The px160 is a 15.6 inch portable display with a 1080p full hd resolution, that’s equipped with an ips panel that supports up to 60hz refresh rate with freesync technology and hdr ready let’s, go ahead, open the box and take a look at what’s inside Music, and once You open the box Music. The first thing you’ll see is the beautiful 15.6 inch. Portable ips display, with the cover already attached, then remove the display with the included packaging partition, and there will be a product manual, Music user manual and two component boxes. One box will include the hdmi cable, Music, usb, a cable Music, usb c cable and the other box will include the power ac adapter Music. Please remember to keep all original packaging just in case for any future warranty purposes for more information. Please check out pixio’s warranty page on their website at, slash, warranty next let’s go ahead and remove the protective cover around the px160. As you can see, the cover case is already installed on the px160. The cover is magnetically attached to the back of the px160 display and can also be used as a stand upon examining the px 160. You can see that the audio out menu and main osd button, select input and power on and off are on the bottom left of the front display, while the bottom right will consist of the input types which are hdmi port and both types c1 and c2 ports.

The power on off by pressing the button for a few seconds, the pixel px160 portable monitor, provides the flexibility you need to stay product anywhere at all times, video shopping network, an amazon affiliate to see this product on amazon click, the link in the video description below You’Ll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals.