These are something that i’m very familiar with. I will be going over all the pros. All the cons and everything in between this is going to be a great video, so come check it out with me. There’S a link in the description, and so here we go all right, so there’s a few things to know about this camera before we get into the actual review portion of this video. So these ring spotlight cameras, they’re weather resistant, they’re, wi, fi, they’re, 1080p. High definition, cameras, they have two way talk built into the camera and the spotlight, which is really cool. They also have the snapshot capture feature which is awesome, it’ll, send you snapshots throughout the day or from the night. These cameras also have theft protection built into these. They have customizable motion detection built into them, so you can adjust the parameters of that of what you want them. Picking up, if you just want them picking up people only if you want them picking up everything, you can adjust the range of the the detection on these things and they’ve got the motion activated spotlight, which is also really cool function on these things and it’s also Got the built in alarm with these cameras, which is really cool just in case you know, nobody else is home your wife’s home by herself. She can hit the little alarm button on the app scare away, anybody that might be peeping around the house, so kind of cool feature.

So these aren’t, weatherproof or just weather resistant cameras. So you do want to keep them out of the weather a little bit get them up under the eaves. Get some protection on these cameras, but yeah. They are definitely meant to go outdoors, but give them some protection, at least all right i’m just going to cover camera placement really quickly. So i’ve got four of these cameras and i’ve got the ring doorbell. So this first camera you can tell i’ve got mounted up over a swimming pool. It’S super nice. If you’re out on vacation, you can quickly check and check pool levels, make sure your pool’s not like flooding over, make sure there’s not like somebody out there swimming that shouldn’t, be somebody using your pool when they’re not supposed to be it’s, also great for insurance purposes. So really convenient really handy to have up over a pool, and you know not to state the obvious. But if you have little kids and a swimming pool, you should have a camera alright. So this next ring spotlight. Camera is overlooking uh, one of our side gates to the side yard here, and this is just nice, where it’s kind of pointing out towards the street anybody coming up or approaching this corner of the house. It trips on it’s got the motion sensor, so it sets down just enough if they come up off the sidewalk. It’Ll start recording it’ll trip on the spotlight so and it’s awesome, so it’s, just really helpful, really handy to have another great place for these ring.

Spotlight powered cameras is up above a garage door or overlooking a driveway area, and obviously this one here does a really good job of showing anybody coming and going uh into the driveway area. And my latest addition is the one overlooking the side door and the big side gate there. In fact, i did another recent video on installing these ring power and spotlight cameras, and you can check that out right here, so there’s that one and you know i can’t – really talk about this whole ring camera system and then leave out the ring doorbell so here’s. The ring doorbell, this thing is awesome. I mean if you don’t, have a ring doorbell at least check it out. These things are pretty cool all right. You guys let’s get on with this review. Okay, the part you’ve been waiting for the best thing i think about this is that it’s powered. So, unlike the battery version, this one plugs into your house’s power. It’S wireless you just plug it in and go you don’t have batteries to have to mess with or deal with, or change or worry hey? Is it going to capture motion out there you know or my battery’s dead. I mean the thing’s powered it’s, always on it’s. Always running and it’s reliable, all right, so another positive of the ring spotlight powered camera is that it’s really easy to set up so anybody can set this up, takes about 20 minutes and, like i say, it’s, straightforward setup comes with really clear instructions and anybody can Do this, so you don’t need to hire it out, so the ring application is really super easy to use.

Just get it loaded onto your phone under your computer, uh super handy super convenient to have you can check it anywhere. You go on vacation. You travel a lot check it from work and pull up your your cameras, your screen and talk right to people. It’S awesome same with the ring doorbell. It integrates right in with these other cameras, uh really convenient nice to have so one thing worth a mention. You can also pull up the ring app on your computer. Besides your phone, so that’s kind of cool as well. So another nice feature is you can talk right through these ring cameras, so you’ve got like the ups guy outside if he’s, not at your front door, he’s got a larger item he’s at the driveway or something dropping off like i literally had somebody dropping off a Generator for the cabin property um ups guy at the driveway – and i could talk right through the camera and say: hey yeah, go ahead and set that down i’m going to be right out i’m going to open up the door and it was just really convenient. So something like that happens really nice to have that function and that ability or even a contractor you have a contractor show up. You’Ve got a locked gate. You can be like hey i’ll, be right out there to help you out. Just give me a moment: hey babe yeah, while you’re out there would you mind cleaning the pool seriously yeah.

It needs to be clean, not to be captain obvious here, but the motion sensor function is awesome and the built in spotlights are very bright, so check it out. They are super bright. So big positive is the motion sensor function, so i’ve got to share this little. Video clip with you, the wife and i went out to early dinner sunday and we came home and all the deck chairs by the pool were all scattered all over the backyard. One of the legs was broken off the table, and so i go and play back. The ring video, but so i was like either we had like a dust, devil hit and threw all these things around or like a really pissed off sith lord or something so check out the video clip another positive function about these ring spotlight. Cams is if you hear somebody outside during the night or you’re traveling, and your wife’s home by yourself, they’ve got a 110 decibel alarm that she can hit and scare off anybody that’s might be messing around outside the house, so really cool function, all right. So another awesome feature that i love about. The ring spotlight. Cam is you’ve, got this thing called neighborhood community. So literally, while i was filming this little video something popped up and said, pay attention to your surroundings, apparently somebody woke up to a man has gained entry to their home in a development nearby, and this literally just came up.

If you take a look at that and so it’s like 2.8 miles away a little warning there saying hey, you know i guess somebody was going around checking uh locks on homes and decided to let themselves in, and you know, into somebody’s house there so kind of Kind of cool little community warning that they put out there if you want to be a part of that so really kind of cool all right. So another positive feature of these cameras is the night vision ability. So here is what these cameras look like with the night vision on and no spotlights on at all, okay, so that was a good list. Everybody so now the bad list. So my biggest gripe about the ring, uh security features and system and everything is obviously the subscription it almost scared me away from it at first. I wasn’t so sure about this and it’s like all right. So i went ahead and did it it’s three dollars a camera, so obviously i did the ring doorbell. It was three bucks to get that set up and it’s, not bad three dollars per item per month. But if you do a yearly subscription, they actually knock that down. Quite a bit. You end up paying ten dollars per month for unlimited cameras, so without the playback functionality, it’s, not a great system. So you really one goes with the others. You really have to have that playback functionality, otherwise i wouldn’t wouldn’t even bother getting it all right.

So the second thing um that i don’t like, is if something happens really fast. The motion activation doesn’t catch it quick enough. So, for example, if a car comes past really quickly, the camera on my driveway will either catch the tail end of it or just miss it all together. So fast action, doesn’t pick it up so that’s a problem so another downside. Obviously, video quality is not the best it’s, nothing to write home about you’re, not going to get somebody’s. You know license plate or be able to see broccoli stuck in their teeth when you’re. Looking at that video, so another downside, i’ve got four cameras and i’ve got the ring doorbell. So you can’t, pull up multiple live feeds at once and that’s annoying. So if you have somebody walking around your house, you can’t go from one to the next to the next as quickly it’s, like you’re, missing part of that so that’s kind of obnoxious. You can’t pull up multiple cameras simultaneously, so another complaint there, all right so sometimes connecting to your live feed is a problem. Sometimes you’ll hit connect and it’ll either take 10 or 15 seconds to connect and by the time it does the action’s long gone and then you’re stuck to playing back to seeing you know who just dropped off a package or what’s going on at your place, so That can be super annoying when you paid money for these cameras and installed them, and then you missed whatever action just happened at your house, all right, you guys so here’s a copy of my invoice.

This is my yearly subscription for the ring plan. Like i say, i’ve got the four cameras and then i’ve got the ring doorbell, so it’s three dollars per device per month. But if you have more than four devices there’s no charge for those extra devices, so they actually give you a price break. As you can tell on my subscription fees, it’s a hundred dollar flat rate per year, because i pay it for the entire year and so they’re actually giving me a price break. And honestly, this is a deal breaker for some people because they’re having to pay the subscription fee for these cameras, but the ability to play this stuff back is just priceless. So something happens, you can go back, you can play it back anytime. You need it, and this is you know the best feature ever and to me, it’s totally worth having it it’s worth 100 bucks a year to be able to play back. Any of these cameras see what what happened during the course of the day you’re out on vacation you’re gone for a week or whatever you can come back, see what happened on any of the cameras and it’s to me, it’s just worth it. For me, this is probably my favorite feature, so 100 bucks a year, it’s insurance, all right. So, to sum up, my review: do your own research do your own homework? Lord knows, i sure did before i bought these things and when i bought them i went all in.

I bought the four cameras i bought the ring doorbell and i don’t have any regrets. I love it. I’M. Glad that i did it stood. I looked at customer reviews. I looked at how’s the performance. How are these things doing? I looked at all the youtube videos. I went through the same thing that you’re doing these things are working great for the setup that i have so now with that being said, if there was one thing that i could pick apart, the ring camera system, for it would be that when there is something Going on and you need that live feed, you need it right away. Your work, you get an alert, hey somebody’s at your house, something’s going on. You hit the app button every once in a while. It’Ll sit there and give you the hourglass of death and it won’t connect that’s. My one biggest gripe so it’s worth a mention that when your app doesn’t load and when you know and when you can’t see the action that’s going on, your ring system is still recording that. So you can go back and play it five minutes later after. Whatever happened, you’ve missed it, of course. Now the best thing about the entire ring system is that it all integrates and the app integrates with everything. So you’ve got your ring. Doorbell you’ve got your ring cameras, your ring, spotlight cameras, you’ve got your ring lock. If you want to go that far, it all integrates and say: you’ve got somebody at 3am they’re outside, and you you’ve left your bicycle out by your garage.

They start walking up to your garage boom, spotlight, activates they’re gon na go to the next house, guarantee it i’ve seen it happen. Neighbors. They share videos like this and that’s the best thing ever that’s worth its weight in gold, they’re gon na go to the next house.