What we got today is a fire tablet, i’m about to post another video on this thing, which is the unboxing it’s about how everything is here hold on. Let me show you another part about this fire tablet. It comes with a pretty good box right here. As you can see, it comes with a pretty good box and a good long charger for you guys, because you could see that and yeah guys so comes with everything you would need for a kid’s tablet. What more would you want for this 50 um tablet with 58 bucks with tax and shipping, as i have not told you guys that i forget, if i have this video yet guys, so, yes, we – and this is the box right here – the charging port it’s, just A real, simple one: it just plugs in right on in, like that it’s really simple, well um and another part about this tablet, it’s very, very strong. This tablet is strong like why my friend had one of these. He was literally, he was like watch this look. How strong it is, i thought it would break. He grabs it and chucks it across the courtroom. It lands it on. It landed on the screen on the wood floor. He picks it up, it’s perfectly fine and he’s gon na yeah. Soon, i probably will and then i’ll show you guys in the video that i got the case. I might send it back if i don’t like it, but i think i’m gon na keep this thing, because i i haven’t had my own tablet in, like two years, it’s been a while so yeah it it’s, not that bad of a tablet you guys um if You’Re you adults that do not like technology, you think it sucks.

You would not want this tablet, it’s, not the right tablet for you. If you’re like that, if you’re just a kid that’s 9 10, whatever you could get this tablet and here’s the speakers right there it’s not that good on the side, because your hands gon na be right there, while you’re playing so it’s, not that good over, where The speakers are just play on the other side and then you can hear it perfect, so yeah you, you don’t like that easy stuff like this. Just that you guys like then good technology like really good, where um we’re, like the iphone 12 pro max and crap. Like that, i just bought a cheap fire tablet. I’M. Not i don’t care about that right here. We got the easygoing camera fire logo right here. Well, the amazon logo here is the on button. Wait no actually no it’s, not the on button. What is that hold on guys? I thought that was the on button. I don’t know what you put in there, but i could see it opens if you guys want to see that you can see it opens. I don’t know what that is, for i bought this with my own money because it’s a cheap tablet for my birthday. A while ago, i got an uh, a um apple tablet um, but i gave that to my brother, so yeah um. That was a while ago. I got that and i give it to my brother um.

He he bought it off of me, though, which that’s that’s perfectly fine, don’t think that’s bad because that’s perfectly fine. I didn’t want the tablet anymore, because i didn’t i i wasn’t super into apple, so i didn’t want it and then i bought this now i’m super into apple, and i have nothing wrong with them. I’Ll probably buy an iphone x soon, something around that or just an apple ipad, so yeah i bought the sage green version of their other types. I bought the sage green. It tells you everything about it. I’Ll probably read this whole thing entirely later, as you guys could see, you could see the whole thing like this to the side, the side to the side, to the side. Unless you want it, you could buy this tablet or um wait. These are all the same tablet here, there’s other kinds of tablets. Let me see if i could get it loaded on the amazon and show you the other tablets here hold on and yeah. Amazon is right here. Let me load into amazon really quick here. It is loading in so let me search up. They came out with a five or ten. They used to be on eight plus fire fire tablet. There we go. It searched up here’s, the fire 10. If you guys need a fire 10 tell me which one you want, you want the gp one for your kid, or do you want the fire time the fire tens are way bigger or you guys can get the fire eight plus fire eight pluses.

Well, this is just the eight right here, eight itself or you can get the eight plus here’s the fire. Eight i’m, fine with the fire eight or you have another choice through either of these there. It is it’s called fire, um it’s, all new fire, hd. 10. 32 gigabyte black bluetooth keyboard 12, microsoft, three 365 per mo subscription auto review um full tablet with keyboard. Here. This bad boy is that’s the keyboard and that’s the tablet. I will try by that next because that’s literally a laptop with a fire tablet, you got to get that that’s, so cool like like look, it comes out like that it comes out of it. It could be a tablet or a laptop like if you need a work thing you could buy this. You guys tell me what you guys want. You could buy the cheap tablets i’m. Just telling you guys all about this thing. You can buy this thing for 58, with tax and shipping. It might be pretty glitchy your kid won’t care. If he’s like um, they, you could get it. You could get the three year old tablet it’s for three year olds, but i bought the ones for like nine year olds and ten year olds, and sometimes they could go to 12 year olds. This is a 12 year old one. I bought this one but yeah. I bought the 8 year old to 9 year old to 12 year old. I bought that one so yeah.

I got this tablet it doesn’t matter. You could buy this tablet for a three year old or a four year old, because you could turn it into the little kids version, where it’s on little kids so yeah get this tablet. If you guys would like it and yeah.