This is the k09 model and it’s a very simple keyboard: it’s, a nice uh layout of the keyboard, as well as it’s, pretty long full keys and arrows arrows and stuff, but we’ll go ahead and do an unboxing. Now now we’ll go over like how long it lasts for the past week, as well as other fun stuff. I found out about this ri keyboard, so it’s, pretty neat let’s go ahead and open this thing up. It does come with um inside a carry bag. I wouldn’t say that’s a case that smells like a bag and there’s also a usb micro, uh, charger cable. So pretty cool we’ll go ahead and charge it up a little later, but at the same time, yeah i’ve been using this for over a week, and this is just the unboxing video of it. So the mesh case is just basically that this is a mesh bag and, to be honest, it’s, not gon, na really protect it against much, but it’s good. If you’re bringing this along to carrot with you, so why did i buy this? I’Ve actually bought this? For my samsung note 20., i wanted something that’s bluetooth that i could bring around and type on a full size, well, semi full size keyboard, so i could take notes at class or when i’m going back to school or basically on my samsung note. 20.. This is a bluetooth keyboard, so you can actually use it with ios devices as well as android and windows devices.

As long as you have a bluetooth adapter now this thing didn’t come with a bluetooth adapter. As you can see, it does come with the manual the keyboard and that cable, so overall it’s been pretty cool. Like i said you know you could all you need to do is charge it. There is a you know, led indicator for the charge as well as other fun stuff. The bluetooth installation is pretty fast. You just hit the function key and then again the c button or c key, and you could pair it up pretty quickly. I had no problems. Pairing up with my windows box, as well as my samsung note, 20, so it’s been pretty cool uh overall it’s pretty you know very useful, but that’s. You know you guys. You know look at this video again. If i take a look at those instructions, this micro usb thing yeah, i guess you know it’s pretty standard. I mean it’s, not that big of a deal that to charge a micro usb. I noticed that i charged it. It took about a few um. It was very, very pretty much charges like 60 charge, so i left it charging overnight, but it only took another what 30 minutes or less to charge uh using usb and there’s a power switch on top. As you can see, once you turn it on, it has lights, you can actually turn off the lights. With that big light bulb key in the center.

So to save energy you could either use it with light or without light it really doesn’t matter. It uses more energy, of course, with the light of course, as you can see on the c key, there is a pairing button, so you hold down the function and hit the c, and that will you know basically pair it with whatever you’re pairing with um. All the function keys are up there as well. The keys are nice and nicely spaced, and they they click very well, which i do like so trying out with um over the past week, i’ve been really liking it to to bring this with me with my cell phone, my samsung note, 20 and it’s been pretty Cool the only thing i didn’t really like about it. Well, actually, i do like the fact that it’s um it’s, very lightweight, it’s, really really cool as well as it has those rubber feet that keeps everyone moving around, which is really nice. Um rainbow colored keys it doesn’t change color other than rainbow. So all you have is rainbow and i like the fact that it has arrow keys that are separate and discreet, so that’s pretty cool. It does flex a little and the plastic. I really wish it was a little bit more um, not as flexy, but it works, and it works pretty well now compared to the rii r18. This actually has a track pad and you know smaller keys, but it’s spaced pretty well, and you know it isn’t bluetooth, but you know it works for, like other devices that comes with a dongle and stuff and works with windows.

I’Ll do a comparison of that later, but let’s compare the backlit keyboard so let’s, you know compare to my flag power, backlit keyboard. It is super bright because you know. Basically, the light goes right through it, which is nice, and you really can’t miss the letters, because the keys are pretty well spaced, unlike the r18 uh, where you only have three colors it’s rainbow color for this one, but there’s no way to change the colors like I said before overall it’s a great keyboard and it has really good value, especially if you want something that’s. You know that’s wireless bluetooth and could work with ios windows as well as android.