I thought it performed pretty well for a device that was selling for roughly 200 bucks and came with an optional keyboard case that you could pick up and transform it into a two in one useful. If you wanted to do a bit of typing, and now the company is back with their newest model, which is called the z10. This version, though, is more of an entry level. Variant sells for 50 bucks, less. That is roughly 120 bucks currently on sale for the price we’re getting okay specs, but a bit reduced from the k10 to make the price more competitive. So this time around, it does come with a upgraded android 11 operating system compared to android 10. The same 6. 000 milliamp hour capacity, battery and 32 gigs of built in storage, which is further expandable via a micro sd card slot. What has been downgraded, however, is now it comes with only two gigabytes of ram compared to three gigs from before that’s. Why they’ve actually decided to use android go edition on here, there’s, an 8 megapixel rear facing camera, with an auto focus and led flash and a 2 megapixel front facing lens for video chatting applications. Also notable is the screen resolution this time around is a hd plus. So it’s 1280×800 it’s an ips display but it’s, not quite full hd, so another slight compromise to get the price point even lower. Really. This is competing with other budget models like amazon’s fire hd 10, which are all selling at around the same price range inside.

We have a wall charger along with a usb type c, cable and there’s, also a quick start guide, along with a tool for removing the micro, sd card tray and a quick user manual. So taking a closer look at the design of the tablet. First, impressions being that for a budget device, it doesn’t necessarily feel cheap. In fact, they’ve retained, mostly the same style from before, feels and looks quite modern when you’re holding it and in terms of the edges. Here we have stereo speakers in the base, along with a relatively slim profile, that contains a volume control, as well as a power key on the left side, the type c port for charging micro sd card slot, along with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the top. Furthermore, back of the tablet is actually constructed out of aluminum alloy, so it’s made out of metal just like more expensive devices, so that it still feels quite cold and reassuring compared to the majority of other 100 android tablets. We’Ve seen in the past, which are made almost entirely out of plastic such as the aforementioned amazon fire hd 10.. The camera lens, though, does slightly protrude from the back of the device, but it houses the aforementioned 8 megapixel camera lens, along with the led flash. Now it is worth noting, however, that the frame of the tablet, including all of the edges here on the borders, is actually constructed out of polycarbonate plastic. So the metal component is just the back plate, but the edge here is made out of plastic that wraps around, and that is a slight difference compared to the previous kingpad k10.

The one that’s slightly more higher end, because this one here also has metal. That is wrapping around the edges as well, but otherwise, in terms of the design language, you can see how it’s super familiar compared to the previous generation. Aside from the lack of that pogo contact on the base here, since it doesn’t support the keyboard dock, so certainly doesn’t feel cheap. Now, in terms of the again operating system, you can see how it’s very clean, but it is running on the aforementioned android go edition included. Applications such as google go edition assistant go edition. Gallery go are pre loaded which are going to take up less space to install and they have slightly less animations and a few reduced features compared to the full regular versions of their counterparts. So that is an area where they were trying to make things run and feel a bit more snappy on slightly more limited hardware. Otherwise, we still have access to the typical drag up drawer for all of our list of applications and again it is very clean. Aside from the standard, google, apps assistant, chrome, fm radio there’s pretty much nothing else that you get pre loaded, which is a great thing, there’s no bloatware. We also get a handful of pre included wallpapers, which are all pretty vibrant, and these kind of show off the display a bit more and overall, you can see it’s, not a shabby quality screen by any means for this price range sure having a full hd resolution.

Would probably be even better, since this is a larger screen. You can definitely make out some pixelation if you’re squinting closely, but overall colors are still quite natural. Looking and in terms of viewing angles. Since it is an ips display, you can see how it doesn’t, really wash out, still looks quite good, even if you tilt the screen at various angles and brightness levels are also decent. In particular, the screen doesn’t really have a gap between the glass and the actual lcd underneath, so it does feel again pretty good in terms of not having too much glare or reflections if you’re pointing it at the light when you’re using the ui. It still overall feels responsive enough, but there might be a few drop frames occasionally and you may have to wait a split second longer, as you can see there for certain applications to open, but it never becomes too problematic. After a while you’ll get used to the experience, so it just takes a bit of acclimation at first, if you’re, coming from a more expensive phone or device, but at the same time again, it’s, not too crippling in terms of the experience. Good thing is even though it’s an android go edition device. They have still given you the option to try out gesture navigation. If you don’t want to see the virtual buttons at the bottom, you want a more full screen experience. You can actually minimize it and go through this more modern gesture, based approach, if you prefer now.

Even the search bar on the top here is really powered by google go edition, so we’ll let this load for a second. It does actually flip the orientation of the screen, so there is still a few parts where the optimization of the software might be a little bit better, really that’s google’s issue at this moment since the go edition apps seem to only be working in this portrait orientation Since they were designed primarily for phones and now, we’re adopting it to a tablet, but it doesn’t seem to flip in this particular app. But we are able to see things like search things as well as use the camera to translate things, go into youtube directly and also swipe over to access other web apps, which are just going to load up in the browser here to save on space. Compared to installing the app equivalent from the play store, for example, and you also find the discover tab if you swipe over to the left, that shows you. Some news feeds that you might be interested in so instead of having this on the main home screen, it’s. Actually, inside of the google app that you press on just to also save on data, there is a kind of a functionality there, so that works well enough. Aside from the orientation speaking of the camera, the quality of the 8 megapixel camera, i would say it’s average, but again really for any tablet in general. I don’t really expect it to be outstanding, but it does work in a pinch in terms of capturing.

Maybe some documents you want to scan in terms of text details still look pretty clear, as well as in outdoor conditions when there’s sufficient lighting, it still looks decent as well, if you’re, zooming in and so overall, not bad for a tablet camera. If you want to capture something in a pinch, it’s not going to beat our smartphone cameras most likely, but it still is present and now here’s a demo of youtube. Video playback let’s, try to crank up the volume and also hear what the speakers sound. Like Music Applause, Music stereo speakers are actually decent, i’ve heard much worse. It doesn’t distort too much even at higher volumes and surprisingly has good clarity to it. So it’s, actually a pretty decent sounding pair of speakers built in if you’re doing some quick video watching whether it’s youtube or on netflix, and it handles itself well. The wi fi reception. Speed also seems to be quite decent, i’d say thanks to the fact that they do have some plastic wrapping around the edges and load at a reasonable speed. I’D say you do have to wait for a split second at times, but overall colors do still look quite vibrant, so no real complaints there. As far as for watching videos, you can see it can play back videos up to full hd, but the real resolution of the screen is around 720p. So anything really above that you won’t, be getting too much benefit out of so keeping it at around 720p will also save you on bandwidth and probably load things a little bit faster.

So that would be the setting that i would advise sticking on, but overall not chappy when it comes to things still scrolling and working without too much complaints. Now the keyboard, by the way that they’re using for search, is also the standard g board. So we do have a pretty comfortable layout when it comes to typing and you’re, also able to use swipe if you want to quickly type things out or use voice, search. Closer. Look at the web browsing experience next, so let’s tap on the page. Here again, it will take a split second longer compared to a you know, flagship grade device, but overall pages are still relatively quick to low, definitely acceptable, and you can see that it’s doing actually a pretty good job. Considering the verge is a fairly complex page, and this is the full desktop version of the browser. So it does have lots of ads as well as videos and other elements which will take a bit longer for everything to completely render. But scrolling here still feels relatively smooth, even though not everything has fully completely loaded yet. So we have to wait for a few seconds more but again pinch to zoom. Everything still is functional, and so you can do a bit of multitasking again. Two gigabytes of ram is not the most in the world; sometimes things do take a split second longer compared to faster devices, but it’s still usable and in general, though, you have to be a bit more conscious of how many applications you have open.

Closing out of things you aren’t using to make the experience, feel snappier and when you are browsing exclusively opening around, say four tabs or so it’s gon na handle it best when you’re jumping back and forth between them. Things will still be left open in the ram without reloading, if you’re doing too much tabs past that number, it will start to encounter some more slow downs and may have to reload some pages, but overall it’s still usable for sure, and we can see that the Experience is not shabby considering that this is a low cost device. The 6 000 milliamp hour capacity battery by the way is definitely sufficient for lasting it through the day, if not often using about two or three days before i needed to recharge it again. So that’s one area where having a slightly lower res screen, is also more energy efficient and it will be able to definitely get you by and you can install virtually any application from the play store that you want to just be modest in terms of what you Expect out of the performance side because of the more entry level hardware of the processor and the ram, but again here’s a quick demo of a more entry level game. But after a split second, things will still open up so for things that don’t have as much demanding graphics. The loading times are still respectable and we don’t see too many dropped frames. Actually, when you open up the game itself, things are still performing pretty smoothly for most mid tier and relatively simple titles and games.

You can, of course, also download more complicated ones like pubg or asphalt games, but those will definitely be more taxing on the entry level. Chipset and you may have to lower the graphic settings and expect more drop frames as long as taking longer for the game to open up. So i would still recommend sticking with more simpler titles if possible, but you still have a okay experience for some light gaming. So that is more or less it as far as our hands on review of the avaskin kingpad z10 again, their ultra budget, offering here in 2021 it’s, not without some compromises, including a slightly reduced processor as well as ram, but still having a few highlights, including a Very good construction quality for the price tag, as well as having okay performance to get you by when it comes to basic tasks like watching videos, doing some light web browsing and light gaming as well, and also good for things like reading documents, pdfs ebooks. Those would all be good applications on this particular machine. I also appreciate, as always, the expandable micro sd card slot, along with a type c port for charging and the fact that you still have a standard, headphone jack. So thanks for watching here at os reviews, that’s been our hands on review of the avast king kingpad z10 budget.