So I have here a play market. I have here all Google services, for example Netflix. So at least I have Google play so I can get here what what I need absolutely no problem, uh, but its Chinese version. So what does we have here? I use the solution of IPS display. You see parameters Forum 64 uh, I would say they have version for 128 and different version of Snapdragon Qualcomm processor. You see what we have here: its only Wi Fi version, without ah without GSM Port. Here we have Android 12 and not bad battery Whats um strange. I have this original charger, but instead 20 volts. I have for charging only about uh 10 volts. I will show you it and also well show you uh during any anytime when I started it showed me strange picture what uh also interesting uh. Those tests show me. 16 hours for working, but I think its something also strange cause really time of working – would be about maybe six eight hours here we have test of result almost without totaling 15s 15. minutes of working hours check also system here, all as it should be. Sometimes I try to uh try to play with it, its not bad. When I started this one test, you see highest resolution of this video and for one period it was about six hours, still absolutely off applying for Wi Fi uh most most brightnessed, and I also want to show you something more lets check sound, look like no problem.

Its maximum sound all a fine uh, but lets try to play with it. You will check the difference for sound, so here I started pubg. Did you listen the sound like what is this? Why do we do it? Uh well, show you something gaming uh. What I will start, we will fly uh well continue when I exactly will gaining foreign foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign foreign foreign for 120 dollars, its, not bad its slim, its lightweight its still, not bad battery its, how not a bad sound, but not for playing For playing, I all time, listen some strange things in pubg in uh. What on Bliss of tanks, for example, uh also vehicle for this price, this kissing complex this protective uh like glass, not bad, not not perfect. I think uh, most problems have this software. If you uh try to change it to make it better, I think it can be by hard. So all are fine, for my opinion, so in description would be linked for, for a text. Review is a lot of water, a lot of words of impression and also would be linked where you can buy it on AliExpress thats all put like subscribe for my channel in future review. You will see this one workers, ts25 rgbin reversive type scene, Im doing two under your second. I think it can be interesting, put like subscribe for my channel and you will see a review of it.