As you can see, the box contains the tablet itself. The front of the tablet is black and the back is red, which i personally think looks very nice. It also comes with a pen, Music, new nibs and an instruction and a usb to mic for usb cable. Here you can see briefly whats in the box Music. This is the first time i have a drawing tablet and i have tested the tablet for about two months now and im very positive about it so far, because this drawing tablet is 22 by 14 centimeters. Therefore, it fits on any desk and you can also take it with you easily when you are taking this tablet with you in your bag chances are, you will hardly feel it because it only weighs 260 grams and it comes with a pen with you can use For drawing or riding – and you can use it also as a mouse, it has no battery because of the pretended electromagnetic resonance method. This technique means there are all kinds of sensors in a tablet and each sensor sends out a weak electromagnetic signal and all these signals together create an electromagnetic field. Five millimeters above your tablet, so you dont have to touch a tablet with the pen when you want to use it as a mouse and the tablet is compatible with windows, macos and robo s, so you can use it with any laptop or desktop. It also comes with all sorts of drivers that you can make beautiful creations with.

I will show you those in a moment also. You dont actually need to use paper anymore, because you can do everything online, which is better for the environment. Now, im going to show you how to set up this tablet. First put the supplied, usb cable in your tablet and connect it to your computer Music. There you go to start slash one. When you arrive at this site, you see that you can download driver for windows or mac. I show it on a mac computer, but on a windows, computer, it works the same. It only looks a bit different. So now i click on mac and then it will download the driver Music, Music Music. When the driver is downloaded, you have to create a wacom id once you have done this, you can open the wacom app and, under my devices, click on the one by wacom and then on pen settings. Here you can adjust all kind of settings for the pen. You will see that there are two buttons on the pen that you can use to set different functions for these buttons. Now you have configured your tablet, so you can start drawing or making notes, but as youre already thinking, i dont have any programs thats right. So, im going to show you how to download free wacom programs lets start. First, click on my accounts, login and then click on my offers and then on few offers. Once you are here, you will see that you can use 5 programs all with different options.

You can use these programs by clicking on one of them when you have done this click on start now, then you have to log in and then you can start here. I give an example of two of these programs and im going to write something down because i cant run. I am going to try it anyway: Music, Music, Music, Music. Personally, i, like all these programs very much because you can make beautiful creations with them now im going to show you how to replace a nib first of all take a ring out of the bag, Music and clamp it onto the lip that is currently attached to Your pen put your fingers against the ring and push them until the nib is completely out, then take another nip out of the bag and gently push it into the pen, and now you have changed the nib. Now we come to. My conclusion, i think, is the perfect wrong tablet for students and teachers, because its quite small, so you can easily take it with you and also the price, is perfect because it costs 42 euros and 40 dollars in the us. This price is, of course, quite reasonable because you get a lot of functions and a whole software package with it. If you are professional artist, i would recommend other tablets, for example those that have a screen, so you can work more precisely and create an extra effect, but for all other consumers, this is a great deal.

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