da, do you, like my curl today, friends, Muzica, welcome back channel so for today’s video in today’s, video for today’s video, another product to test Music? Muzica? da, da, yes friend, yes friend, i have a new speaker from any giant and i really really like this natural iconicia. I already test it. I already test it. So this is the Music product, friends, hayan, ellie gian computer speakers, wired computer. I add my mama wireshare Music it’s, like a magic Music. It has different lights when you type this usb mini powered, sound bar or personal computer, laptop cell phone tablet. So later we will try this on. In my laptop on my laptop cell phone and tablet friends, personal computer computer computers, Music speaker na already, so this is the product from ellie gian it’s a new box. This is the box friend okay, deci acest lucru este 10 Watt, colorful light usb personal computer speaker, model sr200, plus Music, so i’m excited to test this now in front of you, friends, i’m excited to test this in the front in front of you. ok, Să! Do this? ok, friends, let’s test the early giant speaker and mini sound bar speaker. I like this because it’s not really heavy. I am perfect perfect for my laptop let’s. Try let’s try let’s try, so my laptop is ready it’s on already. We will try my new mini sound bar speaker to my laptop, so this one just plug this one see from here from the speakers plug this one here yeah and this one as well plug this to the other side.

So we will connect the green one. So it’s obvious the green one because it has a drawing there, headphone or headset or for speaker frame so let’s do this. We will dance. We will dance. Okay and let’s. Do this Music, Aplauze muzicale, Muzica, Muzica, Uh, Muzica, Aplauze muzicale, Muzica, Applause, Muzica, Applause, Muzica, Aplauze muzicale? I am really enjoying my speaker, it’s really really loud. I like the sounds very, i know very clear, and this is a book ayan. This is a book in this yen. I like i like i like it’s, really really loud. So if you like this product friend just go to the link, i will share the link in the description box below yeah. So the next friends is the cell phone. We will try to connect in the cell phone to use the cell phone so and connect this one connect this here yeah and then this one need to plug in the adapters cell phone adapter. So this kind you have to have this. If you want to use your cell phone or tablet, avem, we need adapters, so let’s try, try, Bine, okay and one. Two. Three four go: Muzica: Uh: Muzica: oh Music, Muzica, oh Music, Muzica, Muzica, oh Music! ok! ok! Do you like it friends? Do you like it because the sound is really powerful? What can you say how about it’s, nice and loud and clear so my husband said: it’s nice and loud and clear so billy naka, Yo, billy, nabilena billina, guys bye, pa, pa, don’t think twice.

If you need mini sound bar speaker for your cell phone tablet and computer and laptop don’t, think twice only think once or don’t think just bye, pa, pa, nanang, hacking, Produse, Bine, we will try last, but not the least. We will try yeah tablet a trainer. My tablet – Bine, so ayanna, i already connected so i’ve i’ve, just finished dancing. That’S. Why Laughter? ok, Bine, Bine, we will try. We will try my tablet: Aplauze muzicale, Aplauze muzicale, Aplauze muzicale, Aplauze muzicale, Aplauze muzicale, okay friend, i super super super super enjoy my acting. I know my speaker, mulțumesc, ellie gian, for the speaker. I hope you send me more and more and more and more. Mulțumesc. Mulțumesc. Thank you so guys, if you want to buy this product, just click the link in the description box below on this video. So i like this because it’s very simple and easy to use so handy for me very handy because a you can bring. You can bring anywhere in your house in the kitchen in the living room in the blogging room and easy to use, no need to connect to bluetooth friends, because this is not bluetooth, just plug it. Just plug it. To your laptop easy to use on the laptop and cell phone and tablet so that’s all for today’s video friend, i hope you enjoy my video today. Thank you so much Music, all my fans out there. Mulțumesc. Thank you for always supporting my channel.