This is a two in one android tablet. That also has a detachable keyboard case that sells for under 200. Bucks and specs include an 8 megapixel camera 4 gigs of built in ram 64 gigs of built in storage. Android 10.0, along with a 11.6 inch full hd 1080p display. So this is going to be a little bit larger than again most of the typical 10 inch tablets that we’ve been seeing. Otherwise, it should be a pretty stock version of android and it does have dual band wi fi built in bluetooth, as well as gps and in terms of the processor it’s using a quad core mediatek chipset clocked at 2 gigahertz. So again for this price range. We’Re. Still talking about a relatively entry level, chipset price point is really competing with other options like the amazon fire hd 10 and the battery at 7, 000 milliamp hours is rated to last around five hours of web browsing and video streaming there’s a quick start guide along With a wall adapter pretty typical stuff, although one notable thing here is, it actually includes a barrel plug connection for one of the charging options, although you can also charge it using micro usb, so i do wish they would have gone with usb type c here. In 2021, really is one of the only cons in terms of the hardware is concerned, there’s also some adapters, if you’re trying to charge it in other countries or regions.

And finally, we have just the tablet itself, along with the keyboard case, a closer look at the case it’s made out of this soft touch, matte material, so it doesn’t attract too much fingerprints and there is also a slot for what looks like, maybe a stylus, although It doesn’t come with one in the box and i don’t believe this model supports pressure, sensitivity, there’s just the company’s logo and the top compartment here is magnetic, so it attaches into place without flopping around, and here is what the back looks like. You can see this metal strip is actually the kickstand part that can prop up right kind of like a surface, and actually this particular design is very reminiscent of the other two in one tablet that we reviewed a few weeks ago. So you can see there, they might be even made by the similar factory in terms of the case and also with the z10 being a 10 inch tablet versus this one, which is larger at 11.6 inches, and if we flip it open. We’Ll have access to the aforementioned keyboard as well as track pad, and the magnetic flap here can also fold backwards when not in use. It will just stick into place like this to not really get in the way. Now, if i want to use the kickstand now, basically i can just pry on this part of the casing, and you can see that it’s, a continuous kickstand, so the metal here does give it a more flexible hinge.

So i can stop at any point, including like this, for example, or i can pop it more upright, it will still hold the weight, it’s pretty stiff and quite solid super similar to the vast king k10. It has that same design, which is inspired by the surface and gives you plenty of options in terms of using it at different angles. Technically it attaches into this hard shell case and then wraps around a soft touch material. One of the other things i appreciate about the keyboard case is the trackpad is really spacious, it’s, almost as large as modern laptops and so it’s a bit oversized very easy to move the cursor around compared to the keyboard case. On the aforementioned vast king k, 10 has a much smaller surface area, as you can see there. So this one here is a much more cramped versus a lot. More spacious overall layout also feels quite comfortable and very easy to kind of type along and get used to. I got a very comfortable typing speed with very minimal delays, after just using it for a few minutes, tactile and responsive chiclet island style keyboard, although it isn’t backlit but for the most part, works well there’s. Also, some special functions like disabling the touchpad. If you press on function and the spacebar to prevent any accidental triggers, if you just want to use the touchscreen and then just enable it again and a top row which is dedicated to special shortcuts like a back home search as well as access to some quick Email clients, copy and paste, as well as media controls on the side.

The only other slight omission from the software optimization would be turning the display off when you automatically close up the keyboard case. So right now, as you can see there, there is no sensor. It seems like on this tablet, so when you close it up, it still remains turned on. You just have to remember to tap on the power key once yourself to physically turn off the screen and tap on it again to physically turn it on removing the tablet. From the case you can see, this is what it’s like it, basically just snaps into the edges, and there are some pogo contact points. That is how it’s able to then recognize the keyboard overall, though, for a 11.6 inch tablet, it’s, actually, surprisingly, lightweight for only the tablet portion that’s, because the body here is made out of a polycarbonate plastic and soft touch rubber on the rear, as opposed to something Like metal so it’s, not quite as premium feeling in a sense, but it is still quite durable and resistant to fingerprints and scratches. It is a good thing. I think as well in terms of it being more lightweight because of the larger dimensions and when you’re also putting into the case. The case also contributes to additional weight. The i o that’s labeled on the top, including a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, always nice to see the micro, usb port, hdmi port, full size, usb type, a port which is awesome and also the micro sd card reader.

The edge here. The buttons are accented in red, which also is a nice touch, and we’ve just got a front facing webcam, along with the stereo speakers, which are mounted towards the bottom region of the screen. First impressions in terms of the display, it actually looks quite good in terms of the sharpness, even though it’s not a crazies, a 4k resolution, i think, for the price range, it is still very appropriate. It’S a ips, fully laminated display. You can see how colors don’t really wash out, and it still looks quite good so right now we are at the maximum brightness and even though there’s a lot of studio lights which are hitting on the screen, it still remains visible and again, if you are reading Things at night, you can crank it down lower and it has a pretty good range: have access to gesture navigation, for example. If i can go into the web browser and then just go back home just by using swipe motions like just like that to multitask between the different applications and access, the full drawer of apps and everything just feels very snappy and stock, like including access to a News feed on the side just like on pixel devices, where you’re able to discover any articles pretty much. Everything else is stock, although you do have a wps office built on in so it’s going to be a alternative to something like google, docs or microsoft office. It allows you to quickly view, and edit word excel and powerpoints so case in point – let’s, try and create a new just word document right here.

It also gives us a few different templates and you can see how scrolling along everything does still feel pretty smooth and responsive for the most part. Now, out of the 64 gigs of built in memory, you have about 16 percent used out of the box, which gives you over 54 gigs remaining, and we can also verify that indeed it’s running on android 10.0. As we can see here, we can try loading back. A video on youtube resolution can be played up to 2k, but since the screen is 1080p really the maximum that you’ll get out of, it is, if you leave it at around Applause. Music. Applause. 1080P. All right! Some takeaways here is the sound quality, i would say, is just average really so so, even though it’s front facing – and there is a stereo separation it’s hard to cover up, i do find it to be a little bit on the tinny side to be 100 transparent. If you crank it up at the higher volume levels, it’s lacking a little bit in base, but at the very least it is quite easy to connect to regular headphones with a standard, headphone jack or use bluetooth. If you want to just add more impressive sound, but for what it is, it’s, not bad if you’re watching just a quick youtube, video and we’re also able to scrub between parts of the video relatively quickly the mouse and everything makes navigation feel quite precise.

I can also go back into the main screen and it will play back in a small, widget mini screen. While i do some multitasking like browse the web. Definitely an area where having a slightly larger display or canvas is beneficial just adds to slightly better immersiveness as you’re watching videos and makes it feel quite good in terms of browsing the web. I also didn’t have too much complaints here, so i can do something like search up the verge and see how quickly it takes to load up the page again. Wi fi, reception strength seems to be quite stable on this tablet. We can see on the top here. We have almost full bars, even though we’re a little bit further away from the router at the moment, though, the speeds here may not be instantaneous, or as fast as a snapdragon, 888 or other more expensive tablets for what it is. I think it’s quite competitive. You can see how scrolling still feels smooth, even if it takes a moment or two longer for everything to completely load, but the verge is quite a complex page with lots of videos ads and elements for the most part. It still is being handled quite well. Pinch to zoom feels responsive open up around five to ten tabs in the browser and switch between them, and it still is keeping them retained in the memory without too many issues. So, for example, here i can jump into let’s.

Try opening up amazon and once again it’s going to load back the desktop version of the site overall makes for a decent web browsing experience again with slightly more ram on this model, you’re able to open up a few more tabs. Now the cameras rear facing eight megapixel front facing five megapixels are also average uh for a tablet, though it does the trick if you want to capture something like documents or scan and text in a pinch, and it is autofocus, so you can tap to focus it’s, Not going to be the sharpest compared to our more expensive smartphones, with better camera lenses, but again for what it is. It works in a pinch now last but not least, would be kind of the gaming experience now, keeping in mind that this tablet still is entry level for what it is again. A quad core, chipset don’t expect it to playback the most demanding titles like asphalt or pubg, although you can certainly still download them and open them up, they will take longer to actually play and it would be advisable to turn down the graphic settings when possible. For the most part, i would say, if you’re trying to use more moderate and light games, it will be a better experience on here. You can see again some occasional moments of lag there once the games actually open up and start running. It does work really without too many issues. Your fingers and swipes are still registered quite well things that are a bit more light with animation.

Styles, such as in a 2d manner, puzzle games, things like that will still open up really without any problems, but, as you start getting into more demanding 3d type graphics, it may just again have some more moments of hesitation, so that’s more or less it. As far as our quick hands on review of this simdons tangotab xl android 21 tablet. This remains a good value budget tablet. If you want something that’s great for typing out emails basic documents, it can be even seen as a maybe alternative to some cheaper chromebooks you’re able to do some, google docs really without any problems here and the fact that it even comes with a full sized usb Port is neat since you’re able to pop in a thumb, drive and easily move those files around and watching back videos it’s a great experience with that larger display. So you can check out more details if you’re interested in links down below that’s been the large 11.