They are small with a 14 inch ecran, though they are on the heavier side at 1.538 kilograms which can get slightly uncomfortable if holding it for an extended period at first. But whether you are taking notes in class or doing a study session, you will likely have a table anyway. The port selection is decent with an sd card reader, a usb 3.2 gen1 type, a port, a headphone jack and the lock slot on the right and the power jack hdmi 1.4 B, which supports 4k at 24, hertz and 1080p at 120. Hertz on other features linked below another usb 3.2 gen1 type, a port and a usb 3.2 gen1 type c port on the left. Din păcate, the laptop can’t be opened with only one hand, but on the inside you see the decent keyboard but, more importantly, a decently sized trackpad. Cu toate acestea, if you want, you can use a external mouse plugged into one of the usb a ports, and then we have that 1080p touchscreen 14 inch. Camera would focus on it Music and it breaks up fairly quickly, după puteți vedea, turn it automatically and touch fingerprint sensor. There who’s into windows very quickly as well: Muzica, open up task manager using control, shift escape Music of this base model inspiron. This has the i3 1115 g4 from intel, which has two tours and four threads. I am currently running in performance bios, which means that it’s boosted pretty decentlyand this is on battery power as well at the momentalso has 4 gigs of 3200 megahertz ram and 256 gigabyte nvme ssd with a wi fi 6 card inside.

Cu toate acestea, there is no ethernet port on the laptop itself, so you’ll start with wi fi. Unless you use an adapter to ethernet from the usb c port, though this is all perfectly decent enough for general work applications. I might recommend upgrading around anything a few more or multiple things at the same time, so you can see right now. Most of the ram is being used, but i will be showing the upgrade later on. The build quality of this laptop is also pretty decent, with minimal depth lens and screen length when removed and it the hinge is Music and fingerprint sensor still work Music, all the way around and anyway in between, which is also pretty good because of the way it Bends, Muzica, Muzica, underneath Music, Muzica. Din păcate, pe această, it does not support the pressure, sensitivity, Music and you can use the pen to draw to right and Music Music. It also tells you which laptops actually support the pen itself, not necessarily all the features on the pen support page product page and this. This should work with many other pencils using microsoft pen protocol to see it put them into place. Music screen not changed. După puteți vedea, the pen has the aaa battery compartment at the top with two buttons and, desigur, the pressure sensitive tip at the bottom. It also has two magnets on the other sides to the buttons which enable you to store the pen pretty much anywhere on the laptop, quite only having a 40 watt hour battery the battery life on this inspiron laptop is actually fairly decent there.

It could just be my model. I do get some flickering on battery power when in dark screens there is some amount of flickering on the display i’m, not sure if it shows off my camera, particularly well. Let the black on the dark, colors flicker a little bit and now i’m, going to open up the laptop to then upgrade around. So you can see. We’Ve got three screws at the top and then six screws on the bottom and keep a secret atmosphere and keep the top three screws separate from the bottom six, when you unscrew them all, because they are different screws. Top three screws are actually quite nice because they stay in, but you it pulls the bottom of the display up a little bit the bottom of the base power up a little bit so there’s now a bit of a separation. You then just puncture or pull all the way around. The bottom cover attach that you can then lift it off, and this is now the inside of the in spawn on top with the 40 wattage battery. După puteți vedea, acolo, you’ve got your m2 drive under Music here, let’s screw that around under these harness wi fi can’t expect that speakers for the cpu all right now, Music safety stand. I will unplug the battery Music battery implant and, additionally, you then need to open up again and press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to drain any remaining power in the system, safety with uninstalling components or touching the components itself, it’s also ideal, when working With electronics to be safe with electric there, you open up the flap push out each of the clips.

You see the ram lifts up the ram it’s, not in the mindset in this case like that, push it in and stop and push down until the clips on both sides. Oh you do the same with the other one, Muzica, Muzica, deci Muzica. We can now plug the battery back in Music, după puteți vedea, yeah in terms of other expandability, din păcate, there’s only that one m2 slot this might have been potentially space for a half inch. That is slightly too small. There we’ve got the three cell 40 watt hour batteries, one two and three cells, and now we need to put the cover back on Music push the cover back into the laptop and the rest of the laptop. Until you here click and then you can screw down top three screws again before doing the other. Six and they’ve got the ram, install gent, open up task manager, using control, shift escape and let’s go check in the memory. Tab and performance we’ve got 16 gigabytes around, which you can see we do in two slots. Something to bear in mind, Cu toate acestea, is that it is only running at 2667 Megahertzi, Deoarece, even though the original ram ran at 3200 Megahertzi, there is no way to enable xmp or overclocked ram in the clients of this laptop. You shouldn’t see much performance difference, especially when just doing everyday work activities and things like browsing the internet even streaming to discord and things like that it’s just something to bear in mind when purchasing ram to upgrade this laptop.

I have actually edited and will be rendering this video on the instagram on battery for some of it as well. Now as this video is getting on a bit, i will have to do the benchmarks in a part two so keep an eye out for that. But what i will say for now is that, desigur, the g7 equipped higher end laptops would do better in the benchmarks, though i won’t be testing them. So you have this model available to me, but they also come with more ram and storage, as well as the better processor and gpu performance in those years.