LeEco Le Max 2 Gura-leului 820 Flagship pentru numai $229!

I decided to pick up the Li echo Li max here now. I know these names a bit of a mouthful, but this thing here cost me 263 us on special. I just couldn't resist it has a Snapdragon 820 in air, so that flagship, Specificatii 4 gigaocteți de RAM. This has a 32 Gigaocteți […]

Xiaomi Mi5 Unboxing & Mâinile pe (3GB/64GB Prime Model)

This particular model has the 2.1 5 gigahertz clock right now. The lower end, unul, care este 32 Gigabyte, has the clock set at 1.8. So a little bit slower, I was going to get the prime version or the provision I think it's called, which has the 128 gigabytes of storage and the […]