Laptops are chunkier devices that can be easily transported from location, a to location b, dar este, often not practical to use them while transporting them. The same cannot be said of tablets. You can easily whip out your tablet, while you’re waiting for your burger, de exemplu, but doing so with a laptop, would be weird and impractical in most cases. Pe de altă parte,, laptops tend to feature more powerful hardware, not only that they also have more robust operating systems like windows, mac os or linux, as opposed to mobile operating systems that most tablets use. Now we’ve already made a whole video where we compare the pros and cons of laptops and tablets, so we won’t be repeating all of that here. The link to that video is in the description. Cu toate acestea, there is a device that seems perfect for those who can’t seem to decide between getting a laptop or a tablet and that’s. The so called two in one laptop in today’s video we’ll be taking a look at how two, in one laptops stack up against regular laptops and, more importantly, against tablets. So without any further ado, let’s begin, we’ll start things off with a hardware comparison. For the sake of clarity, let’s first define each device. A tablet is best described as an oversized smartphone. Le-a. A large screen relies mostly on a touch screen interface with only a handful of buttons and in most cases it features just a single port.

This can be a lightning port, usbc or micro, usb and it’s used to both charge the device and to connect it to another computer, because the hardware used in tablets isn’t all that powerful they tend to have excellent battery life. Conversely, a laptop is basically a portable pc. The hardware it uses is weak compared to a full sized pc hardware, but it’s still miles ahead of the stuff used for most other portable devices. Cu toate acestea, laptops utilize, keyboards and touchpads to register input, and they come with plenty of ports that can be used to connect peripherals or other devices to the laptop. This includes an ethernet port, several usb ports, an hdmi port, a headphone jack and sometimes even a lightning port that can be used to connect an external gpu to the laptop. As you might expect, two in one devices borrow elements from both laptops and tablets. These devices can be used in tablet or laptop mode. Some of them feature a detachable screen that can function as a tablet, while others allow for the keyboard to be folded behind the screen. These are known as detachable and convertible two in one devices respectively. The tablet part of a two in one device is the screen, even with two. In one models that don’t feature a detachable screen, the screen at least has touch capabilities, so it can mimic the feel of using a tablet. Cu toate acestea, everything else about the two in one devices is all laptop with the inclusion of a keyboard and plenty of ports it’s hard to make too many generalizations, as two in one laptops cover a wide price range.

In most cases, you’ll find the hardware weaker than in regular laptops, but this isn’t always the case, although when it is the case, it does wonders for battery life. Two in one laptops can easily be found in sizes smaller than your regular laptops, making them more portable. But less ergonomic when using a keyboard. Cu toate acestea, many two in one laptops can be seen as just laptops with touchscreen capabilities added in this doesn’t make them better laptops than normal laptops, but it does at least make them competent and acting out the part of a laptop but the same isn’t. True for the tablet part of the equation, due to a reason that will become clear as we move into the software portion of this comparison, having a laptop with weaker hardware. Doesn’T sound too good, but having a tablet with the hardware capabilities of a laptop sounds amazing, and in this aspect the two in laptop feels like a well balanced device. The software side of things is where some aspects of this device start to get a bit more questionable, as we’ve previously established laptops use, robust operating systems like windows, linux or mac. Os tablets use mobile operating systems such as ios, android or chrome, os twin one laptops, can’t use both of these and switch between operating systems when you switch between two modes of use, so for the most part, two in one laptops use regular laptop operating systems. This has its benefits. It enables you to use more demanding software, that mobile operating systems don’t support and it facilitates multitasking.

Asta a spus, the normal assumption many people have when looking at this type of device is that the tablet part of it will be compatible with everything. A normal tablet is compatible with and that just isn’t the case here as simple as they may be. Some apps are just not supported on, spun, windows and there’s, nothing. You can do about it. You do get access to most pc games, though whether or not you can run them is another thing, but they are supported. The rest is up to hardware power and there are some 2 în 1 laptops out there with impressive specs, although they are accompanied by equally impressive price tags. Some two in one laptops feature lightning ports, so they can be connected to external gpus to maximize the gaming horsepower. But at this point a regular laptop would still likely be better, as it would feature better cooling due to its larger size and even regular sized laptop cooling systems aren’t exactly great to begin with. So when it’s all said and done, how do two in one laptops compare to tablets? That really depends on what you plan to use them, pentru, if all you need is a device for everyday tasks like web browsing, casual gaming and multimedia viewing, then a tablet would likely better suit. Your needs. Tablets are more lightweight and more durable due to the lack of moving parts and if you’re looking to get the best performance out of a portable device without breaking the bank, then a regular laptop would likely serve you better.

Cu toate acestea, where two in one laptops shine is their versatility, with the exception of certain mobile games, we can’t think of many mobile apps that don’t have a desktop equivalent. So if mobile gaming isn’t something that interests you, then a two in one laptop can offer great productivity. In its laptop mode and still serve as a convenient and portable replacement for a tablet for web browsing and multimedia viewing, and that about does it for this video, we hope you found it helpful. You can, let us know if you have by liking it sharing it with friends and leaving a comment.