I am david in today’s, video i’m, going to be showing you guys how to use the samsung dex with your television. This is a very easy method and is based all on wireless connection. Let’S see what the samsung dex is all about. Welcome back guys, okay, so let’s get this started. You have to have a note 20 ultra 5g. In order for this to work, this is the only method that works on this device. Now this is all based on wireless. Now i do have cable, which i’m going through 18t tv right now, and so, if you guys, are familiar with rookie tvs, how you can cast from your phone to your television. So this is similar. So let me go and unlock my phone and just showing you that it is the note 20 ultra 5g and what i’m going to do right here. If you guys can take a look, if you swipe down, you want to look for samsung dex, it says, send x to your tv right now. It is looking for a connect, a possible connected device, which is my tv, samsung, 6 series, so i’m going to go ahead and hit start now. And if you take a look onto the television it’s asking permission so i’m going to go ahead and hit. Allow and now it’s, connecting to my galaxy note: 20. tap start on your phone to start so we’re going to go ahead and hit start saying, welcome to samsung what you’re looking at is a desktop view of samsung dex and the cool thing about this.

Having your phone connect to your tv is, when you hit ok, you can actually use your phone to control the television on what goes on there, and this is what i mean right here is gon na say: use a touchpad to control your television. So at this point says: tap the back button on the navigation bar to close the touchpad we’re, going to go ahead and get out of here. And if you look here on the tv i’m controlling my mouse cursor with my phone. So i can easily double tap and it’ll open up the google play store and i can go ahead and search for whatever i want so i’m going to go ahead and hit just just for laughs kind master, which is an editing software and as i as you Can see here, here’s kinemaster now i can download this and it’ll go straight into my note 20.. So i don’t want this because i don’t use kinemaster, preferably i use powerdirector, but this is a new feature. That’S been out for a while. Now this is the samsung dex, which is connected wirelessly from my phone to the television now. The other thing i like about this is how, if you were to go down here where it says apps, you can click on this, and it shows all of the apps that i have with inside my device. I can easily scroll through and see what apps i have on my device and, as you can see, it’s like using a desktop computer and down here.

You have where it says your phone’s on mute. You can stop cast device. You can even look at your notifications up here and it’s like in a sense using a chromebook because of the fact or how the settings are displayed here. On the right hand, side it’s like having an actual uh chromebook in the palm of your hand, but on my 55 inch smart tv by samsung, so um this is pretty cool. This is uh. This is samsung dex guys and if you have a galaxy note 20, and you think that you can use this to your advantage, i highly recommend using the samsung dex now, unfortunately, it does not work with desktop computers at the moment, but i’m sure in the near Future samsung is going to implement that so that we can have more control when using samsung dex, but in all actuality having the ability to control. Samsung dex, with your phone to screen, mirror on to your television, is a great way to start off using the samsung dex and, i have to say, i’m very pleased with it, and it is very smooth and it’s elegant and i just love the feeling of power And control in my hands when using samsung dex.