It is a dual screen. 13.3 inch. True musicians e ink reader now here it is for real it’s actually for sale. Acum, in its consumer form, you can actually buy this unit, it’s, not concept and it’s available now through good e reader shipping anywhere in the world. de fapt, this box is so big. It didn’t fit our standard setup for 6 inch e readers, 10.3 ng readers, etc. We had to use a different setup, a different table and overall, just a different approach: let’s crack this open on camera, for you guys and show you exactly what is in here. This is a gigantic box because it is a 13.3 but it’s, also hinged together. So on the left here we have a case but it’s not a typical case. It is a little bit of a folio sleeve folder, so it doesn’t actually it’s, not actually usable, while you have it in the case and you’ll see why, in a second on the right here, you have some documentation. This is some precautionary information, setup windows, pc mac and some other documentation here. We’Ll have all this documentation in english on our website, desigur, because we do sell this on our store we’re going to look at the rest, the box. Primul, before we go into the actual units, you have a large amount of a quick start guide right here and it looks like it folds out as one of those maps kind of like when you’re on a road trip, so we’re not going to go through this Whole thing, but it basically tells you some things like how to open it up how to charge it, what’s included in the box, etc, and it is all in english as well in multi different languages, because this isn’t just a japanese unit, it’s meant for the entire World and you have some safety regulations right there at the bottom here.

If you open this up, you get a bunch of other stuff too, so you get the micro, usb cable and you get the removal tool with nibs. You also get, desigur, the guido stylus, and this is its own stylus pen, this isn’t, using any other company’s pen, it’s used it’s their own creation, and we will, of course do a full review on this as well, because this pen is supposed to be compatible With other units as well outside the guido, it is taped down right here, so we’re just going to go ahead and bypass this for now and we’re going to look at the unit itself, so opening this up for the first time, oh wow, that is very interesting. I wish you guys could feel this. The outside feels like like a 500 sau 1000 grit, sandpaper it’s, incredibly grippy. That is very nice. You have a two tone: material it’s kind of a sandpapery feel here with a soft smooth bezel on the side, and it is beveled which means it has a little bit of an angle. You can see there when we catch the light, it does say guido, and that is what the hinge looks like we’ll, of course get into all of this in a full review. Video and if you open it up, this thing is incredibly light as well, and you get a little thing in between the two screens, because this is running dual screen. So this thing is ready to go.

It is sold on our website and, if you want it, all you have to do is buy it. If you guys have any other questions, comments or concerns, let us know for now. This is everything that comes in the box with the guido. It is spelled with a v, but don’t be confused. It is pronounced, guido and, desigur, stay tuned for a full, comprehensive review on this, where we’re gon na go over what it can do, how it can aid and assist you in becoming a better musician because that’s what it is for for goodyreader.