It will transform your tv experience from this to this. It will improve both gaming and movie experience and after getting used to it, it’s hard to go back without from last year version, we see an improved 1080p camera better color and improve a more accurate color peaking science, but is it enough to be called philips hue Killer let’s find out so what’s up guys and welcome to a new episode here on shy top tech. If you’re new to the channeland you don’t know me, my name is fabrizio, but you can call me fabri and i’m, really passionate about bleeding edge technology and apple. So if you are too, this is the right place for you also. I remove all the monetization from this youtube video. So if you appreciate that be sure to drop a big like and subscribe with the bell icon on to support the channel for full discovery, i want to make clear that yes will be sent this project after my explicit request. So thank you goofy, but no i’m. Not paid a sponsor in any way by them, and as always after my testing, i bring you only my personal opinion this product, and in this way i can say true to you guys and honestly. There are many positives to talk about, but also a few negatives as well, but what is it at first sight? It might look like a cheap 10 dollar led strip, but you couldn’t make a bigger mistake.

This is an rgbic led strip, not a simple rgb it’s. How goofy holds a led strip that is able to display different colors for each section of the led strip, creating a nice gradient after placing it behind your tv, you will create a sense of immersion. Changing the army light color. According to the movie, you are displaying on the screen thanks to a fish height 1080p camera. The way it works is indirect, meaning that it will change the color watching from outside. So don’t expect 100 accuracy. De asemenea, mele 65 inch tv is well mounted, so the led light goes directly against the wall. To have the best experience you should use it on f3 place on a media center, de exemplu, to create a deeper background. Asta a spus, i think the result is pretty great. Don’T you, the best reason to choose this system is that it will work with everything displayed on the screen: YouTube. Prime video, Netflix, Cablu, tv, gaming console and it’s not only limited to hdmi input like other system do also. I find it very high quality in the building materials and it can work with google, home and alexa assistant as well, and you can create some cool routines as well like this okay, google cinema mode on last year, we got the opportunity to test the 2020 version Of this same productand i must say, i’m really impressed because they improved almost all my nitpicking list of improvements, they greatly improved the color sense camera that is now 1080p full hd.

So more pixel means greater accuracy, but they didn’t stop. Aici. They improved the color science to make it even more accurate and responsive, and they drastically reduced the delay between the image on the screen and the color change on the led strip. They also added a bottom side of the tv, since last year, model had only three sites. Din anumite motive, they improved the calibration process using seven points instead of four to better understand what’s in the screen and improve the junctions between each segment that were very hard than before. There are season gimmicks, like the fixed length of the strip that works great on the 54 inch bassart creates on also the bigger models. Like my 65 inch tv in a very small box, goofy is always able to pack everything you need. You have the lead strip itself that has seen greater improvement with a coated cover that makes it waterproof and again i was mentioning the four sides instead of 3 from last year, then there’s the controller with some keys and buttons and the power brick itself. Here we have an usbc for the strip and it’s, so nice usbc everything please and finally, the 1080p camera. They also improve the sitting piece, the camera stand, and in this way you can place it precisely in the right position as they intended to be. De asemenea, you get all the orange control points for configuration and some additive mounting tools, even more than you’ll ever need.

The mounting process is really neat. The lead strip has pre applied glue behind it’s, not classic adhesive tape, it’s some kind of paste really nice. You can reapply multiple times in case you make some positioning mistakes or change your mind after placing it behind your tv. În cele din urmă, it is a detriment watching out from the side of the tv instead of the back wall, to have a better effect. With my no gap, while mounting my, i suggest to place it washing behind in a known world mount in the setup then position the camera on the center of the screen and the base will help positioning and, as a pre applied speaker as well connect the led Strip the power and the camera and you’re ready to go turning it on. It will automatically work, but i highly suggest to configure the camera first. You’Ll have to place the orange squares in the corners and in the mids of each side. Again they improved from last year because they use sticker last year. This is so much better and then around the goovy up you’ll be able to give a specific name to the strip, connect to bluetooth and wi fi and then configure the camera really better configuration from last year model. Now they ask you if the camera is on the top or on the bottom. I use another one on the bottom for the gubiflo pro more in the dedicated review and if you put the street clockwise or not also, you have to move on the picture taken from the camera, the four corner, dots and then the other dots to select the Area and in my opinion, this can still be improved a little bit because you leave a big part out on the upper side of the tv.

Now let’s talk about real performance in the app the video mode you can choose between gaming or movie, setting an entire or partial, led strip. As i said, the gaming response was really improved and in this mode i suggest you to select partial lighting in order to mimic the game very well in game. The colors don’t change too fast, so it’s really nice effect. De asemenea, this model will reduce brightness in some section if the scene is too dark. This is a nice improvement as well. If you select movie, it will reduce a little bit the response time to be less distracted and this mod. I suggest you to select only one color, otherwise the changes of scene are too sudden and it risks to be too distracting. At least this is a personal choice, desigur, and those are my personal preferences also don’t exaggerate with brightness and saturation as well. I prefer it to be not obtrusive. This is an ambilight let’s. Remember that i’ve been amazed by all the improvement made from last year model and it seems to compare a product from three to four years before, but there are still some things that my opinion can be improved in the next model. This product is sold for up to 75 inch, but with 65 it starts to create holes in the corners. If you were mounted, it could be a problem. Definitely the fourth side addition reduces this problem. De asemenea, there are some colors, like the skin tone that are not translated exactly to pink but sometimes too red or orange, and the orange and the yellow are very highly recognized, probably because they are the softer of the colors.

So definitely turn on your tv brightness to max to improve the color peaking. Deci, în opinia mea, the algorithm makes already a really good job, but in some situation it can still be improved via software update, desigur, like they regularly do with their app the goofy app, and i got confirmation from goofy that they will continue to improve the Algorithms, so well done the last downside. Doesn’T apply necessarily only to this product in particular, but to gui product in general, given the last couple years is becoming a great and affordable philips shoe alternative the same quality for a cheaper price. Now they set a solution without a knob each strip or light connects individually like ikea. Does this could be a win if you have a few lights, but also a downside, de exemplu, in rocking a led strip setup with one grooving machine behind the tv one let’s treat behind the media center to 5 meter each on the dry ceiling, and i wanted To add a flow pro on the side of the tv to create some color contrast. The only solution to make this setup look not boring was to set the strips to change automatically two to three colors and then i had to place not one but two cameras. One on the top and one on the bottom of the tv to make them change according to the tv now one is okay, but two it’s too much now tell me if this isn’t gimmicky, with only one camera connected to internet, they should be able, in my Opinion to control and change all the strips that are already connected last year, i said i will let paid more for a better camera and they put a 1080p camera for the same price.

Really well done so this time i always say that i will pay more for an hdmi receiver or a unified camera to control a set of multiple lights, so let’s see how it will turn out. My favorite feature that made me choose this product and brand over other brand is google on sport and alexa sport. I will go in bigger details in my 100 smart home tour, but i created a routine with the lights and the window blinds to create an automatic cinema mode. This is really awesome. De asemenea, there are features that i will mention really quickly like the music mode. They will change according to the microphone on the screen and on the controller or many scenes that you can also create or download from the community in the app also, you can select different colors to different segments in this gradient sweep. In conclusion, are they philips you killer? da, they are for 70 de dolari. You get an rgb ic led light with a gradient and a camera, and this is by itself a complete setup that works out of the box. În opinia mea, this is tremendous volume considering the price of a philips, you play hdmi sims box, plus a gradient stream that goes around 400, or so this system improved a lot both in gaming and movie experience, and now i can go back to a non ambilight System the downside today is that philips hue you can expand with infinite other light that we sing together, creating an ecosystem with this one you can so this wraps up for today.

Let me know what you guys think: did you get one, or are you considering to buy one? They are right now out of stock, so let’s follow the link in the description and be sure to like or dislike this video.