quick reminder. Folks remember to hit that thumbs up.. It helps others find quality content and allows us to continue to make videos like this. For you. click on subscribe and then hit the bell, so you get notified any time we add new, content., okay, folks, so Ive had the ring alarm second generation for about one year now and Ive been very happy with both the product and the service.. In this, video were going to take a look at the hardware and then also the functions and features offered from within the ring. App. first were going to take a look at the base station which connects to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi.. It uses z, wave to connect to sensors and other compatible devices.. The system also has a battery backup to keep it running. If the electricity goes out., it can either sit flat on a surface or be mounted to a wall, and on the back of the unit, we can see that it has an Ethernet port and USB A connectivity.. Next we have the keypad which mounts to the wall.. The keypad is rechargeable and Ive only had to charge it once in the year that weve had the system.. The keypad has a speaker and it is back lit. on the rear we can see it has a micro USB port for charging. one other nice thing is when youre in entry delay mode itll display a red line which will reduce its size, as the remaining time Runs down.

here we take a look at the contact sensor., these sensors work very well and Ive had them on windows, doors and sliding doors.. They consist of a sensor and a magnet in order for them to work properly. You do need to position the sensor and the magnet within one inch of each other., the batteries last for a long time, as I still have a full battery showing in the ring app even on my most frequently used entry door.. Here we have the smoke and carbon monoxide listener.. If my hardwired smokeCO sensor activates the listener will pick up that alarm and notify Ring.. Next we have the panic button.. These devices can be placed in strategic locations around the home.. If help is needed, you hold the button in for three seconds and the alarm will sound.. It will also notify the ring professional monitoring center and let them know that you are in need of help.. This is the ring motion. Sensor.. I will show you the settings when we look at the ring app later on in this video.. The motion sensor is, of course, used to detect motion around the home and provides an additional layer of defense against intruders.. The motion sensor will also log motion in the ring app when the system is disarmed, which can also be useful.. Here is the freezeflood sensor.. This device will detect freezing conditions and the presence of water. freezing could cause water pipes to burst, and if there is a flood, this sensor will activate using the two sets of sensors on the bottom.

. I have one of these in the basement utility room and plan to place them under each sink as well.. If there is a water leak, you will know and hopefully be able to stop it before it causes major damage.. The last component is a third party Yale, smart lock, which is certified to work with ring. youll need the z wave version to add it to the ring alarm system.. This allows me to control access to the home with a code and its logged to the ring security system. Whenever the lock is accessed., I can also use the ring app to control access or lock and unlock it. youll, see more in the next section of the video where we look at the ring. App., hey everyone, so were going to open our ring app. here in the ring app. We have our alarm state at the top. disarmed, which is whats selected. Currently, then we can arm it home or we can arm it away., the difference being. If you arm it home, there is no entry delay.. So if somebody triggers one of the sensors or opens a door, for example, its going to set the alarm off immediately and the professional monitoring will be immediately notified. now down in my shortcuts, you can see that I have some other things here. We have the MyQ garage door opener, which is linked to our ring account.. Then we have also a Yale security lock, which is linked up to our ring account as well.

. We have our history section which well get to in a minute. We have our alarm and then we have some other options here for things like smart lighting and professional monitoring.. Now, if I go into my alarm for a moment, … Im just going to quickly go through some of the different options we have here.. We have the base station and in here we can go in and configure the different options.. We can view status for the base station.. This is the version 2 base station.. Then we have the keypad as well and we can set some options in here.. We can view information such as the battery level.. We can also view the event, history and youll find that we can do that for each one of the devices thats associated with our ring alarm system.. We can see our lock is also listed in here and we can manage that as well as view the battery level.. We have a couple of different devices associated with our alarm system, so Im just going to go through those quickly.. We have a panic button, …. What this is going to do is if this panic button is pressed and held down its going to notify the professional monitoring and sound the alarm. The panic button is a useful thing to have.. You can have multiple if you want, but its something, if theres an emergency, someone can run to that panic. Button hold it in and its going to immediately set off the alarm.

. Now something that came with our kit is the z wave extender.. If you have a larger home and some of the sensors are not communicating with your ring alarm base, you can use the extender to extend the z wave coverage to reach those sensors.. Now we have a ton of sensors here for our windows and doors …. These are all contact sensors, so Im just going to go into the first one here.. You see, we can view some different information, such as the battery level, and we can have it send us alerts when the contact sensor is opened or closed.. Now it will still play audio alerts regardless. These are actually in app alerts. That would be useful if, for example, you had a pet sitter coming over when you were out of town and you wanted to be notified in the app when the door … say the front door, … was opened or closed. This would allow you to do that.. Now for our smoke and CO alarm, we actually just have a listener. Here. we have a hardwired smoke and CO alarm system in our home and the listener is going to listen for that to be activated and if thats activated its going to notify the professional monitoring for Ring.. You can test that from here, and I recommend that you test that, at whatever interval your local fire department recommends you test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. its always a good idea to test that to make sure youre protected.

. Next, we have a motion sensor and the motion sensor is going to detect motion.. We did have two occasions where it was set off and it shouldnt have gone off …, but it did and triggered the alarm and the professional monitoring contacted us.. If that happens to you go into the motion settings and you can reduce the sensitivity. now. The last thing that we have is a floodfreeze sensor.. This is going to be really useful in any areas where you have water supply lines or drains.. This is going to notify you of two things. its going to notify you if there are freezing conditions and freezing conditions will cause the water to expand and could burst your pipes, so its good to know for that.. The other thing it will do is notify you. If theres presence of water., if you have a leak or a ruptured pipe, it will notify you and the professional monitoring that theres a problem and where the problem is so that you can go right to it and prevent further damage. its a very useful sensor. To have …, I recommend everybody have at least one, preferably one for every area where you have water supply and drains., so thats the alarm system. … lets look at the history quickly. Now.. If you go into your history – and you have Ring cameras, youll be familiar with this area.. This shows a history of all the events where your cameras captured footage .

… However, if you have the alarm system, youre going to have another option here at the top, which is for the alarm., if I select that it gives me a complete history of all the events associated with my ring alarm system. motion detection contact, sensors – it even shows Me …, I was handling the pin pad … and it shows me that the pin was rejected.. You can see if someones trying to tamper with your system, and it shows my lock. when my lock was locked and unlocked and how it was and so on and so forth.. I really like this. If you have the ring alarm, youre going to find yourself in this area, quite frequently., okay, everybody, the ring alarm – is still the best solution out there, in my opinion, for combining multiple devices into one easy to manage app for all your home security needs.. While ring has had privacy concerns in the past, they have thoroughly addressed those issues since.. If anything, I believe the past privacy issues now make them an even better solution since ring will now be extra vigilant about security moving forward. at the time of this recording the Ring alarm pro subscription costs 20, a month.. You can get two months free by paying for one year up front.. I will link to the various Ring alarm plans, as well as the various hardware bundles in the description of this video. folks, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up.

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