So she wanted one as well, so i’m gon na be unboxing that today, Muzica, alrighty, so it’s open now and now that i’ve done this before i should be better at it. Deci, although this bit is always harder than it looks, believe me one thing i thought would be interesting to show you guys was um. I noticed the texture of the. This is the front of the box and, if you flip it over the lid, this texture is really interesting because it’s kind of like polystyrene but it’s more reinforced, and it feels like it feels like it could almost be a a a like a chalkboard of sorts Which, i think is just a nice touch. I guess let’s have a look right. ok, this over here and let’s, see what we have so we’ve got what we’d expect and i’ll lay it out. So you guys can see that the charging cable is pretty long, which is which is important because you don’t want a shorter one. You have the warranty that sort of stuff underneath you’ll find the wall mount and it’s a good wall mount and that’s about it. There’S. Nothing yet else in the case, as far as i know, let’s move it out out of the frame facing me: adică, pretty cool to use english as the main language press. The return key so there’s a lot i want to get into here. Fapt, i did think of some things. I wanted to talk about uh, specifically around the keyboard and the display, but we’ll get to that later.

I think what might be most importantaustralian english language let’s just get through this, but after we get through this, i want to show you some things about the mac which, coming over from windows i found were, were very, very compelling features which you know, i’ve really Enjoyed and Music my enjoyment has caused my mom to want to get the macbook, so i think you’ll be interested, but let me get let me get a setup first and then and then we’ll see what to do next. So there’s our password awesome, Uh, bun, good and privacy not now and set up later skip okay. I agree okay, so since this is for my mom i’m going to fill in her detailsand we can do so it’s just loading now and there we go all right express that up sure yeah. Why not continue? ok, don’t really use siri, but i’m hoping one day we can use sirius, but won’t do that right now and not now not now just want to get to the home page and we’ll do touch id later alrighty. So now that we got to the home page, what i really wanted to tell you guys about is number one coming from windows and coming from lenovo laptops, where the display is not the not the strongest in terms of brightness. I am really really just really attracted to the display on the apple products because it might not come off as well in the camera.

But if you’re, actually in a room with let’s, say a bunch of these laptops versus a bunch of comparable spec windows, pcs or windows laptops, i think it’s really really quite obvious. The difference like, de exemplu. Earlier today i was in office works, which is a store which sells computers. I want to tell you guys about an experience i had earlier today where i was at officeworks it’s. This department store that sells laptops and there was the apple devices in one section and the windows laptops in another section and just walking by the row of laptops. All of them with displays on it was super obvious, at least to me the difference. The apple laptops have on the display, it seemed a lot brighter things seemed more crisp and it just seemed nicer to look at now. Maybe this is simply placebo, but i think i’ve heard from a lot of sources like anecdotally. That apple displays really are something else, and i think that’s something you will definitely notice if you’re coming over from the pc, uh that’s, so that’s just one thing i wanted to talk about. Another thing i want to talk about, but um you’re gon na, have to see the keyboard for this, so yeah, so it’d be great if we could bring the camera over and uh to the laptop keyboard because that’s what i wanted to focus on now. These are the new keys or, i guess the butterfly.

I think that the butterfly switch keys and the thing about them initially going in what i thought was that these keys were going to be sort of not super comfortable to type on, especially because i was coming over from a keyboard with lots of travel. Cu toate acestea, i found that i was wrong because i actually really do enjoy typing on these keys. It feels like, and what i, what i do find is that, even though the keys look like uh hoping you can see this it does it doesn’t, look like much travel at all, which i thought was something that was going to be super super important for me. Fapt, așa am spus, it makes typing really really quite enjoyable, really fun, whereas in previous laptops it felt more of a more of an exercise for this. It feels like something light fun, bouncy and uh. I find myself wanting to type on this keyboard wanting to. If i have to write something to do it on this keyboard, just because it’s so niceand that concludes my argument about why this keyboard is amazing. Uh. However there’s one more thing and it’s this button right here. So if you haven’t used uh or haven’t seen this laptop before you might not know what this is. This is the touch id button. It also serves as a button to go to the off screen. So this little button right here is going to primarily be your touch.

Id sensor, Cu toate acestea, have a look at this and boom. It goes to the lock screen. ok, so one thing i found was very cool. Was this? Let me just show you, so you have your laptop here, maybe you’ve just taken out of your bag, because you want to add something to your document, which is something i do a lot and then all you have to do you open it up and then boom The screen goes on, and i cannot tell you how amazing this was to me. No one told me about this, but apparently with max shutting them off isn’t, something you do regularly it’s more of a you just close the display and put it wherever it needs to be now with my old laptop, which i’ve had for about four years and the Laptops before that, the the mode was a lot different. It was more like i open it up right and then the screen is black and then it turns to the lock screen and then i type in the password or i use the the sensor. But then the sensor takes a while to verify a couple of seconds and then windows thinks about it and then it goes into the desktop, and i thought that was just the norm. I thought that’s what everyone did, but apparently with macbooks they they just do this. So uh i don’t know why windows doesn’t do this i’m sure it can, but i really do prefer having that option for it to instantly go on it’s like an ipad.

It there’s no delay. So if you’re indecisive like me, then it’s really helpful and i think that’s that’s something you should keep in mind. There are a lot of little things like this, which really, cred, is why apple has so many fans in general, because it just their products delight their customers in a way that many other similar, perhaps comparably spec products don’t manage to achieve with the app store. So i’ve talked a lot about the keyboard about the display about all the physical components. I want to dive into the software a little bit, because this is somewhere where i always thought that windows was superior because there’s a lot of customizability in windows. Cu toate acestea, what i’ve? What i’ve discovered is that i actually really appreciate how integrated the apps are. All the apps are for macbook, de exemplu, the app store on mac is actually actually very useful. De exemplu, when i wanted to, i remember, i wanted to look up yeah. It was a pomodoro timer, so this is just a quick timer and you see all of these apps in front of you, so i’ll scroll through them. Every single one of these apps has been vetted by apple right and what that means is is they’ve screened. It carefully to make sure it functions well within uh. The the mac os rightand the good thing about thisis that every single one of these apps, pretty much for it to have made it onto the app store, is polished and will run smoothly and beautifully on your mac because otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

The difference isand you might not know this if you’ve never used windows when i was trying to install a pomodoro timer on my windows laptop the trouble i had was it was kind of like i had to do the foraging myself i had to go on. Google, i had to look it up. I had to look at reviews and then find one that was free and open source, so i could trust it and then download it and then, even after all, that the application i got was far less to be honest file is pretty and far less integrated than The one i got just by doing a quick search on the app storeand this is something that compounds over time – este, not just with a pomodoro timer. The app store has plenty of apps for all kinds of purposes, and i think it’s really what makes apple. I guess an enduring power it’s why their laptops continue to do well, because people get used to having everything just work so well that when they switch to another platform, they’re not familiar with, it seems kind of odd and imperfect. So i suppose that that’s, one area which i didn’t realize until i actually started using the macbook, and i thought it would be valuable for me to to share with you before you make your decision. So that has been my review of this macbook air now. I know this review hasn’t been super heavy on the specifications or the super nitty gritty details, but i think you can find all of those things on the apple website and elsewhere on other videos.

What i really wanted to do was to give you kind of an experience of how particularly how this compares with windows pcs, especially if you’re considering making the jump it’s something i would highly advise you to give it a crack. Because at this price point it feels like a no brainer. I got this model for 14′, that was with a student discount, but if you can get a student discount, you know get a friend to help. You get the student discount it’s, really a no brainer at this price point. If you don’t like it, you can return it. Dacă nu, like you, can get a windows, but i feel like having tried this macbook air.