Suprafaţă 3 Jocuri de noroc: Dota 2 & League of Legends LoL

This is just a BOTS game and you can see the framerate is just up here in the top left hand corner there. The framerate seems to stay around 30 at the moment and I will just test dropping a resolution, but I'll just get up to some action here. The tutorial thing at the […]

Suprafaţă 3 Jocuri de noroc: Starcraft II with FPS and settings used

So I imagine it could run alright on this system, but I will just get into it and have a little look at some gameplay I'll show you my sittings so 1024 de 768. Everything else is on low and post processing, low physics off, basically the lowest. You could run the game just to […]

Cube i7 Core M LoL / League of Legends Gameplay [4k]

Never really played this game before I need to test it when people requested it. So I have no idea how to play and I'll just jump into a game and give you a quick look around and see what the frames per second and is like I'm, not real idea. What I'm doing here […]