It can just fit into any pocket. In fact, you just plug it into the hdmi port of any monitor and you’re ready to go. So if you’re super tight on space it’s about the size of a chromecast but inside we’ve got a full version of windows. 10, pro edition 64 bit along with eight gigabytes of ddr3 ram compared to earlier generations like the intel compute stick that came out a few years back that had only two we’ve, also got 128 gigs of built in storage here’s. How it stacks up against a usb thumb drive by the way, so it really is just super compact has dual band wifi along with bluetooth built on in, and it is using a fairly entry level intel atom z5 processor, and we have just some of the specs Reiterated again on the rear, so it comes in a few different configuration models. So if you want to pick it up in one of the less powerful variants it can also be found for even cheaper and inside. We have, of course, just the mini pc stick itself along with a quick start guide. We also have a included hdmi extension cable. So in case your monitor is in a position where it’s kind of hard to stick directly onto the back. You can also elongate the connection like so, and we also get a power adapter that is using just a standard micro, usb port. In fact, it can work with any 5 volt 2 amp power source.

So you can just use a standard micro, usb cable. You can even connect it to a power bank and it will supply enough juice to turn on the computer. So taking a closer look at the design again, this thing really is quite tiny. Uh. The entire thing is made out of a polycarbonate plastic, which is slightly shiny and reflective it’s crazy to think that an entire windows computer is squished into something, so small. Just imagine in the early 2000s desktop computers with a similar level of performance had to be in a tower form that would easily be 20 if not 50 times larger and heavier so we’ve really come a long way in terms of making ships and components just smaller And smaller again, a full desktop. In the palm of your hand, we have just the hdmi connector, which is gold plated. This does have a few ventilation grilles for the fan that has a bit of power that kicks in to prevent it from overheating. So it’s not completely silent and we have on the edge here a full size, usb 3.0 port, a second full size, usb 2.0 port micro, usb for power, dedicated power switch and on the other edge. We have access to a micro, sd card reader, and that is pretty much it along with some other ventilation grilles. So again, super compact, but i am glad to see that at least they have basically two full size inputs and a memory expansion slot.

Although you won’t find a standard, auxiliary 3.5 millimeter headphone jack directly on here now on the back here, we do also have some basic branding info and a few other everyday objects here. Next to a us quarter, along with a standard double a battery pack, you can see that’s about the same in terms of thickness, so very small let’s take a closer look at the performance next that’s as loud as the fan gets just as quick reference in terms Of booting into the operating system, it usually takes about a minute or so from a cold boot which is decent and in terms of the remaining memory that we have out of the box, there’s roughly 91.2 gigabytes left for you to install applications, of course, compared to A conventional, larger, desktop or even laptops, it’s harder to upgrade the components of something like this pretty much soldered on so pick the version that you need. However, in terms of supplementing storage space, you can rely on a micro sd card or always an external thumb, drive or hard drive and then indeed, windows 10 pro edition is included, so that offers us support for different versions of software updates, like this new weather widget. All that is, of course, supported on this mini pc as well scrolling. As you can see, there can be a little bit jumpy at times, it’s, not as fluid as a more powerful machine, but in general everything still opens, as you would expect now in terms of upgradeability to windows 11.

That might be a little bit trickier just because of the again pretty entry level specs and slightly outdated chipset. That we’re talking about, though technically anything with an intel, 8th generation, processor or newer should get a free upgrade to that new os of windows. Later this year. Now, in terms of other things, including system navigation, as aforementioned it’s, not too shabby, it is using again solid state memory. So, at the very least, it does seem snappy enough in terms of just quickly opening up things like the file manager and closing out of programs. Things like that, we can jump into the web browser and take a closer look at performance, so we can see here how things do take just a split second longer compared to faster devices. We’Ve checked out for things to snap into focus. You have to kind of get used to that, but afterwards it’s not too crippling. It can still load the full desktop versions of most sites without too many issues. The eight gigabytes of ram means that you can open up a few more tabs. I could push around eight tabs or so in edge or in chrome, and it would still handle itself in terms of jumping back and forth. Take a closer look at the pass mark score again. This celeron z8350 scores just around 925, which puts it pretty much in the lowest tier of chipsets, which are still coming out on newer computers these days, but again, super energy efficient and at least it is a quad core chipset, but don’t expect it to be a Rival to more expensive units in terms of processing power, it’s, basically just enough really to get you by let’s jump into a more complex page like the verge and see how it handles things.

So this is a site that is pretty heavy in terms of ads and video elements, so everything does take a little longer for it to completely load. But overall scrolling is not bad. When it comes to going back and forth between the page and as a whole, you can still definitely read content and have an okay, enjoyable experience. Amazon, for example, is another tab that we have open and it’s being held in the systems ram, eight gigabytes really without too many issues here, despite this also being a desktop site uh. So overall, not too bad. I would say now when it comes to watching back videos, you should keep your expectations modest, although it advertises the capability of playing videos up to 4k. If you are streaming back content on youtube or netflix, i found it to be more comfortable watching videos around 1080p. For it to still load smoothly and see there, it will just sometimes buffer in between different frames as it’s loading, along and in terms of the wi fi reception strength. This part seems fair, at least for a mini pc that has everything enclosed in such a small body. At the very least, it is a dual band: 2.4 g and 5g wi fi and consistently. I was getting around three bars of reception, even if we’re a little bit further away from the router at the moment. So it does all right. I would say in terms of still getting a lock on the internet: that’s, not really the constraint it’s, just the integrated intel gpu for the graphics along the slightly slower processor really is able to handle, i would say full hd or 1080p resolution videos, but once you Try to get into 4k resolution that’s when you’ll start to get a little bit more troublesome when it comes to the hardware built onto this machine, but not too bad and as a whole.

Again, these full hd clips are still loading pretty quickly again. Buffering is not too long either in terms of loading back. These clips so open up some sample documents here like excel. You can see it functions. Just all right. Some of the scrolling parts do take a little longer to completely load or refresh versus on something that has a faster processor but as a whole, it’s still usable for sure, just to get some school work or just some light work done on here for office presentation Needs so take a little bit of patience in terms of everything loading up, but afterwards what you’ll want to do in terms of main text? Editing document editing will still be handled without too many issues and, of course it is running on the full version of windows. So you have access to legacy programs, any executables exes you can download on the internet will run on here, just fine, including drivers, lots of apps and also, of course, mobile versions of apps as well. If you want to try the microsoft store, including games and productivity, apps it’s things that you can all find, of course, if you’re using this to play some games here and there, i would try to advise you to stick with cloud gaming when possible. So services, like xcloud, for example, will allow you to just use the browser and then, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, it will be actually running the game on more powerful hardware instead of on the physical device itself.

If you’re trying to install games locally, very light games, such as say, chess checkers, something like that, it has very simple, 2d style animations. Maybe minecraft will be okay but anything more demanding than that. I really wouldn’t advise, so that is more or less it. As far as our quick hands on review of the tereza mini pc stick, i guess the most impressive thing, at least in my opinion, is that a the form factor being tiny? So if you want something, that’s, ultra compact, basically to tuck away onto a monitor or put into your pocket when you’re on the go as well as b having eight gigabytes of ram is definitely an upgrade compared to other mini pc sticks in the past. Only having two or four gigs, so this will allow you to at least open up a few more tabs in the browser, a few more apps at once and for them to still load all right. General navigation feels decent for the size of the computer. Things like watching back basic videos and light document editing also work fine, along with maybe very light photoshop touching up some images, but certainly i wouldn’t use it for video editing. It could certainly have a slightly more powerful processor, maybe something a little bit newer, using an intel, celeron chip or maybe even an intel core m series. Chip could also get this thing to be even better in terms of its performance, but that would likely also increase the price.

So you can check out more details if you’re interested in the links down below for now that’s been our video thanks for watching here.