.. before I was born when people thought of personal computer, they would not think of this, but rather of this. Computers came integrated into keyboards with ports on the back for any needed connections.. Now it is this spirit of that past. That is all over the newest Raspberry Pi model, the Raspberry Pi 400.. I initially dismissed this as simple weird premade project., A Raspberry Pi 4 inside an official Raspberry Pi keyboard. But after watching some videos and buying one of my own, I was surprised as it challenged. Some of the presumptions I had about this device.. If you are watching this video, you have likely watched some reviews of this device before and I will be linking my favorites down below and in the corner.. But in a nutshell, it is a new form factor for Raspberry Pi that integrates it inside a keyboard with all the same ports as Raspberry Pi 4. Just missing one USB port for the keyboard, but inside there are a number of surprises. One. Is that this? A new form of PCB for this Pi gone is the rectangle that we know and love replaced by this longboi. That fits the keyboard better, but more surprising are changes to specs and cooling.. While this is still as Raspberry Pi 4, they are using a new iteration of the SoC, which might run a bit cooler and that allows the device to run a bit faster clocks than the stock Raspi 4.

. Another major contributor in that performance is the highly sophisticated cooling system, a big piece of metal.. This quotso simple, its geniusquot solution of using a big piece of metal as a heatsink and as structural support for the keyboard actually works. Stupefying well., To the point that the usual Raspberry Pi, 4 cooler feels silly considering just how well this simpler thing works. For reference. I already explained how the CPU is a bit faster than other models, but if you run it with what is for a Pi, a pretty hefty overclock, which also requires commands that void the guarantee to increase voltage enough.. Unless you get unlucky with the silicon lottery, the device runs and runs well.. I was really worried about the device getting too hot, since you are putting your hands on it, but even if you put your hand to the back of the keyboard, it just warm not even uncomfortable., It is crazy. Acum. The reason why I bought this guy in the first placeand this should be obvious to youbecause you read the titleis that I wanted to see how well it would run games. And I don’t mean retro emulation but stuff that would put the device through Its paces, more aggressively., Like Minecraft., Java Minecraft., At least once a year. I explain how, since Java Minecraft technically could run in any device powerful enough that runs Java. People from the Raspberry Pi community have continuously been creating scripts to get it working on these boards.

. Now it is way easier. Acolo, an open source project called Pi Apps, aiming at creating an open source client to auto install a lot of popular software.. The list of supported software isn’t super long, but it has some really useful stuff, including java Minecraft, which can be installed with just one click., Considering the process that used to be getting this to work. This is a terrific improvement., Mulțumiri, Pi Apps. Now this is not running Optifine Sodium or any other miracle performance mod., Mostly because I have not quite figured out yet how to get those installed on raspdebian, but I can almost get to a more stable 20 FPS on lower resolution. Java. Minecraft is very CPU reliant and not optimized for ARM definitely, and once I figure out how to get performance mods, it will probably improve a fair bit.. De asemenea, it can crash sometimes. Welcome to open source Linux platforms where experimentation is a way of life and these things happen.. Another thing I wanted to run was Half Life.. You are going to see me use the original Half Life a lot as a Raspberry Pi benchmark, because there is an open source reimplementation of its engine that can be compiled on raspberry Pi and it works great.. Considering this is not something optimized for ARM the result. Is pretty convincing.? This is the game running at 720p and the only place where mayor slowdowns happen is when loading new areas. The performance I got was very satisfying.

, Similar story with Doom 3., While the Half Life engine is a reverse engineered reimplementation, this Doom game was the last big Id games release to the be open sourced and therefore there are modern implementations that can be compiled and run on a PI.. The video that is in the corner and description has the commands for that.. Interestingly enough, I had to force Doom 3 on a much lower resolution to make this work. Back on its day. Doom 3 was considered a bit of a heavy game, so I am not very surprised, but I got similar performance to the Pi 4 on a heavy overclock with active cooling, which in itself is good results.. The other cool thing I wanted to try of course, was Box86.. If you have seen previous videos, you will know, Box86 is a compatibility layer between x86 linux and ARM linux, meaning that if youre lucky, you can run programs that were only compiled for traditional PCs in Linux, in Raspberry Pi, and they can work really well.. De exemplu, here is the PC Linux version of Unreal., The first game that got the Unreal Engine started. I threw a bot match at it, and the game performed really well.. The Raspberry was struggling in the heavier moments, but otherwise it kept it together, which is amazing for emulation.. de fapt, I tried 3 iterations of this series, the original one Unreal Tournament from 1999 şi 2004 ediţie, which is the sixth game in series running Unreal Engine 2.

. All of these are Linux PC games running in ARM through Box86.. It was not that long ago, when I first heard about Box86 and to see it running 3D games. This well is a sight to behold., Considering the improvements that will come from what is a project that is very much in development and upcoming Vulkan drivers for Raspberry Pi. The world of running games from your keyboard is going to get even more interesting., Deci, except for the fact that I had an annoying audio bug that I could not fix., If you ignore that this is really good results.. When this device came out. The one question I had was Why Why a device limited inside a keyboard instead of the boards we are so used to Having played around with it for a while? I think I get it. If you are building something that requires integration into another device. Like a game console kit, the usual form factor will remain king., But for software related projects like an experimental x86 emulation, this is the most convenient form factor. Yet.. Just look at how minimalistic a setup looks when its just a keyboard and a mouse. Its beautiful.. The fact that its so aggressively priced is just icing on the cake and until a more powerful Raspberry Pi comes along. This will likely be my device of choice for future videos., Although you know what you could buy for way less. This pin And you would arguably also be getting a lot of value.

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