Is there anything else out there for somebody on a budget right? What if you don’t, have a lot of money to spend on the latest ipad pro? Ei bine, i have an option here: the dragon touch notepad 102. let’s check it out. Welcome back to digital slang, Astăzi, we’re going to check out a budget tablet. This is from dragon touch the notepad 102, a budget friendly device running android, 10, 140 bucks and every now, and then there are discounts you can find, but right now, it’s around 1′.99 on amazon let’s check it out, see if it’s even worth that now for somebody That wants to be very productive right if you need something for work and you need to be snappy. This is not the tablet for you who is this, for this is going to be for somebody that likes to browse social media play games watch some youtube watch. Some netflix things like that this something like this will do the job and it will do it pretty good, în special pentru prețul. If you want to get a tablet for your kid right and you don’t want to go out and buy a 600 ipad air or something 149 de dolari, you can get yourself a pretty good samsung tablet, let’s check it out real quick. You saw the packaging and the unboxing. I do dig the box. I do like the box now shout out to dragon touch. They did send this to me to review, not a paid review.

Of course you will see this before they do so. The notepad 102 here and on the back it does give us a little bit of the specs on here, the notepad 102, the operating system. It is running android, 10 Stocare, three gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage on here now there is also expandable storage up to 128 gigs. So always a good thing. It is an octa core processor, 1.6 Gigahertzi. This is the space gray color. The resolution 1280 de 800 ips, so an ips display, so whatever angle you look at it from it, will look pretty good and it is running 720p maxed out so not 1080. I would like the next dragon touch to be 1080. I think most tablets these days should be running 1080, at least at the minimum. Despre 440 de dolari, 720p it’ll be okay. For now the camera there is a front camera and a rear camera on here, 5 megapixels and 8 Megapixeli 6 000 milliamp battery on here. So very good battery life on here and, of course it does run on wi fi no cellular on here and also in the package. We did get a charging brick and a usb cableand i don’t have that here because i have it plugged into the wall. Right now, because i was charging it up and, desigur, the user’s manual and then the sim eject tool. Now this is not for cellular service. This is going to be for the expandable storage we’re, going to take a look see if it’s even worth 140 bucks and i’ll show you what this thing can do: este, not bad for the price.

So we’ll take a look at it. Now you can see on the back here the dragon touch again, the space gray color, and i do like the build quality on here – este, not bad for 150 de dolari. This thing is not plastic. This is a metal like a type of aluminum on here and the fcc branding here the dragon touch branding here, the camera bump you can see there is a bump on there and 8 megapixel camera on the back. You can see the flash and there is kind of that chrome accent around your camera bump and i think that’s kind of cool. And if we look here on the side here, puteți vedea. This is where your expandable storage will be, and on top you’re going to have your sleep button. This is your volume up and down, and your usb type c to charge, and then your speakers on the bottomyou get two speakers, and here this is your smart connector for a keypad for a smart keypad. Now i don’t have the keypad here. It did not buy the keypad and dragon touch shout out to dragon touch. They did send this to me to check out and review, but again not a paid review. So on the front now you can see the bezels right. 720P display 10.1 inch ips display. Deci, no matter what angle you’re, looking at it from it’s going to give you kind of the same look overall, not a bad display for 140 de dolari.

I would prefer this, desigur, to be 1080p at the minimum, but overall not bad. You can see the front facing camera. There is a front facing camera on here, it’s only five, megapixels and we’ll take a couple. Pics and i’ll. Show you how good or how bad the camera is. But the display is not bad. Now brightness could be a little better. This is maxed out with the brightness, as you can see here, dar este, not bad and again this is running android 10, so you can you’re going to have full access if you’re an android user full access to all of your apps. Whatever you want to do, you can see here, we do have access to the play store, and i do you know, updates on here again: 140 de dolari, it’s a budget processor, and i couldn’t really find the name of the the chip in here. But it is a budget chip right it’s, not a snapdragon or anything like that. Probably a mediatek chip or something along those lines and doing updates and everything did take a long time, but once it updates and once the if you’re downloading apps, it might take a little bit of time. But once all of those are done and you’re actually going in and using it, este, nu e rău, în special pentru prețul. So again, the play store here: full access to the play, store and again, desigur, it’s it’s, A 60 hertz refresh rate you’re, never going to get anything more than that on something this cheap, but full access to all kinds of apps that you would use on A day in and day out basis, you can video chat on here with duo social media and things like that, desigur, will work fine and it’s, nu-i rău deloc.

You can see it does hesitate a little bit here and there there’s kind of a stutter every now and then in the screen, but it will do anything you really needed to do you just you know, you’re getting what you pay for you’re, not you’re, not spending A lot of money on a tablet, but overall there’s value here, depending on what you use a tablet for right, if you’re, just using it for social media and you’re not expecting great pics. Because the pictures on here are not that good. But if you’re just using it for social media and watching content, this might be an okay thing and again watching content like on youtube on here. The we’ll show you Music let’s, go check out, antoine’s new newest video. You can hear the speakers they’re not bad. You know when i was a little kid man, many many and it does rotate should rotate yeah. So you do get that full screen option, so the volume was all the way up so maxed out all the way up sounds pretty good, but when i was younger man, i always wanted to start with the big small speaker in the world of broad shoulders. You know what i’m saying so he decided to step up and it packs a hard punch. The problem i got with this thing, so you can see not bad at all for watching content it’s. Fapt, a pretty good experience now, just be aware of these speakers are bottom facing speakers, so all of your volume is going to come and it’s going to spit it out from the bottom.

Just be aware of that, but overall watching content on here will not be a bad thing at all and again full access to everything the play store has to offer. Now another cool thing about this tablet is you can multitask on here so say: you opened up. Google and you wanted to let’s, go to yahoo and we’ll check out the news on yahoo. Go to yahoo. Do yahoo news open up yahoo news say we wanted to open up. I don’t know so: let’s open up youtube right, we’ll open up youtube. So if you click on that button, you click on the little chrome. Fila, split split screen will appear, you click on split screen. Now we can open up youtube and we have yahoo news on the left youtube on the right and it works very well. So you can do a lot on here for this price right. You can multitask on here and do different things overall, it is a pretty cool little tablet and we can pop this open again make this full screen. If we want close that out now, it also does say that this is a curved display, este, not really a curved display. The screen is flat. Your display is flat, it’s curved, you can see where the screen ends, and then the frame is kind of curved. So you know it’s not really a curved display, but they’re trying i’ll give them credit the bezels aren’t bad right.

This is where you’re going to hold the display, so i don’t mind the bezels on here, especially for the price it’s, nu-i rău deloc. Acum, if you want a game on here, i did run a few games and, desigur, games like temple, run it’s going to run just fine and it works really well and i’ll show you that right now, we’ll play a little temple run again, it’s going to Take a a little slower to load, but once you are actually playing the game it does it pretty. Well so i’ll show you right now, so not bad as you can see, it’s moving! Ei bine, nu e rău! Acum, what about a different type of game right, so let’s play some uh let’s play some asphalt. Let’S let’s drive a little bit now again. This is a game that, like i said earlier when i first installed this game and i first started loading it. It took a very long time, but once i got into the game and actually started playing, it did a really good job and, as you can see here, it is taking a little bit of time to load this game up, and this is more of an intensive Game that you’re going to play on here this isn’t, going to play some of the heavier and games on here like forget about playing fortnite or anything like that. This is about as intensive of a game as i think you would want to try on here, but again once you load it and start playing, it works fin.

Now there are some ads, după puteți vedea, Applause see if we can get in and get to a race really quick, so you guys can see the performance of it Music. Oh, so you can play some games on here. Just be aware, some games are going to take a little longer to load than others. Now again we are running android 10.. I did receive an update on this the other day and it did take a very long time to download the update, but that is expected again budget specs on here. Just be aware of that. Now there also is security on here. You can put a pin lock in here. You can unlock it with your face now, it’s not face id like on an iphone it’s, just basic looking for your eyes, something like that battery life on here is actually been really good. Din nou. Six thousand milliamp battery on here usb type c to charge bluetooth 5.0. Din nou, just a couple gigs three gigs of ram 32 gig-uri de depozitare, but it is expandable storage. Again you do have a battery manager and things like that you can change now. There is no swipe gestures on here. It’S going to be your, ştii: stock, Android, navigation controls overall, not bad sound. The volume vibration that’s. One thing i do wish it had better of is haptic touch and i did reach out to dragon touch and tell them like one thing. I would like to see improved 1080p display, as well as some haptic feedback when you are texting or sending a message whenever i, whenever i would send twitter like messages or just post on twitter, it felt really cheap just because of something simple like the haptic touch, That is not there so hopefully, on the next version.

We’Ll get some of that let’s. Take a look at the camera, see how good the camera is. Here and again, you have a 5 megapixel on the front and an 8 megapixel rear facing camera. So let’s try the selfie camera again, nu cel mai bun, only five megapixels and, după puteți vedea, not really the best that’s a terrible picture. So it is a little grainy there’s a little blurry and let’s turn it around and take a look at the other side. We’Ll take a picture of my plant here and again this thing you can tell how overblown this is already right. This thing, om, that does not look good so, as you can see here, not the best picture quality on this tablet, but that’s not really what it’s meant forand you can’t take videos on here as well. So if you want to do zoom calls or something like that, 720p will be just fine for that right. Most of the streaming services are 720p. Now stream yard things like that so 720p. On here for 149 de dolari, 140 de dolari, not bad just know the cameras and the video quality is not the best the display. I wish it was 1080p, cel puțin, dar în general, look who is this for this is for an adult buying something for their kid. This is for an adult or a teenager who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and break the bank and doesn’t need their tablet to be a workforce helper right.

You want this to be something for social media, Twitter, Instagram, facebook watching youtube videos watching netflix, watching tv shows on netflix you’re, going to be able to send emails on here again full access to the play store so overall for 140 bucks it’s, not bad right. We are getting better all across the board in the tech space as far as value bang for buck. It does have its issues right. The cameras are terrible on here. Loading apps does take a little bit of time, but overall it’s not bad 10.1 inch. Ips 720p display the speakers, the bottom bottom firing speakers are pretty good right, not bad for the price. Expandable storage. Android 10.. Now i doubt we’ll see android 11 on here, but you know: i’ve been wrong before usb type c to charge 6 000 milliamp battery life. On here 3 gigs of ram for something like this, cred, is fine overall, nu e rău. So the dragon touch notepad 102, a budget friendly tab, it running android, 10. este, not a bad tablet at this price point right anything more than this price. I think it would be a little too much, but i think it’s priced right around here again.