Let me break it down for you in this review: video what’s going on everybody. The name is amel and thank you for checking this video out and the channel. Just a reminder that there are affiliated amazon links in the description, so if you use one of them and buy the monitor, the channel will get a small commission which is greatly appreciated. Since i do all my youtube, editing and gaming on my laptop, i was in search of a decent monitor that could do a little bit of everything and that’s. When i stumbled upon this dell 27 inch 4k monitor the particular model. I’M talking about is s27 21qs to begin. What really got me interested in this monitor is the way it looked. It’S got an elegant, thin bezel design with the textured pattern. In the back. It looks modern and would look good in any room, no matter where you have your computer set up. Another thing that got me really interested in this monitor is the 4k ability coming from a 1080 screen and upgrading to a 4k was much needed in my case, and switching from a tiny laptop screen to a 27 inch screen was like night and day all my Editing and gaming that i do on my laptop is now much more enjoyable with the biggest screen it’s an led backlit lcd, monitor that has adaptive sync technology amd freesync ips panel with a 16 by 9 aspect. Ratio 4k, like previously mentioned with 60 hertz and hdr support.

The contrast ratio is 1300 to 1, with 1.7 billion colors that’s 99 of srgb color coverage. The response time ranges from 8 all the way down to 4 milliseconds. The screen also has an anti glare hardness. Coating that makes the viewing angles pretty decent. This monitor comes with built in speakers. They are ok, sounding nothing special from all my years of using computers. I can’t ever recall using speakers from a monitor with that said. They are a good alternative to have. If you don’t have any external speakers present 4k video capture on the 6400 is actually using 6k over sampling at 100 megabytes to create a sharper 4k video connection wise. The monitor has two hdmi 2.0 ports, one display port and a line out port there’s. Also, a security lock slot and the power connector as well. Just a reminder: the line out port is not meant to drive headphones line out is exactly that line level audio out. You can connect it to the line level input of an audio device such as powered speakers or a headphone amp. This monitor does support hdcp 2.2, which basically means you will have the ability to play 4k movies on netflix and blu ray discs at the highest quality possible. You can adjust the monitor to your preference, so it does pivot tilt and swivel. You can also adjust the height to your liking and comfort, of course, who’s. This monitor, for you may ask well it’s for people that take their work home and use their home office computer to finish.

Work related tasks, big enough to be able to spread multiple windows across the screen for multi tasking situations. If you do a lot of video editing and photography type edits, this monitor is great for it if you’re a hardcore gamer that requires a higher refresh rate and a faster response time. This monitor may not be for you if you’re like me and don’t really care about either of those there’s nothing wrong with using this monitor for your gaming setup, especially if you’re using this monitor with google stadia and have the pro subscription. You can take advantage of the 4k and the hdr gaming experience because it has both speaking of stadia. If you use the link in the description, you will get two free months of the pro subscription with google stadia. So what that means? Basically, two months for free. You get to claim 30 plus games right away and play them. You also get 4k hdr and all that good stuff. So i suggest you use the link in the description. One last thing: the regular price of this monitor is 620 bucks in canada on black friday. I picked it up for a good 380 bucks, which is an awesome deal that’s it for this video. Please show some love to the channel by subscribing and, of course, liking this video.