This is appalling. Back with lexi of discord, i hope you’re doing good uh. We just got a new game update uh a day before the 4.5 year anniversary of event and i’m gon na go and check out everything that they added uh. They also added a new game features which we don’t know how it works, but i’m gon na go and check that out and maybe do some experiment as well. So first off we have a new gold pack in game. Called the uh wandering skipper looks like a penguin here, but it’s a gold pad and the tongue is looking really good. Attacks have a 25 chance to increase your total damage by 40 percent for five uh. Second, this only took you once every 16 seconds, so a pretty good talent there and i believe, if you can like upgrade it, i believe the total damages are going to go up or maybe it’s just going to be the good chance we don’t know yet, but I think it is going to be the value for the total damage, but anyways. Next we have the new d2l rathering here called the ice, a bloom uh talents are looking decent, but the wing itself uh. Not that big, i think, would look good with the sorceress but anyways as for the talents. Attacks have a 30 chance to increase your total damage and total damage reduction by 35 percent for six seconds, and if you can upgrade it, the value for the total damage and total damage reduction is gon na go up, which is nice and as for that, second Talent when attacked, there is a 30 chance to increase your skill, damage reduction by 70 percent for 5 seconds and again the skill damage reduction is going to go up if you can upgrade the ring, so a good ring there for the race boosting there and next We have a new amount there.

The new red mount here really really ugly, looking amount here hard to make out what does it even look like, but a very ugly mound, but nonetheless it has a good unity which we will see uh later on and then again they have added a new uh Gold mod here, the azure hog here, uh, looking really good. In my opinion, uh a really bright bed sorry mount a very, very bright looking mod. I don’t know if just me or maybe it’s, just too bright uh but anyways. As for the talents there, the first one let’s go all the way up to the level 30 and see how good they are here so 20 chance to increase the skill damage reduction of allies within 80 range by 20 percent for a six second cooldown is 15 Seconds this is gon na work for you and the allies, so a good talent there and then the second talon here is doing some damage our summer reduction skill damage reduction. So twenty percent chance to reduce the skill damage of enemies. Reading eighty range by sixteen percent for six seconds – cooldown is uh ten seconds so again, good talent there. It is doing the skill damage reduction, which is rare, so that’s, good and that’s. What the third talent, twenty percent chances use the skill damage reduction of the enemy within 18 range by 16 percent for six seconds, so the first one is reducing the skill damage and then the next one is doing the skill damage reduction, so uh good balance there.

I like the real, boosting and decreasing on the mouse, so those are good and that’s 44 talent, 20 percent chance to reduce the total damage of enemies within 80, which by 16 percent six. Second, cooldown is five seconds again. A good talent there, and then fifth island here is looks like – is reducing the total damage reduction of enemies this time around by 16 percent for six seconds, cooldown in five seconds again, a really really good talent, and as for the uh six talent here, not looking That good, but let’s, see 20 chance to damage enemies within 80 range for eight percent for of different hp per second for two seconds, so uh not that much. This is not going to be much hp training since it’s like two seconds. Only so not that great of as on and as for the last talent here, let’s go leave to the eleven thirty twenty percent chance to make allies within eight during germany to most controlled effects and increase the total damage by 16 percent for five. Second, this effect only trigger every 20 seconds, so a really really good talent here, which is gon na work for you and your allies uh so i’m lacking the talents here on this mark, a lot of rare boost and the rare reduction on the enemy, which is Gon na be useful in all sort of pvp in game and now let’s go and check out the divinity for uh.

These two new ones should be here down below so the mod here missouri hawk here when attack. There is a 30 percent chance to become invincible and immune to most control effect for two seconds. So a really really good, uh talent divinity there. If you can get it, it is gon na help. You in some uh tough up places in the pvp, and then we have the red mount here. This is the dmt for that the ugly one uh when attacked there is a 35 chance to increase your total damage by fifty percent for six seconds. This effect can let you get once every 25 seconds so again, a really powerful divinity there increasing your total damage by 50 percent. That is really high, and that is everything i could like find in the update right now. The costumes are not uh unlocked yet, but i think they’re gon na unlock that when the 4.5 year anniversary event is gon na go live uh but anyways. We have a new game features here, called the pet token here: uh, no idea how it works so far. Uh but uh it has the option to draw something here: uh – and there is a coin thing – is happening here, which is going to give you a lot of Music holy damage. If you can salvage the uh dar gold pass, they are going to give you a lot of holy damage and then i think there is golden pass.

If you can salute the golden your golden pass and work on those, they are going to give you a lot of total damage, total damage reduction, and then they are mystic pass which you can use for the skill damage, skill damage reduction, and then there is the. I believe uh, these are the red bass, maybe uh or the orange one uh because i’m, seeing some red one here as well. So we have to see how it works, but anyways we have a option here for the salvage which i’m gon na try here on the pad here, which i have a lot. I don’t need uh let’s salvage this and see what we get here. Let’S reach 200 fragments here i have no use for those. Are you sure yes, let’s salvage those? We got like 10 000 thing there? No idea! How can we use it, but i’m gon na figure it out later on? I guess we gon na need the spirit thing here, but it is new and i’ll be i’ll, be waiting for the i’ll rent them out 4.5 here and we’ll see when tomorrow. I think there is going to be some currency that we will be needing to use those but anyways. That is everything that is being uh added here. This feature here is looking good but a bit expensive, but we have to wait and see how good this is.