This is tablet i bought recently for about two hundred forty dollars and then my old tablet vacuum into house which i bought for about seventy dollars. I also, i will also tell you why i prefer my older, cheaper tablet to the new i bought so let’s start with the vacuuming tools pro uh. I initially bought this uh because it had the function where it the pen can recognize tilting. This is something my previous tablet didn’t have and that it means yeah it can. It can recognize the angle you tilt your pen Music, so i will show you what the package contains it uh contains. Obviously the tablet – and this is the smaller version of the intros pro as you can see – it’s it’s, pretty big, like i don’t – think i would i would need the bigger version and i i like how they put the buttons on the side. My previous tablet has the buttons on the top and you can position the tablet. Depending on what hand are you using to draw like i’m using my right hand, so i will put the buttons on the left side so yeah. This is the tablet. I think it has the wireless option where you can use the bluetooth, but i don’t use it. Then this is the pen it i like how it has the eraser on the other side of the pen. So you can, you can draw and when you want to erase something you just um just switch the sides and you can erase it it’s cool, and then it comes with a pen holder which you can open.

Let me try to open it yeah and inside there are about eight extra nibs it’s, pretty cool, so let me close it. So this was the vacuuming tools pro and now let me show you the wacom intros. This is the package. It was about. 70 dollars. Is the welcome intel’s tablet, it’s also the smaller version of the vacuum intervals, and let me let me compare it as you can see, the vacuum into sprawl is slightly bigger and this tablet has the buttons on the top. It doesn’t really bother me uh. The welcome um the buttons on the top, but i think i would prefer the buttons on the side. So this is the tablet and it doesn’t come with a pen holder. It comes just with the pen, you can screw it open and there you can find um. Three extra nips – i i’ve used one, so there are two left. So this is the pen and the reason why i um i’m no longer using the vacuuming tools. Pro is the pen actually i’m, not i’m, not satisfied with the pen, and i don’t know if it’s um, like objectively bad or worse than my older tablet or, if it’s, just my own preferences. But the pen it’s like i don’t, know how to describe it. But it’s not very firm, like it doesn’t it doesn’t feel like actual pen it, the nib is kind of loose and sometimes it um gram to i have to describe it.

Sometimes it doesn’t do what i want to do what i wanted to do, but i guess it it depends what you prefer. So this is the vacuum. This is the cheaper tablet. This is the accommodators pro. As you can see, the this one is slightly bigger, but i still, i still prefer this one because it’s much more firm and it to me it just feels like an actual pen. I don’t know how else to describe it, but i, when i started using this tablet, i immediately noticed i’m struggling with the pen like the tilt. Option is cool, but i don’t know i’m struggling with how loose the nib is, and it just it makes this like clicking clicking noise, but i don’t think there’s anything wrong with this particular pen. I think uh that’s how it’s supposed to be – and i i was uh – i looked it up to see what other people think and they actually they prefer. They prefer the the loose nib so yeah, and this is why i’m no longer using the welcoming tools pro and i i came back to my old tablet, so yeah so yeah guys, i think um that’s, all i. I know it wasn’t very in depth. Well, um i’m, not a professional artist um. I draw a lot and i’ve been using um vacuum tablets for over, like seven years at least uh, but still i’m, no professional, so Music yeah. This was kind of review.

I know, but i will um. I wanted to focus on the pen.