The Links gon na be in the description, and it seems like there are quite a few good reviews out there, which who knows, if those are true so were going to try it out, try it out on some larger things like the fuel tank area in the Charger wagon and then Im gon na try it on some smaller things like the grills for the charger wagon, because I want to remake those. I also want a three scan, the wing for the charger wagon, but lets get to it. So first thing you want to do is go into the software youre going to go to settings. I have it on Wi Fi mode and to make this work with your phone. You cant plug it directly in so they send you a little power bank and youre, using the power from the power bank to power the three scanner, and then I have it Wireless, so its connected wirelessly and we have accuracy high accuracy, high accuracy, scan uh. The scan mode Im using markers, I tried feature, and it just went very horribly Ill. Try it really quick and uh. We could do you know texture. The color Im not really worried about color since Im, just reverse engineering stuff. It could be in black and white for all I care, but lets go back to home and were gon na go to scan new scan and, as you can see, it wants to connect your scanner.

You just hit OK and then you can see if youre too far away. It says too far its going to be kind of hard doing it with one handed, but you can see all the markers on there and were going to hit. I cant do it with this hand, but Im going to hit start, so it counts down and lets see. So were good good, going good keep going come on up up see. This is a problem I continue to have on just scanning without the markers. So, as you can see, its just doesnt know where its at it just goes in like this Nautilus Circle, which is weird because its using the X Y and Z axis off the phone. So I dont know why its going like a million miles away from where its currently positioned so Im going to stop this scan. Look at this lets go its going. Look at that. It just keeps going crazy, so so, Im going to go back into settings were gon na come in here, go back to scan mode and were going to go to marker. Try marker out, go back to home. New scan weve got the scanner in there see now. It sees all those little markers as red points, which is nice. It says its too far away good, so I might have to add more markers, see as you can see, theres only three and thats going to be an issue.

So lets add more markers. To this thing and uh try it for now. I have twice as many points on the wing and Ive used high end three scanners. Before, like the feral laser scanner, I was certified through poliworx and Ive never had to put Targets on something that I3 scanned. So already this is kind of getting to the point where youre gon na have to spend. You know theyre, not that expensive, but each time you stick Targets on obviously Im not going to be able to pull these sticky targets off and then reuse them. So youre going to have that extra cost in these little targets, its not a great cost, depending on what youre scanning, if youre scanning something large like this or larger, like a car, I mean youre gon na have to have five of these in the frame while Youre scanning it and thats going to end up being thousands and thousands of targets, if youre doing like a door of a car, so lets try this one more time with this and were still using Target mode now were excellent. It looks like we have about five targets per Im, going to hit start and were gon na see. If she does the wandering thing again. Okay, so it sees the targets sees five. Five were good good got the back of the wing up it like caught itself off those back targets, but Im not even over to those targets.

So now its thinking that Im over here when Im actually looking over to the center of the wing and Im still in the good so now its Miss track mistrack. So I keep having this issue with this scanner, where it keeps forgetting where its at, which is very frustrating, especially if youre trying to do something large, because now, if I hit stop, were going to hit complete and then Im going to look at this scan. So I have like a bunch of erroneous information – thats not even going to do me any good as you can see, because it goes through like the the plane. This piece which is over here is actually underneath its just awful. So so far we are going to lets see if we can were going to try to fuse points together, Fusion complete and its still the same it didnt it didnt do anything so um so far its not to me its not seeming like its doing its job. Very accurately, because you cant even get a scan so lets try this one more time and it wants to connect every time were still using the tracking dots, maybe Ill start off in the center. I feel like theres enough tracking dots yeah, seeing five even at good. Its seeing yeah exactly five still yeah, like seven so lets, try it from the center out and hopefully it works better, which I still dont understand. Why its going crazy and going off into the middle of the world, because it has the X Y and Z axis off the phone.

The phone is literally connected to this right now and its using it. So lets hit play and try it again. Foreign, okay were still in good and shes already doing it already doing that. I dont understand why its doing this 20th time Ive tried this. We have five tracking dots and it literally just goes wherever it wants. It doesnt even track off them like. If I go slowly still, doesnt work like its just like doing whatever it wants its, not even like scanning the wing like what is it doing like where, where did I, I didnt, even move like Im, not even moving like watch us were gon na restart this Im literally gon na Im gon na sit here in excellent and not move. I Im not even moving Im, not even moving, so I think that this is not going to work. I think I need to just buy a different 3D scheme. Try to scan the wing as well as one of the charger front, grilles and Im running into the same exact problem. I went outside and tried to scan the fuel tank area with feature mode, because I dont have any more tracking dots ran into the same exact problem. It was actually working somewhat better. I almost started to get somewhere and then it just started to go off like it does into the middle of nowhere, and it just just is uh doesnt work. I mean Ive seen people use these online Ive literally just watched a video tried everything that they did.

I tried the turntable and I dont know if its just this thing when it got shipped, it got messed up or maybe its just a defective one, but it just is like the X Y and Z. There must be like a a uh. You know positioning in this thing when you move it, so it knows, and maybe its just bad. It just literally goes off way far off of like wherever you are and then says it loses tracking, and then you can its just its just a nightmare. I would just recommend instead of spending the 800 on this, I would recommend just buying you know they have. I havent tried it yet. Ive only used Pharaohs, very expensive laser scanners, but um. You know Ive been looking into other scanners, so anything thats under probably five thousand dollars is just gon na give you a headache, amazing Precision of 0.02 millimeter. I highly doubt that I cant even get something small to scan like this dudes trying to scan a skeleton. Yeah right yeah not happening edible with design software hows it compatible with SolidWorks it doesnt. Even it only exports into it, says it exports out to all these, but it only exports out to like STL and object files accessories for more scenarios. Um handheld stabilizer smooth scanning without stalling. I wonder if its just because its not on a stabilization Im going to try something really quick to see. If I make like a stationary kind of thing that Ill scan better came home, so I could download the software onto my computer and actually use something where its directly connected with a USB cable instead of going wirelessly.

I think the wireless part of it just kind of confuses it and thats why it loses tracking, but I just tried to scan this grille for the charger, because I want to redesign them and its too black. So a lot of people said that you can pretty much just use either like foot spray or baby powder Im going to try this put it on there. Hopefully, it actually sees it its scanning that Grill over there and yeah um Im, not exactly sure what its going for, but that doesnt look like a grill tried to scan the wing and it doesnt track at all. It just loses tracking continuously. It doesnt know where its at it really I dont know how they use these things I feel like whats going on. Is these companies are paying people to promote this product and show that they like work and Ive seen people use them and it looks like they work, but Ive used three scanners before and this thing I dont know how you would ever get it to scan anything Because it just wont stay in a consistent pattern, it starts to Veer off all the time and then also when youre going. If you, if I just kind of go like this with my wrist, it will literally instantly lose tracking. So I think what they need to do and Im going to send this back, because it obviously doesnt work as it says it does so and probably get you know a better 3D scanner.

But I think what the issue is is theres, like a g sensor in here and as you go, it sees that that motion or you know your hand isnt always 100 still, and then it just ends up Making. It Go off into Oblivion and I think if they got rid of that, it would solve quite a few issues, and I dont know why they would have it in there anyway. Since you know its not connected to like a Ferro arm or something like that, where you have X, Y and Z axis so Im gon na end the video here my thoughts on this is, I wouldnt recommend buying it it. I tried one of the grills on the turntable and its did the same thing. It wouldnt pick it up. It just kept and continued to lose tracking and then do random stuff like this. It would just kind of Go off into the screen and you know watch this Ill. Show you right now so well come down here and Im going to be at a decent distance. You can see it up there and were gon na come up, and it should. It has plenty of features right here and see it now. It starts to lose tracking and its jumping over and now it is jumping over more which it shouldnt be doing that because it can see the part and now its veering off even more and more its not going as fast as its going faster than Im moving.

It and if I start to come back its actually coming back this time, which is nice but now see its its losing tracking and its going. It thinks its all the way over here in the center. When were all the way back here so and then watch this Im gon na Im gon na flick, my wrist were gon na. Do it were gon na make it lose tracking? Really quick, try to get my wrist flicking this, so you can see it. I dont know if I can so Im gon na flick, my wrist and it just goes crazy, even though its still in the same spot. So if you just go like this watch and actually that time worked see now its just going crazy and inspiring out of control and now were off into the middle of nowhere, which the data doesnt even matter anymore, because its just so bad. So I think, like I said what Im going to do, is Im going to send this back um I talked to a company. They said that I could rent a 3D scanner from them, or I might just end up taking the pieces that I need to get scanned up to a Metrology place and just get them scanned and then just worry about getting a 3D scanner later on down the Road because I do want to get one, but I dont want to end up. You know going from this 800 one that doesnt work and then purchase like uh fifteen thousand dollar one and have similar issues, because I reviewed I actually looked at some comments on some other V scanners that are around like 10 to 15 000 and they say that They have similar issues to this theyre a little bit better, but if uh, you know, if Im spending that kind of money, I want the product to work and the weird thing is by now three scanners and this technology has been out for the past.

Almost like 10 to 15 years, you would think that for eight hundred dollars, because all it is – is a camera, some IR sensors, you think you would be able to get a really good scanner for 800, but it just doesnt make sense why theyve been out for So long and theyre not very difficult to make other than the programming and the software is the biggest thing that they havent come further and they havent gotten any cheaper. I mean theyve, theyre, literally the same amount. This is like 10 years ago, theyre, like 150 000. For like a feral arm with a laser scanner – and they still are so um yeah, so I wouldnt recommend this three scanner.