I like donuts and soda and tablets and lots of things ginger ale, but the tab s8 is exciting. Three models, this time, not just the tab s8 and the s8 plus we have now the ultra. So if youre an ultra enthusiast – and you want a tablet with a 14.6 inch screen – this is your lucky year – thats a big screen. Anyway, i ordered one um. I i ordered one well talk about that more later, so this guy right here this is the tab. S7 plus, basically its an upgraded version of this, the tab, s8 plus and then the eight. So the eight is going to be 11 inches its going to start at 6.99. The s8 plus is going to be 8.99 and its 12.4 inches, and then youve got the ultra, which starts at 1099 and is well 14.6 inches its one gigantic tablet its even got the notch right here on the tab. Seven plus youll see this. This is just a regular camera, theres now a notch, but its actually functional, because it has two cameras in there and theyve also got smaller bezels thats, one of the things thats going to help make the tablet smaller. Is i mean up here? A 14.6 inch screen is big, but if you look at this tablet like right here, you see the bezels there theyre pretty large. So if you shrink the bezels a little bit, that gives you some more space and then its got a notch for the two cameras.

So now the tab s8 ultra has two 12 megapixels on the front, which is just crazy: two 12 megapixel cameras and then a 13 and a 6 on the back. So a little bit of a change, the tab s7 plus, if i remember from memory its got a 13 and a 5 on the back, so they upgrade it to a 13 and a 6. okay sure. Both the cameras on the front of the back are capable of 4k video. It didnt specifically save at 60 frames per second. I would hope so at this point in time, because its rocking the snapdragon 8th generation, one now its mostly a retooled snapdragon 88, but instead of five nanometers, its four and theres, a bigger emphasis on machine learning and ai. Hopefully that plays a part into it. What the exciting stuff about this one, new s pen is three times faster on responsiveness. What i did note, though, which is kind of annoying, is it still has the stylus on the back. So, im im really not a big fan of the way they do this, because well it pops off all the time its annoying it gets in the way i wish they could. I wish they could find a way to like where you could have it inserted into the tablet. I dont know why we cant do that. I know it would make the s pen smaller, but im actually, okay with that, so it would be nice if they would do that anyway.

Youd have to worry about losing it dropping off all that cool stuff. It could charge inside the house. It would be perfect. So were looking at the super amoled display hdr 10 plus i think that were getting an lcd screen with the tab. S8. I ordered two tablets today. So with my own money, i bought the tab s8 ultra and the regular tab sa you guys know. I, like a smaller tablet, im. Okay, with that i dont necessarily have to have a gigantic one. I am going to cover the gigantic one, so you guys can see it because its the cool new toy everybody wants to see the new 14.6 inch tablet. Other cool things, so, basically everything that we would like the s22 ultra to have like expandable storage, its going to be in the tab. S8. You can get up to one terabyte, sd card storage, so thats good with the tab s8, the plus and the ultra thats fantastic, because it starts with the baseline 128. It starts with a baseline, eight gigs of ram, which is actually really fantastic, because it really irked me last go around that the tab s7 plus started at six, and then you had to pay extra money to get the 8 and the 256. So the configuration that you can max out on up to 16 gigabytes of ram, so i think they really mean to play right. I mean with all the cool stuff that theyve got on here, the new implementations, the stuff.

You can pair up your tablet with your computer and use it as a second screen. You can use dex if you pre order, you get the free cover keyboard, which is nice. I mean ive ive got one on here. I dont have the keyboard portion. I think its inside, but its worked pretty well, i like it because the keyboard cover works as a protective cover for the front screen. You get the housing on the back. My favorite thing is this: this little flap that protects and keeps the s pen from rolling off and the keyboards like, i think, its like 150. So if you pre order it, then you get that for free and thats a great deal because youre already getting a great deal. The trading deals are crazy. I i im getting 600 trading credit for my tab, f7 plus, of course i traded something in for a year and a half ago, and i bought it and i paid like 300. Then so samsung is the absolute king of like you, buy something from us and trade it in the next year usually were pretty good about helping you and its been a long time since weve had a new tablet like a year and a half ive got the Tab s7 fe im going to keep that im going to hold on to that until the new fe comes out probably later in the year, because people like the budget tablets. But basically, if you pre order the tablet, you get the free keyboard case and then, if you pair it with the s22 ultra, they give you another 25 off.

So what i did was i traded in my fold, two im getting 600 bucks for that im trading. In an iphone 12 getting 450 for that and then im getting the s22 ultra with the 256 gigs of storage and the 12 gigs of ram and im getting the ultra the tab, s8 ultra the base model, one got my 25 off all my trading credit stuff. Also pay attention to the top: they have different employer discounts. So if youre military first responder educator stuff like that, they gave me an additional like 10 off or something like that. So all said and done trade in everything bonuses im getting it all for like 713 dollars, which is just amazing to me, like trade in some stuff get the trade in deals, get the bonuses, thats thats great, so three different models, different price points, different storage options, Cool new camera, stuff cool, new software features so theres one new feature: you can use your samsung phone as like the the palette for your canvas. So if you see in the video you see them drawing on the tablet and then the phone theyre using on the side shows all the colors and the brushes and stuff thats. Really nice thats been kind of a barrier to me actually coloring or drawing before, because youre continually having to tap the screen and do five different actions just to change the brush and the color. I, like that also theres new video features theres that auto focus thing where basically its just like the center stage with the ipad and what facebook does with their portals.

It has an ultra wide lens on it. It crops it adjusts, so it gets. Both people are adjusting the frame and keeps you centered thats cool. Also the video feature now, where you can have multiple people on a video you can watch stuff together. You can share notes, you can copy and highlight an entire page now and throw it into your notes, like a web page, so theres a lot of neat stuff going on there. Of course, dex everybody loves decks and when you plug in the keyboard automatically starts that up theres a lot of nice stuff, the samsung tablets are the best out there there. Whenever you look around the android tablet: landscape theres, just not a lot theres the ipads and theres the samsungs, then theres kind of whatever theres a few lenovos. But by and large samsung is it in the android world. And oh, if youre, a content, creator youre gon na love this, because they have worked with lumafusion its luma something, but the app itself is lumafusion and they have it optimized for the tab. S8. Now one of the biggest drawbacks, like a lot of people, been excited and they like to edit their videos on ipads, and it was funny because everybody thought we were going to get final cut pro for the ipads once they threw the m1 chip in there. With the ipad pro that still hasnt happened, but you can get lumafusion with the android tablet, its going to be optimized.

For so now you can edit your videos and the other nice feature is. This is great with samsung. You can record something with your samsung phone now and then send it directly over wirelessly to the tablet, just like you can with airdrop on apple. So, basically, if you get the phone and the tablet, youve got a content creation studio right on the go. So i like what theyre doing there the hardware stuff looks good. I think that the heat issues wont be as big of a deal as they might be with the phone just because theres so much space in there to dissipate that heat. You get problems with phones, yeah ive heard theres some issues with the snapdragon 8 generation, one with heat mitigation, but it seems like theyre taking extra effort with the s22 ultra im sure they also do with the tab s8, but tab s8 has so much room inside Of there its easier to passively dissipate that heat, so i think well be in business. I think itll be a good tablet, its exciting, because its the flagship android tablet of the year so cool stuff there ill be anxious to get mine in ill, be anxious to cover them and show them all for you guys and review them of course, and tell You, whether theyre any good and hopefully if you did get one you didnt, have too many problems with the samsung website, which was a complete and utter disaster.

Today took like eight nine hours for some people to get through and buy stuff. It was terrible, so thats all ive got if you have any questions or comments anything. You want me to check out its going to be a while before it gets here its not going to get here until like the 25th. So weve got some time. Oh also, its got 120 hertz refresh rate, all that good stuff, too. It looks nice and you got some new colors theres, a pink color theres, also the graphite, color and then silver. So a couple different options. There plenty of storage options and i think its going to be a good tablet so and if you also, if youre interested in it ive got links down in the drop down as well, you can go to the description there and click on those are affiliate links. If you buy it through there, it helps support the channel. You can go that route. If not go straight to the website, go anywhere. You want best, buy amazon, samsung theyre, all over the place so thats all i got as always.