That is a blue one, and this one is called cs6, so they almost have pretty same features: they’re both support voice control, microphone, hi, fi, sound quality, sound proofed. Aside from the fact that this one is wide connected, and this one is bluetooth, stereo headphones, yeah sensor. This is 85 db, limited volume. That means it protects the children’s hearing, because this is the maximum volume you can get for this one. You just adjust the volume yourself right includes um, usb charge, cable, auxiliary input, cable with the inline micro juice, and this one has two modes: Music, one is normal mode and the other one is, i don’t, know Music. So this is cs6 and this one is bt05, which one is your favorite so far, which color that one you wan na, which one you wan na open first, would open that one: okay, you can open it, then so that is wireless one. This one is wireless. One wow wow and look: we press the buttons look so there’s, some cute little wings and the buttons Music it’s, like an angel wing pink one. I like the colors, they are so pretty and this is the brand name. This is the top there yeah. So these are the different colors they have pink and they have pink and green and they have blue and green. So lauren got the purple and pink because that’s your favorite color isn’t, it it’s angel wings. The thinking accessory and there’s like cat here, the riding bicycle wearing headphone and obviously the model number and the other car.

Where has the other Music card and what’s this so there’s buttons here? This is a mode button where you change the modes. This is mode button and there’s the pressure mode button. This one comes with um. Oh, it comes with this one. Okay, so it comes with this uh plugs wan na open it yeah. So you enclose this wise. So this one is a usb charge. Cable. This is where you can charge usb, and this one is auxiliary input, cable with inline mic and volume control, so it’s wireless, but you can also charge a cable. This looks so comfy with the phone and it’s pretty good. It looks so good. You want to try it on yeah. I want to watch my video video. You want to watch it yeah okay, so we cannot connect it to the ipod yeah. Okay. This is lauren she’s, not watching her own video. Is it too loud or is all right? Yeah is it too loud or it’s? Fine, no it’s, fine, it’s fine, so you can hear it well, it’s, not too loud isn’t. It looks like she’s enjoying it. You like it yeah now, we’re gon na open the second one and it is cs6 – should open it. Yeah, Music, wow, Music, so it’s wide connected. Let me see so there’s also this that’s the same. They have the little wings here. Wings and lauren is plugging it in because otherwise it’s not gon na work, if it’s not plugged in and they’re the same Music, you want to try it as well yeah, okay, this one hasn’t got this buttons like the one uh bt05 has.

So this is pretty plain: it hasn’t got any buttons in the headphones itself and but they have this y yeah. We have this one. Should we try it yeah okay, i’m gon na plug it now? Can you hear it? I have to adjust the volume here. Can you hear it now? This one is ideally when, when they are in a car that one is whenever they’re near the gadget, it comes with a little manuals, and obviously this has different colors as there you well. So this cs6 has different colors and you can choose between purple and green, which is the one lauren got purple and pink and blue and green so which one is your favorite color, lauren Music, you like purple and green. All of this. You want purple and green that’s what that’s the one she got, this one i’m gon na get this one, which one purple pink no purple and pink that one purple pink right. So this is the little manual, so you get all the instructions. This is actually like. Um, instant music sharing, so you can connect it into two between two headphones and then you can do one. Take the butterflies, where’s, the butterflies on this one mama over here. This one has blue butterflies, green butterflies. So this bt05, it has an excellent battery performance and you connect it to your computer and tv, the ipod, the smartphone and mp3 and mp4 right, and while this one you can connect it between the two headphones.

So you can just easily plug the other headphone here. If you’ve got two kids, they can both watch the same show at the same time, Music, yeah let’s. Do this isn’t it? That means it’s, uh, instant, music sharing. So if two of you wants to listen to the same song or watch the same, show you can plug it together and you can watch the same time when baby brother gets big. You and baby brother can watch the same time same show you just blocked each other, yeah isn’t it so i think that’s pretty much it. I like the colors and it’s good quality good for kids, especially this one don’t forget to subscribe click.