I want you to present this um this service and how it works, because there were some questions related to the service on my videos, how what is google stadia, how it works or how is the uh the experience well, google stadia is a gaming platform made by Google, you stream games quality games. As you see here, top notch games aaa games, you stream them directly to your tablet or phone. You don’t need a very powerful device. I have here a samsung, s9 and it’s able to run every game that you can see that you see here. Also, this tablet is a samsung tab, s5e, not a very powerful device, but you have a huge screen for uh for gaming, so to access. Google stadia, you have to pay a monthly fee, ten dollars it’s in my country, and you will receive for this money, some games, uh and also some um. Some deals for the games. But after you pay this um, this monthly fee, you will. You will have this game stadia pro games, um almost 50 games at this moment, and they um. They continue to add more games on the go. So these are all free games. Everything that you see here after you pay um. You pay uh that fee that monthly fee you will have these games. My experience until now it’s an amazing uh service number one in my opinion, because you don’t need a powerful device to play. The latest uh the latest games like cyberpunk or assassin, creed, assassin’s, creed, valhalla, for example, and you will receive also free games.

Let me show you here: Music, you, you have a d you can at this moment to pre order. These games, for example, um Music. As i said, you pay for an amazing device, uh device for an amazing service. Sorry um, you just stream the games on your platform on your android tablet. At this moment, this service doesn’t work when on ios um, but in the next in the in the in the future it’s possible uh. They will allow it anyway. In this moment they have in the store a stadia app, but the application on iphone or ipad. It won’t let you to play, for example, um the game on the screen on on your tablet. You have to connect it to a google chromecast on your tv, for example. Here you can play directly on your tablet. These are um. These are all all my games at this moment um and for me the experience is fantastic. What it’s uh it’s? Really nice? You can play with a controller or if you want, you have touch input on the screen. The best experience with touch input it’s on a smartphone on a tablet it’s so on, and so or maybe my tablet – it’s it’s uh not so premium. If i may say it in this way, anyway, um, for example, you can you can start a gameplay here. This is another cool feature that i i like it. You can play uh you can play here.

As you see, uh try, touchpad gamepad and if you go to another device like this, you will continue the game from here directly here seamlessly without problems. I will show you immediately um, so we start check checkpoint and this is it on on a device. This is the gameplay on on samsung edge at just nine. Also, you have to um to work with the sensitivity you have to modify it. I believe in this moment it’s not the most sensitive input here, okay, but if i want to play, for example here and to continue the gameplay, this is possible instantly, because now we have the game here and we can continue, but we have to restart the checkpoint. So this is what uh. This is why i like the service you can play instantly on any device that you own. You can continue your game from where you left it and um the graphic it’s. Superb everything looks everything it’s it’s gorgeous here on the screen. Um and for all these games, you don’t need a pc, you don’t need a playstation. You only need a tablet or a smartphone, so this is the beauty with uh with this service oops. This is the beauty you don’t need a powerful device to enjoy uh aaa games uh at this moment so uh. This is google stadia for me, it’s a great uh, great service. I will continue to use it. You have um more and more games and i love the fact that you receive free games for your um for your monthly subscription.

I don’t have anything negative, disappointing related to this service. I know many will say: uh there aren’t too many games. Well, you will find a lot of games here and you will find the newest games on the market. As i said, cyberpunk assassin, creed, valhalla, um, hitman, so uh with every day. You will find here new and new releases. This is a google service and they um. I believe they invested a lot of a lot of money here and that’s why? I think it will be a success, because the experience at this moment – it’s uh it’s, fantastic um – everything works great and in the future. I believe you’ll find here every game this service. This google stadia will become like a steam on pc, where you can find every game that will happen. That will happen here, i’m sure, because in this moment you already have good uh, very good games, the latest games on the market and um in the future. I think you’ll find everything here. So if you are asking it’s, does it work or not, should i pay for it or not? Well, for me definitely it’s a great service. You won’t find anything like this on the market, with this quality and uh it’s it’s it’s, the first service of this kind and the best in my opinion. I know there are some other streaming platforms for gaming, but they aren’t secure. In my opinion, they aren’t safe and they don’t have this quality.

Here you don’t have ads. You don’t have anything that will that will do. That will harm your device or your accounts. You are safe here because it’s a google product, but i know there are a lot of there – are people that that will say well, it’s so and so no for me it’s a great service and i love it very good games. You don’t need expensive devices to play them and the experience it’s fantastic, no lag, the graphics are beautiful. This is it this is google stadia and for me, it’s.