Okay were not going to be running rev and iOS, but the goal here is to create a Thin Client using an iPad in which we can use a mouse and a keyboard and feel like were on a Windows computer running Revit. So why would you want to do this? Well, its an iPad as someone whos been using an iPad since uh generation one, however many years ago, that is, it is really one of the best versions of a tablet that you can use, but forever its been a tablet and youve been sort of locked inside. That iOS environment and application dependent environment. So why did I decide to try this now? Well, I saw the new iPad Pro was coming out. I needed to upgrade my iPad was about three four years old at this point in time. Ive pretty much been using. It specifically for media consumption and not as much of a productivity device Ive been wanting to sort of check out the iPad Pro with the M1 chip and some of the actual applications like Photoshop Premiere and some of the tools to actually use it as a productivity Device, so I was kind of just digging in a little more into into what I could do with the iPad Pro. And in doing so, I actually ran across the magic keyboard and I was reading an article and I saw someone using one of these with the magic keyboard and the iPad and now uh.

I didnt realize that from IOS 13.4 on the iPad actually supports a mouse. Just like any other computer does so anyone whos actually tried to use Revit through a remote desktop program. Um in the past on an iPad probably knows that the struggles of trying to actually navigate Revit with the tap and fingers and zooms pretty much impossible. But now that we have support from not only just a keyboard but also a mouse, we can actually use Revit full on as if were sitting at our own computer. So before I jump into the the software setup, I did want to run through the hardware. So, as far as the hardware is concerned, what I have here is actually uh an iPad Pro 12.9 inch. This is the 2021 model, not the one that just came out but the previous version. It is a 512 gigabytes. I did go with 5G. I dont think you necessarily need to depending on your setup, but I want it to always be connected, and that was one thing that I really wanted on. A new iPad was to make sure I had 5G, so I had full on cellular service. On top of the Wi Fi, I did do the magic keyboard. If youre going to do this, youre, obviously going to want a keyboard theres, no, no doubt about it. You dont necessarily have to do the magic keyboard, but the magic keyboard is nice because it has extra USB on the side, so you can plug in the power while using the other USB.

If you wanted to and then the 12.9 inch is probably the most important piece, the 512 gigabytes, maybe not the Wi Fi – maybe not, but I think the 12.9 inch if youre going to be doing this, I feel like if you do 11 inch or even like An iPad Air or something Im sure itll work and specification wise. I think the only specs you need to run this remote desktop tool is IOS. Well, I should say the only specifications you need to use a mouse are iOS 13.4, but just remember that youre trying to run on an iPad and if the screen gets too small it may just be uncomfortable. So I would suggest at a minimum, try to do that, but if youre on the, if youre on a budget – and you really dont – want to spend a ton of money on it, then definitely go with Wi. Fi go with the lowest amount of space that you need and then go with an 11 inch iPad Pro uh. The mouse Im using is actually a Razer, a therius and Ill put a link in the description below, as you guys probably know from all my other videos Im a huge fan of Logitech, especially the mx 518. My favorite, my favorite mouse ever but the key here is you want a Bluetooth mouse and you want. You could use a dongle, but I highly suggest using Bluetooth and you want to have as little buttons as possible theres, not a ton of functionality.

As far as the iPad and mice are concerned, and so the least buttons you have the better, I also like the look of this. I like it being black and you notice. Everything else is black, including the headphones and so thats the hardware. One thing I did learn sort of as a lesson learned for you guys moving forward with the hardware side of it is. I bought a bunch of different USB adapters for various things, including the mouse, including headphones and so on and so forth, because it does have a USBC which is phenomenal. The what I did notice, though, is that certain USB hubs and adapters actually eat the battery. Quite a bit, Ive noticed that Bluetooth accessories seem to actually be less and eat the battery less. However, the one dongle that I do use quite a bit is the USB to HDMI, which mirrors the device onto another or extends it if you have IOS 16.. So super cool again iPad 12.9 inch pro the magic keyboard, Razer or Bluetooth mouse, and then Ive got some Bluetooth headphones as well, so thats kind of the hardware setup as far as the software setup up. Well, obviously, you need iOS, 13.4 or better. I actually suggest iOS 16., some of the iPads dont even come shipped with that, and so you have to sort of force. The upgrade iOS 16 has stage manager and a couple really neat things it lets. You extend the display instead of mirroring it, but stage manager is also really cool where you can actually have windows, so I suggest iOS 16.

um, but the the and obviously you need a Windows computer with um with Revit installed. This is a great setup. If you have a desktop and youre trying to figure out how to go portable for me, I have a big honky laptop that uh. That requires quite a bit of its big, its not as Slim as I like it to be, but either way, youd obviously need a computer, because what were doing is a remote desktopping in I researched a ton of remote desktop software and theres ones like TeamViewer and And even Remote Desktop Windows theres a couple applications out there, the one that got the best reviews just reading through um Reddit and a few other places, but mainly folks, using it for 3D modeling programs. I think most of the reviews I was reading were people using it to tap into their desktops and using things like Maya or Macs or even SolidWorks, and the the one that got the best reviews was jump desktop and so thats. The one Im using Ive been using it for almost three months now and it is living up to its review so theres some huge benefits to jump desktop. The first is that, instead of a monthly subscription, youre, actually just paying once in the app store for like 15 bucks and thats it, and then the client to install on Windows or Mac is is free, which is pretty awesome. It also does a really really good job at mirroring your screen and adjusting the resolution so that you feel like youre on a computer, and it does a really good job when youre on your poor Network, refreshing the bandwidth and screen so that you dont feel a Lag, you may feel a little bit of a resolution reduction, but not much of a lag and then finally, it has some great tools for being able to map and use macros to use Windows tools within it, so some real good functionality.

It also has built into it once you install the client, you can start your computer remotely. So if you leave your computer off and youre on the go – and you can actually start it up, which is pretty awesome and the setup is super easy, so I highly suggest jump desktop were going to jump in Im going to show you actually how it works. But I actually reached out to jump desktop after a couple months of using it and told them that Im making this video and um, they were not only kind enough to sort of support. This video but theyre also kind enough to offer two uh licenses for anyone watching this video um. To that I get to choose who its going to be so uh. So again, thats jump, desktop Ill, put a link below Im going to show you how it works, but what I want you to do if you would like to try and win yourself a free license of jump, desktop, is comment below and tell me why or what Youre going to do once youve set up an iPad remotely and why its important to you so just shoot a comment below Ill run, a random generator on Thursday. This video is getting published on Monday, so Thursday uh, which is actually Thanksgiving, I think its November 24th, or something like that Ill run, the random generator and Ill. Let you guys know who won it so please hit the description below and also thanks to jump desktop for uh for reaching out or responding to me and and being super involved in in and interested in how I was used using your tool so with all that, Being said, I think its time to jump in and actually show you guys how this looks and how it feels running Revit on an iPad.

So Im going to do. First is Im just gon na. I already have a session open and Im going to show you guys what it looks like Im, actually recording on the iPad as well. So you could see here um as I sort of Zoom around here, its actually looking and feeling pretty smooth. So this is this. Is again on the iPad and if I run through Ill just click through a couple views you know Ill zoom in and out, go to the second floor, go to third floor um. You can see um. It feels pretty much like Im on my desktop. You know. Theres some obvious um. You know the screen resolution is an obvious difference from what it is. One thing with jump, desktop thats a little annoying, but also valuable, because theres a lot of good Tools in it. Is this little button right here. Hopefully, you guys can see it theres this little button right there. If I hit that if I tap that um, what youll see is this actually brings up your settings and so its kind of in a weird spot. But once you know every once in a while, youll hit it if the tabs, you know if youve got something in the way, but Ive sort of gotten around it, which isnt too bad and so from within there you can see. I can go to my settings. I can I can change all kinds of cool stuff.

I can change the resolution um, you know I can change the mini keyword, buttons and so on and so forth, um and and then once I hide it its good to go so thats, not too bad. But what youll see is Im actually Im spinning around this model in 3D, Im on Wi Fi right now, so my computer is on Hardline um. The the iPad is on Wi Fi and you can see it looks and feels pretty good. So if I go in here, I can go in here. You know Ill draw a couple. Walls of course, thats a bad view notice. I just right clicked and canceled. So one thing when youre using an iPad, an iPad or a Mac keyboard, is that theres no Escape key, and so I got into the habit of right clicking and canceling. But there is also this great macros that are built into this. Where you can grab Windows keys or you can you can map them to Windows, keys and so its actually a command shift in one is actually Escape, which I think is kind of too many but thats. Why Im used to it or on the bottom? You can tap this little keyboard and you can see theres an escape button right down here, which I actually kind of leave that up when Im working on Revit. I just tap it with my finger and its not too bad, but also right, clicking and canceling isnt.

All that bad, so not too bad thats, just something you deal with when youre dealing with Windows and a Mac keyboard, but thats, probably my only complaint as far as this workflow is just either getting used to right, clicking and canceling or or getting used to the Fact of the some of those those macros which is Ctrl shift, one which is basically Escape, but you can see the panning the scrolling. Everything is working exactly as I would expect it to, and so how do you get on it? Its real simple? So let me close out of this flip it up. You can see theres my theres, my iPad home screen, so I hit jump desk and you can see theres my computer. There. It says fluid remote desktop. I just tap it. You can see its connecting and then just like that, poof or on our desktop it automatically readjusts the resolution and and were flying, and so another thing that I thought Id do is. I would drop off a Wi, Fi and jump onto cellular service and then just give you an idea of the difference as far as quality of what you might get based on your internet, speed sitting on my Wi Fi now, Im in a 5G internet Wi Fi Setup here, where Ive got a one, gigabit Im, probably getting almost 700 megabytes down or so, which is pretty good, obviously, for this and so jumping over to cellular device, whether I have LTE or 5G Im, obviously gon na have a different setup, so I just want To show you guys how the how the quality may or may not change in jump desktop when youre doing that, so Im going to go over here, my iPad Im going to drop off a Wi Fi.

All right now were reconnected, and now you can see its still working good 5G is pretty decent um, so thats, not too bad, but uh. You will notice. If I start spinning around a little bit, you might notice that, and maybe it doesnt come through the recording, but what it does is it actually, instead of lagging and Ive noticed that a lot in the in the past, when Ive used remote desktop tools, instead of Lagging what it does is it buffers, so it reduces the quality for a split second to make up for it and thats thats. One of the things that I really like about. It is Im, okay, with a little reduction in quality, as opposed to um, as opposed to an overall lag. So as far as productivity is concerned, and so thats on 5G so whats, my overall conclusion, this works, believe it or not. I I cant believe it, but Ive actually brought the iPad to uh, not only the office but to job sites to coffee shops and you name it and left the desktop or the laptop at home. And I was able to to work um and in reproductive and actually get stuff done for for hours at a time. Not just you know a couple minutes at a time um. The great thing about it is its an iPad right. So so battery life is awesome. Yes, when youre using remote desktop, obviously youre eating battery a little quicker.

So if you are using battery life, I havent fully tested to see how long it lasted on battery um. I havent ran out of battery while using it, but I also depending on where Im working I might have plugged in just because I might as well because Im there. But you still also have you know the ability to to take the thing off and and its an iPad right and and now now youve got. You know your your your Standalone iPad applications youve got all the tools that you need for an iPad. Youve got the apple pencil Ive got the iPad Pro, so I can use polycam with light are, and its an iPad so um its incredible to me that you know we what we can do now with with a device like this um and Ive, been able to Ive edited videos using this theyre using Premiere, Ive Ive done Revit work um, I remember uh. Just yesterday I was doing a soil management plan, so I was modeling, toppo and and pads and all kinds of crazy stuff, as well as some of this YouTube stuff. Ive posted some YouTube stuff and so on and so forth, so Ive actually been able to be productive on the device not only on the iPad side but also on the remote desktop side. So, if youre looking for a solution that feels like youre on your desktop but gives you the portability, the absolute portability of an iPad, then I think we got something: okay, thats thats, the iPad Pro um, with jump, desktop and youre good to go.

So hopefully this is valuable. I hope you guys enjoy this and try it out. Remember you got to comment below. Let me know uh why you would want to use this and how you would use it. Give me a story whatever you want to do and Im going to pick two at random, for you guys to get jumped desktop for free. Thank you, jump desktop for being so responsive to me and reaching out and chatting, and thank you guys for for following along make sure you subscribe to the channel.