Actually, since i last uploaded, that is, there is a reason for that. Don’T worry, um, you’ve, probably read the title, and yes, that is the exact reason. Two weeks ago i went and ordered this pc um. Now originally the price of it was 1 300. I presented to you the microsoft surface, pro 7. um. This is a two in one laptop, so it has a keyboard that pops out like this nice glass, trackpad right here, nice it’s got pretty good key travel with the chocolate keys and the keyboard can’t be detached like so, and it just pops off like that, and Then you can use it as a tablet, so let me put the keyboard back on for now um. It also has this nice kickstand here that goes around to almost 180 degrees. As you can see, it stops there. Um it’s got pretty good flex as well. It’S. Very durable um so that won’t be falling off anytime soon, let’s hope, um, and why don’t we try and boot it up. So if we push the power button down, microsoft logo will appear on screen and yeah. It should be on. In a matter of seconds i mean that is, that is pretty cool isn’t it. So you have your windows. Hello, infrared face, unlock it literally from turning on the power button to logging in it took around five seconds maximum, so that was pretty cool. Now you’ve got your start menu here with all your usual windows, apps uh.

That runs very well on here and as a matter of fact – and i might just move the screen a bit closer, so you can see all of it. Yes, i got the display folded down a bit to the maximum level with the kickstand, and it still it still works. Well like this, you got your usual discord. Um. All of these run really well actually and then there’s minecraft um. Now in terms of minecraft. This actually runs better on here, Music. I was not expecting it to run this well on. You know a two in one tablet, slash laptop, i mean that is pretty cool. Um it’s also got a p3 display um, which gives you way more color accuracy than normal. Srgb screens now um about these specs, so they will appear on screen now. It’S got an intel, i5 processor, um, intel, iris graphics, it’s also got 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of base storage. Now one thing that’s pretty cool about this is you can expand the storage via microsd right there? So if, if you run out of storage, you can expand up to 512 gigs more, which is pretty pretty useful, um and then there’s the portability which is pretty cool. So i’ll show you some of the things which makes it really easy to carry around and just do whatever with it so just fold up the screen and then fold it over push back the kickstand and um.

Just put it in a case. If you want to and uh you can take it anywhere, basically that’s some portability for you right there and you can just slot it into a backpack, just like so i’m gon na need two hands for this, and just like so it’s in a backpack that works Very, very well um, now in terms of turning it on from just a quick start, you can just undo the zip, which is fairly easy. Then you take it out of its case. I’M gon na have to put the camera down for this pull back the kickstand, which is a two handed operation open the lid it’s instantly on you’re instantly logged in that is pretty cool. I would say that is very nice. I you also may have remembered the rgb lights from the last video um. I don’t know why, but these are kind of uh yeah. I don’t know what happened to them, but um. I think they need a software update or something but uh yeah. They they kind of don’t work, but oh well, that’ll be fixed soon. I guess and uh. Well i mean yeah that’s, probably gon na, be it for today’s video i’m. Not very i don’t do unboxing videos that’s, not my type of thing, so don’t expect it to be good um but i’ll be back to minecraft videos very soon, i’ll be uploading. Quite often this week and uh yeah.