. da, Sunt.. Talking about the hp spectre, x360. 14. este, the two in one with a 13.5 inch display three to two aspect ratio. You can get it with an oled display, which is the one i have, or you can get it with a full hd ips panel to give you better battery life. Sigur că da., that will have a lower resolution than what the oled has to offer i’ve been using. It for the past week putting it through its paces. I’Ve been testing the battery life i’ve been testing performance. I got the metrics for the display and the bottom line is i’ve been blown away. This is one excellent two and one i’m going to tell you why. I think this might be the best of 2020.. Hey everybody it’s andrewand this is my review of the hp spectre. X360 14 coming up Music want to see more videos like this. Why not hit that subscribe button? Make sure you hit that notification bell this way. You’Ll be alerted every time i upload a new video make sure you follow me on my social media, especially twitter and instagram it’s. On those platforms, i post a lot of the updates and why not check out my discord server it’s a great place for us to hang out and talk. Tech link will be in the description below and today’s. Video is brought to you by all the members who contributed this month to the channel if you want to become a member hit that join button below and finally, in the interest of transparency and full disclosure i’m not being paid by hp i’m, not being sponsored by Hp all the opinions you’re about to hear are all my own and no one is seeing this video before its release.

This review unit is on loan from hp, and once this review is done, i’ll be sending it back for those that didn’t see my unboxing video i’ll put the link in the video description below. I cover things there that i won’t cover here i’m, going to focus today on performance, the display battery life and my overall impressions of using it for the past week now i’m, going to start off with the display, and the reason being is because the big deal Here is the move to a three to two aspect ratio. Now we saw the hp spectre x, 360, 13 t last year with that 16 to nine aspect ratio. Îmi place asta., move to the three to two because you’re going to do less scrolling when you’re web browsing you’ll show more on the display when you’re doing things such as microsoft, office, email and web browsing now. This display certainly doesn’t disappoint. de fapt, it’s outstanding it’s, a three thousand by two thousand oled, display again three to two aspect ratio. You get the really deep, Negri, the extremely vibrant colors. It also has very good color accuracy, and it also covers the color gamut really well, and here it is next to the hp spectre. X360. 13T from last year. This is the one running the iceland processor, care 10 gen from intel and, după puteți vedea, it has a 16 la 9 raport de aspect, a wider display, a shorter display not as tall as the 3 la 2 aspect ratio on the 14 inch.

Acum, as far as the actual display size, the spectre x360 14 Hsa 13.5 inch display, even though they call it a 14 as opposed to the 13.3 inch display from the 13t. După puteți vedea, it’s a taller display, meaning you’ll, do less scrolling. When it comes to web browsing. You will get more to see on the display when it comes to things such as productivity work, microsoft, office, spreadsheets and the like, şi, desigur, as you can see here, the big difference between an oled and ips panel is pretty evident. You get the really deep, Negri, the vibrant colors, as opposed to the ips display, which is very good in its own right, just not as vibrant or as sharp as that oled panel, and i know a lot of you wanted to see the difference between the two. Well here it is, and to be more precise, you’re looking at a 13 taller screen on that spectre 14, as opposed to the 13t, and this is an eye safe display, which means that there’s a reduced blue light in this display and that’s going to be good, Especially during this pandemic, when we’re working from home, where extended periods of time in front of these displays and with that move to the three to two aspect: ratio we’re now, looking at a 90.33 screen to body ratio thinning out the bezels, giving it off a very Sleek and modern look, so this is the front facing camera on the hp.

Spectre. X360. 14 inch two in one convertible with that three to two uh: 3000 de 2000 oled display. Now this is a 720p 30 frames per second webcam it’s, an infrared webcam, meaning you can log in with face recognition with windows, buna, good for zoom good for skype, i’m curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below and one of the things i love about. The spectre line is the versatility that this convertible gives you you have the tent mode. După vedeți, there stand mode both great for recipes in the kitchen, consuming media things like youtube, Netflix, Amazon. You get the picture and, desigur, using it as a tablet, although not the lightest tablet, but definitely usable, especially with the included pen. Acum, as far as the pen, it charges via usbc uses the microsoft pen, protocol 2.0 and it’s great for navigating through the os taking notes sketching out artwork. It all worked well, i covered the ports in my unboxing video for those that didn’t see it again check out the link below, but for those that didn’t see it. Quick recap: on the left side, you get one soul, usb a port i’m glad to see a usba port still here, as we approach 2020 moving over to the right side, microsd card slot for storage expansion, one of your two thunderbolt 4 Porturile, A 3.5 millimeter audio Jack and your second thunderbolt 4 port in the corner.

Now these thunderbolt 4 ports support data charge display out the big deal with thunderbolt 4. You can drive one 8k monitor or two 4k monitors now for those wondering whether or not you can upgrade this laptop yourself. The only thing that is user upgradable is the ssd and, as you can see from these reads and writes uh pretty decent reads and writes, although it could be a little bit higher in terms of the right it’s, nu prea rău, Deşi, as far as the ram It soldered into the motherboard and that’s uh, not upgradable, to the user. Acum, as far as the wireless lan card and the bluetooth that’s, all soldered in as well but i’ve gotten some pretty good connections decent range, as well as, regarding that wi fi. Six and of course, since this is wi, fi, six uh pretty much future proof for the foreseeable future. Now i went over the keyboard layout in the unboxing video. There are a number of changes of that i did point out and for those that didn’t see it, the power button has now been moved from the corner into the keyboard itself. You also get a fingerprint scanner moved to the keyboard itself as well, Acum, there’s also a dedicated key for the camera shutter. That means you can turn off the webcam with a click of a button, and i really like that there’s also the inclusion of a key dedicated for the hp command center.

So if you want to change the thermal profile on the fly, it gives you the ability to do that very convenient and for those wondering here’s the keyboard layout with this spectre x, 360. 13. – and i absolutely love the keyboard on this it’s. One of my favorites. As far as a two in one convertible is concerned, in this ultra portable category, good key travel, very good tactile feedback and it’s good for extended periods of typing. It also has a very good precision: touch pad it’s been super, responsive two fingers scrolling is buttery smooth and all the windows 10 gestures worked as advertised. They did an excellent job on both the keyboard and the touchpad and for those wondering here’s, a comparison as far as size is concerned, with the spectre x360 13. După puteți vedea, The 14 has a taller profile, and here it is next to the hp spectre. X360 15. now what’s interesting is this is running intel’s 11 chan tiger lake processor and of course it has the intel iris xe graphics, that we’ve seen in the smaller versions of the things such as the xps 13, as well as the lenovo yoga, 9i i’m. Going to give you my review of this in the next couple of days or so so stay tuned for that, but for a size. Comparison here is the 14 și 15 inch, and you can see the difference in terms of the footprint and when it comes to battery life.

This has a 66 watt hour battery and the oled variant got seven hours and two minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 115, in if you opt to get the non oled lcd ips panel expect around 12 hours or so of mixed use. Now that, desigur, will have a resolution of 1920×1280, but the oled panel that i have here with that 3000 de 2000 rezoluţie, nu prea rău. Acum, if you use a dark background or a black background, expect better battery life that’s the key with any oled display, and if you need to charge this laptop, they include a 65 Watt, usb c power adapter in the box, and it takes a little bit less Than two hours for a full charge, not too bad now when it comes to performance, Suntem., looking at the intel, 11th generation, processor it’s, the core i7 1165 g7 that’s, the tiger lake, based on the intel evo platform, and as you can see when you compare to Things such as the dell xps 132 and one or the lenovo yoga 9i very similar performance. Although the yoga 9i14 is running a little bit better processor that’s the core i7 1185 g7, with a higher clock speed, as you can see a little bit better performance but as far as that, intel xe graphics. As far as intel integrated, graphics are concerned, a definite step up over last year’s, Intel, iris plus, Grafică, very impressive performance out of this definitely playable frame rates with things such as gta 5, the witcher 3 dota 2.

I think you get the picture now when i ran the prime 95 stress test to see how the thermals will handle on this. As far as thermal throttling and so forth, i would see that the cpu would ramp up to 4 gigahertz at a core temperature of 95 degrees celsius for about 15 secunde. Then it would drop down to around 2.1 gigahertz to 3.4 gigahertz and fluctuate between 75 degrees celsius and 95 grade celsius. And here you can see the surface temperatures when it was under stress as well as when it was an idle. And here you can see the surface temperatures when it was idle and when it was put under heavy load now, as far as fan noise is concerned, nu prea rău, they will kick in under heavy load, nu prea rău, not too loud, not too obnoxious and another Area i was very impressed with is the speakers and they’re banging olson speakers, they’re quad speakers, meaning there’s, four of them, and they fill up a room rather nicely good volume, bun, mids, good bass, very good audio overall, okay let’s wrap things up here. What do i think about the hp spectre? X360. 14. Here as we head into 2021. The answer is: i freaking love this thing i think it’s pretty amazing. I love the fact that they moved to that three to two aspect ratio. I love the oled display 3000 de 2000 it’s bright it’s sharp it’s everything you’d want in a display.

Now i love the fact that we’re getting good performance out of that tiger lake 11 gen processor, with the xc graphics, definitely step up over last year’s ice lake with the intel iris plus graphics. I like the fact that this packs a comfortable keyboard good touch pad, and i love the fact that it has two thunderbolt 4 Porturile, a usba port, which i would still love to see here, as well as a micro sd card slot. Panning carrying sleeve are included at no additional cost, which is a great touch and it has outstanding battery life, especially if you opt for that non oled display you’re going to get really great battery life, even with the oled display pretty decent again, not quite as good As the ips display now, as far as the speakers are concerned, i really like them. They have the bang and olson tune. Sound sounding really great negatives. Here ram wireless lan are not upgradable by the user. It runs a bit warmer than the spectre x360 13t, and this can get a bit pricey, but i think hp has a home run here with a very special product on their hands i’m, going to give this a score of 94, making the hp specter. X360. 14T. Definitely worth your money and it’s also my editor’s choice for the 13 inch category here for late 2020. Muzica. So what do you think about this bad boy? The hp spectre x360 14 here for late 2020 – and i got ta, say one of the best two in one convertibles, if not the best in the 13 inch category here for late 2020, and i got ta, say greatlooks with the copper luxe accents around it.

Love the nightfall black we’ve seen that before the big changes here, desigur, the move to the three to two aspect: raportul, three thousand by two thousand oled display on my review unit. Acum, if you want better battery life, as i mentioned, get the full hd that will give you much better battery life, as you saw from the numbers, although this wasn’t too bad getting around seven hours or so. But if you want to get about 12 hours of mixed use, check out the full hd variant, este, an ips display, but it’s still a very nice display from what i understand. This is an absolutely gorgeous display 13.5 inch oled display, as i mentioned 3000 de 2000 rezoluţie, it’s a bright crisp display with very vibrant colors, the deep blacks everything we’ve come to expect with an oled panels. Here i didn’t notice any of the mesh layers that have been plaguing other oled displays in the past. This seems to be a really nice panel that they’ve used. The fact of the matter is it’s a great display as far as performance is concerned, move to the 11th gen intel processors based on the evo platform. This is the tiger lake. This is the core i7 1165 g7 pair, care, with its integrated graphics, the intel, iris, xz, Grafică, Uh, definite performance boost over last year’s, Uh, iris plus graphics. So you saw from the numbers you could do gaming 1080p low settings, but of course this is not going to be a powerhouse gaming laptop.

This is not what it’s meant to be. This is meant to be a thin and light ultra portable to take with you on the go now i like the fact that the pen stores or sticks magnetically rather to the side of the device, not the strongest magnet but it’ll, definitely get the job done. The pen itself is really good, that’s included in the box, which you know i love. They also give you a nice faux leather carrying sleeve in the box, and i like the fact that there is no additional cost. So this is a really nice value. Add, în opinia mea, 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity uses the microsoft pen protocol, care este, cred, based on the entry technology uh. That means this is like the surface pen. I kind of prefer the pen technology from the wacom aes technology, which we recently saw with something like the lenovo yoga 9i or the dell xps 13.. This is definitely good for artists. If you want to take note sketch out artwork, this will get the job done. Seen it on sale at best buy for as low as 12.99, recently normal price around 16 la 1700, depending uh, where you go, dar din nou, if you want that oled display, i think best buy, had it for 12.99. I don’t know if it’s still available right now check it out if you haven’t done so now. This is one of my favorites. This year i will be doing a special laptop of the year.

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