This time it is a apparently a 5g tablet for less than 7 000 pesos and it seems to include a keyboard and a stylus, and it is 5g with 10 gigs of ram qualcomm snapdragon 6865. Wow that’s amazing peopleprobably shouldn’t, be scammed by this, but check out the comments. All the comments we have 4.2k reactions. I can’t see how many comments we have, dar, după puteți vedea, uh let’s read some comments here. How much in the philippines he doesn’t even know, it says right there, like an idiot mode of payment. Question mark what’s the specs where to buy in cebu uh. Is there another item how to check if my order is ready to ship people really really seem to think this is a legit product. Um is snapdragon 865 pentru 7, 000 de pesos, so let’s see let’s just go shop now: gift package plus free trial plus one year, warranty 5g 5g tablet pc running a memory 10 plus 25 10 gigabyte ram 256 gig rom, dual band wi fi high speed internet top 100, get smart wristband for free, Um, polymor explosion, proof battery. Oh! What is this? What is this photo over here? Keyboard 5g playing games really fast. I don’t see an actual tablet. I don’t think there’s an actual tablet in here: 15. 000. Milliampere battery. You know the tablets only have like maximum of seven thousand milliamps generally right uh. So what is this tablet? They’Re aping.

I wonder this looks really really ugly by the way the cameras on the back fake photoshop pictures, with edge to edge graphics, Afişare, Grafică, Uh. 15. 000 milliampere batteryoh god, people get tricked by this crap um sync cloud: backup, hd, dual camera uh samsung gorgeous big screen: 10 cord 10g operation: oh here’s, an actual photo 16 grand with a fake mouse. This is not even the keyboard that they were showing earlier. This is not the the tablet and stand they were showing earlier powerful flagship: 10 core performance 5g. I don’t think there’s a processor that is 10 core that has 5g but whatever you know, fake pictures, fake picture of the of a camera that’s not the same as the other one fake tablet that doesn’t look like the tablets. They were showing earlier 5g split, sling collaboration, different tablet, a different tablet, different keyboard day and night. The focus is every shot, one shot: fifteen thousand million there’s no specs. What is this shark attack? Um netcon 5g plus wi fi six uh? Oh now, it’s 4k wow. Wait what now it’s 4k 100 money back guarantee local sellers in the philippines shopping shopping is guaranteed uh. Recent, fraud cases are emerging in endlessly. If you have any doubts, please call the above hotline or contact our facebook consumer service to inquire a dedicated person will serve. You uh just online inquiry, be one seven, seven, seven, eight, nine, Șase, two nine three one at the out dot com, great dhl ups.

We care about you, seven, five, seven, five anti fraud Laughter, oh god, people gon na get scammed; din nou. o, Doamne. This is so sad. This is so sad choose parameter. ok, oh we can pick the color a black, a white or a golden. o, Doamne. That is amazing. Ei bine, Evident, this is a scam it’s, a fake tablet, fake keyboard, you can’t get a snapdragon 865 for seven thousand pesos but, as you know, filipino people easily scammed, as you can see where to buy in davao. I want to order three, but we won’t. Let me choose three different, colors it’s, so sad. This is so sad. You can repeat the order three times how very helpful of you never mind free shipping them on. Oh, my god, this is so sad. This person is gon na, buy three different tablets. That’S gon na get he’s gon na get scammed um, oh my god, oh my god, Uh! Where can we buy how many base shipping, where to buy accessories, included how much philippine price? Oh, Nu, Oh, Muzica, where to buy in palawan? This is so sad. Well guys, please don’t get scammed by this stupid facebook scam again, ca de obicei, facebook allows scam ads, so don’t buy anything from facebook ever period. Tech inspected here, yeah that’s.