This keyboard was a gift from from my girlfriend uh, but the prices are around 40 40 us dollars and uh. You can get it for cheaper because it goes on sale. Often so let’s see what’s in the box. So this is the packaging that comes in. This is the back side. Some information about it. This is the front side, is how the keyboard looks: let’s open it up i’m. Still using this knife, i should get a better knife for unboxing, maybe in the next video i’m, trying to open it to peel it up, just cut it two cuts and supposed to get out and there it is brand new. I, like that it’s protected with the film protective film around it, and this is how it looks: let’s, take it out and see what’s in the box, some paperwork, warranty information or something oh it’s on chinese. I think and another something else: nothing inside let’s back the box, put it on the side, let’s take it out of the protective film, and this is it. This is a quick setup guide, here’s the instructions on how to set it up, as you can see right here about the buttons how to activate the battery a bill pulling out the the yellow tape from behind right here, it’s quite hefty, i thought it will be Lighter i’m trying out, how does it type out the feeling sounds good. This is the keyboard now back to the video.

What i really like about this keyboard is the size and how light it is it’s, very small and light you can put it in your backpack and take it everywhere. You want to go, and also, if you’re, a minimalist, you will enjoy it for your desk setup. Just keep in mind that this keyboard uses only bluetooth, so if your pc or your uh or your laptop does not have bluetooth, you cannot use it. You have to buy a separate dongle for it. It comes in three colors. I got the black one because it fits my desk setup the best, but also you can get it in pink and also in white. It works great for me. You can connect this to up to three devices. I’Ve got it paired with my m1 mac mini, which i reviewed right here and also my old windows laptop and the third option is free for me but by. But i can also connect it to my uh phone or or a tablet, and you can type essays on on them, so you can pretty much connect it to everything, because the keyword is so small i got. I was pretty surprised that i got used to it for just about an hour of programming, because my previous keyboard was big and it had big buttons and it was clicky, and this one is the opposite of it of that, and i was surprised that i got Used to it very very fast, this keyboard reminds me of a laptop keyboard, which is also nice and the uh when you type on it or when you type on it, it’s very quiet Music.

It has an app that you can connect to customize uh, the four shortcuts that are next to the pairing buttons uh i’ve gotten mine, set up for taking a screenshot uh, opening launchpad full screen mode and opening quicktime for screen recording uh. You can also you have options to make it to brighten your display or dim your display open an application open a file pretty much whatever you want. You can set it up, it does not have rechargeable rechargeable battery. It comes with two double a batteries there that are included in the box and uh. Logitech says that you can get up to two years of use with just two batteries uh, but because the key, this keyboard is not uh, it’s, not backlit. I think you can get two year, two years of use with just two batteries: Music. To sum up, if you’re a person that moves around a lot – and you want to take your keyboard with you – i would recommend this keyboard and also, if you’re, a person that connects to multiple devices. At the same time that you want to use one keyboard for them, like your laptop or if you’re and if you have a gaming, pc or a tablet, you can use this keyboard because, as as i said earlier, it connects to three devices at the same time.