue looks very nice, but the space gray is cool as well. Cred, regarding the memory capacity i personally let’s call it decided for the 64 gig model. ok, my bank account kind of took that decision for me, but if you think about it, it’s really clever to get the 256 gig one cause. When you finally filled up your 64 gig ipad with garbage and need more space, you’ll have to purchase an icloud upgrade which will charge you monthly and let’s, be honest once you switch you’ll, never ever get rid of that cloud again. With regard to the cellular option, i unfortunately can’t give you a good advice. Just like me. This ipad hasn’t left my home in months. Deci, pentru mine, there’s no need for mobile internet, but in 2021 most people have a modern smartphone with a nice internet dealer guest. So i personally would prefer to use a phone hotspot instead of paying 130 bucks more on this apparatus, but that should be enough tips on how to spend as much money on a device as possible. Let’S talk about the form factor in comparison to its predecessor, the big surprise, iPad, air third generation. It has a totally new design. It looks more like an ipad pro now. The fourth generation comes with a 10.9 inch liquid retina display, which is basically the same. They built into the ipad air third generation, but with a different ratio and a fancier name.

It comes with 264 pixels per inch 500 in its brightness and true tone, and you’ve probably noticed that the home button’s gone. The home function of the button was superseded. With gestures and touch id moved into the power button up here and i ain’t gon na lie, this might be the best fingerprint sensor. I’Ve ever seen an apple device, it’s stoningly, fast and reliable next to the power button. You can find speakers same thing down here, and those are very fascinating too. This sound is pretty clear and loud and we can also find a different looking port down here. Doamnelor şi domnilor, this is a usbc port. It was about time not gon na lie. So now you can connect a variety of accessories to it, just like hubs or storage units. On the right side, we can find the volume buttons the magnetic connector for the apple pencil and just imagine a nano sim tray here on the back side, an apple three dots for ipad accessories like the magic keyboard fyi. This ipad is compatible with many 11 inch. Ipad pro accessories and a 12 megapixels camera, which can record videos in 4k 60fps. This video right here was recorded on an ipad air fourth generation. I was kind of too lazy to go outside, but i thought many people won’t go outside with their ipad to just take videos so yeah. I really can’t wait to do the next photo shoot with this thing, but what’s inside this thing you might ask.

I mean next to air first of all, an a14 bionic chip, which is incredibly fast in combination with the most recent version of ipad os 14. This apparatus runs like a che tone crack more specs, like the amount of ram and battery capacity aren’t listed on apple’s homepage, and i found different information on various websites. So i decided to open up my ipad and look it up myself, just a joke. I decided to not put it into this video together with the ipad you’ll get the usbc charging cable, 20 watts power, adapter and just one apple sticker i’m, very disappointed that i apparently have to choose between my car and my fridge now wait a minute i don’t Have a car and no fridge? Oh damn, but let’s finally play around a little. în primul rând, you have access to apple’s ipad app store and can download a ton of different apps and games like pubg or asphalt. These games run without any kinds of lags or other problems on very high graphics, and one very cool feature is that you can connect your ps4 controller to have an even better gaming experience. But as i mentioned in my nice entertaining and high quality unboxing, which you should really go check out if you haven’t yet i bought this ipad to simplify my everyday university life. So i was kind of forced to buy the students enchanted snow sword, Nivel. 2. To be able to ride on this thing, but that’s, Bine, because you can buy it for only 130 de dolari.

I just looked up the dollar price for the pencil and found out that four apple pencil tips cost 19, so guys right, don’t chisel. But honestly, this ipad plus apple pencil, simplified everything. It might not be as smooth as on the ipad pro because of the 60hz display, but it makes fun to work with this thing and it’s kinda nice to have everything you need in just one spot. Another very cool feature is the display time after a long day of studying, it’s just beautiful to see how much time you’ve wasted nah it’s not wasted it’s establishing a base for my future. It is but let’s talk about the things that suck as admittedly there aren’t that many, but two things are very annoying about this ipad. Air apple, pencil combination, the first one’s, the brightness regulation. I don’t know exactly where the sensor is, but i’m pretty sure, it’s somewhere in this area, because every time i’m riding in landscape, this apparatus detects a freaking solar eclipse. So if you’re right handed and buy a classic case that pulls from the left side, you might turn off the outer brightness. The second negative thing is about one of the key functions of the apple pen. Second generation. As you probably know, you can now double tap to change the pen or to switch to the rubber and i’m, really not sure if i’m just a jittery person, but in 60 minutes of riding i accidentally switched to the rubber around about 60 ori.

I tried to hold the pencil differently to write more gentle, but nothing changed so, dar pe de altă parte, there were also positive properties. I just experienced, while using this thing for quite a bit just like the battery time. This thing can easily handle two six to seven hour university days without a recharge. Furthermore, i really have to acknowledge the improvements on the apple pencil it’s, quite an advantage to just be able to attach it to the ipad and to just charge it like this. I know some people who own an apple pencil first generation and it looks just ridiculous when they try to charge it. As you probably noticed i’m. A fan of this thing: it’s easy to use it’s fast. The hardware promises a good longevity and it saves you, cum ar fi 50 of your studying time, because you don’t have to search your big, chaotic, folders anymore, to find just one bullet point: you can just search it in the search bar and it doesn’t only search for words And pdfs or pages and word documents, it understands your notes and can search them as well. It also integrates into the apple echo system, so everything you do on your iphone or mac is on your ipad in seconds, and even though i presented it as a good apparatus for students, it’s really a good tablet for just everyone. If you love to watch netflix series or youtube videos, this ipad, with its display, the speakers and the battery time, is just perfect if you’re older and want to scroll through facebook.

With your index finger. This device is perfect for you, but don’t forget that there are still two more new ipads, the ipad pro and the ipad 8th generation after i got this ipad for a very good price and have some friends who bought the ipad 8th generation. În schimb,, i think that it’s worth to spend a little more and to pick up the air if you want a comparison between those two devices. Just let me know in the comments, so i hope i’ve helped you with this video don’t.