Noul meu laptop preferat? Surface Laptop Go Upgraded Review

The i5 10th generation is a great processor, but with four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of emmc storage, it really was lackluster, and so what does the average person do when they’re faced with buying a product that they don’t really like? If your answer was, they buy another of the same product, […]

I Sold My M1 MacBook Pro

2020.. I still remember that day like it was yesterday that’s when i came into his life, i was the first m1 macbook pro he ever held. We spent a lot of time together. Life was Music, but it great started to change in april 2021 and i knew that smile on his face. It […]

Review Pixio Px160Best Portable Monitor in 2021

The px160 is a 15.6 inch portable display with a 1080p full hd resolution, that’s equipped with an ips panel that supports up to 60hz refresh rate with freesync technology and hdr ready let’s, go ahead, open the box and take a look at what’s inside Music, and once You open the box Music. The […]

Blackview Tab A9 After 3 săptămâni! | Hands on impressions & revizuire!

Do me a favor hit the like button. Subscribe get notified for more videos just like this, but if you’re already a part of the crew Music, so i have the black view. A tab, a9 right here, it’s a tablet from blackbeard. They just released the blackvue a10 um a couple of days ago. […]

Real User Experience Oppo Find X3 Pro ! Review Indonesia

Beberapa hal yang enggak boleh, Miss adalah fitur Wireless charging, yang sebelumnya, absen Diva next uprighting ip68 set up stereo, Difuzor, dengan output, audio yang bagus, walaupun ya, bukan, yang terbaik, ya, dikelasnya Hai sore, like petenis non Hei file. Seventeen halili watch lalu fabrice motor yang kece dan sesuai dengan embel embel di belakang, […]

Meu tablet do governo 😱🇧🇷 #ceara #governo #tablet

Do governo so alunos do ensino mdio, do primeiro e segundo, ano t, bom, mas bora, L, Ezequiel tablet, essa aqui, o tablet, A marca dele positivo e eu vou mostrar que agora, eu vou abrir aqui e vou mostrar para vocs: como ele, dentro, t bom, olha galera, Eu vou abrir aqui ento puxadinho, […]

Lenovo Chromebook Duet|Watch Before You Buy

It has all the makings of an ideal on the go laptop for work or school, except it costs under 300 and for that price, este, probably only good for taking notes right well kind of, but not really in this video we’re going over key features. Seeing who this product would be good for […]

Shopee Review Microsoft 365 Murah !! by AnnaShopee Haul

sub, like minyak buat, something dalam WNI diminta untuk cite ETV chanrich sambil senyum kalo udah langsung ta, tapi, entah, kenapa, jadi, masalah, pula, kalau, kita, guenya, comprimat, ataupun, Notebook yang agak, kecil, dipunyai, Zaskia, Mesir, kini, ciri, ciri, dalam 10 point Mr kami yang kami, guenya adalah MT Black enggak, Samsung, Galaxy S3 light […]

Review Lengkap Cara Pasang Anti Gores 3D Screen Guard Mi Band 6

dan, yang lagi, lebaran, ya, Ini, masih, Bawa bawa lebaran Mohon, maaf, lahir, batin, ya, Jika ada, salah kata dan apapun, hal yang tidak, berkenan, dihati, Mohon, dimaafkan, ya, teman, teman oke di masih, dipandang mikevisual, bersedia, melepasnya, jangan, lupa, aku, hingga, hari, cu, akan di KM, ya, protokol, kesehatan dan semoga, kalian, satwasker, kita, […]

ASUS Zenfone 8 Revizuire – Changed my Mind!

So this year asus launched two flagships and phones in the eight and eight flip and frankly it was a little confusing. But we’ve spoken a lot about the confusion in the unboxing, so right now, Sunt., just gon na talk about the smaller phone, the zenfone, 8 and that’s. Actually its killer feature. The […]

Unboxing the next OnePlus phoneWorld Exclusive!

While this jet gets faster and faster and then we’re going to surprise a fan, who’s going to be the first to own it yep here we go here, we go it’s a beefy package. Let’S get inside we’ve got the phone on top there. Can you take that as well? One question one plus […]



Definitely here now it’s time, tick, tock, tick, tock time has been passing all morning. It’S been a long morning, lots of ups plenty of downs, maybe a few mental breakdowns, wouldn’t, be able to say we put up with the developers relentless trolling all morning, all morning, long just just memes. At one point […]